Newsom Panics

(link – Breitbart) The cry of the prog is that people will die. But it’s those very people who predict that we will ALL die in something short of five years of global warming, anyway. So whether it’s the plague, or murder hornets, or the weather, or some murderer recently released from prison before completing a sentence that breaks into your home and cuts your throat – you’ll die. The only thing that will save you from the grave is a vote for the Pelosi nephew!

You know that there is a federal cabinet job waiting for this disgusting parasite if he’s recalled and tossed out of the California governor’s mansion.



“Somebody get those morons a Darwin Award.  Thank you for removing yourself from the gene pool” – Virtual Mirage Editorial Board.   —It seems that woke people will die.


Military News – Who wants the job?

27 USAF Pilots resign rather than take the vax.

The exodus began on August 27, with 12 pilots from the 1st Fighter Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, submitting to their commanding officer letters of resignation only hours after they received a 4:00 a.m. text message instructing them to submit to mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations by 10:00 a.m. that same day. It’s unknown whether the pilots collaborated ahead of resigning, but all 12 resignations were handed in within a 90-minute period.

One officer, a 29-year-old F-22 Raptor pilot, said of the situation, “We undergo routine physicals and must meet rigorous fitness standards to stay on flight duty. I think it’s safe to say all Air Force pilots are in good physical condition. We must be to endure extreme G-force stress on our bodies. There is no reason we should be at risk of Covid-19 or becoming sick from it. I know I’m not alone in rejecting this potentially dangerous and soundly untested shot.”

Pilots at other airbases apparently joined him in solidarity.

A day later, 15 pilots of the 2nd Bomb Sqd. in Barksdale, Louisiana tendered letters of resignation after they, too, received orders to get the jab. The orders stated explicitly that any officer refusing a Covid-19 vaccination would lose his flight status and be subject to disciplinary action, including a potential dishonorable discharge from the service.

This is only the beginning. This is about the vax. There will far more blowback over the Afghanistan fiasco. Who wants to have a commander-in-chief suffering from severe dementia?


Identify these five Japanese Military Aircraft



Sukhoi Su-34 carrying 6 x Kh-31 Air to Surface missiles. The missile is capable of Mach 3.5 and was the first supersonic anti-ship missile that could be launched by tactical aircraft.


From the Far Side


Parting Shot


  1. I applaud the actions of these pilots. I am sure that this was a difficult decision but I can only hope that their actions will instill greater resolve in other service members to resist this heinous order.

    • In California, they’ve worked to free the rabid animals while de-funding the police. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Truer word from Dr. Sowell have never been spoken.

    If bomber and fighter drivers are resigning versus being vaccinated against Covid-19 or 20 or the Delta variant or whatever the disease of the day is I wonder what that is doing to our readiness. The pool of qualified bomber and fighter pilots is not all that large in the first place.

    The millennials that were killed…natural selection in action. No sympathy for them.

        • The plague was political from the beginning. If it vanishes, the left will move to the next crisis be it global warming/cooling or something else. The media will whip up hysteria among the myriad of week minded tools.

      • WSF, many millions, but they don’t care about that any more than the $90 billion in gear left behind in Afghanistan.

    • I recall reading British airways conduct regular screening for pilots, and finding post clot shot they had a shortage of pilots because many had developed heart problems or other health issues that precluded them from flying regularly.
      Can’t imagine it’d be better for those flying military aircraft.

  3. Commie Kate has laid down the mandate here in Oregon. Teachers, healthcare workers which include firemen and EMT’s , state employees that include the state police and highway workers as well are subject to the mandate. I know many in all these professions and its going to be ugly. These are not f-22 pilots of course but all are needed if you want some semblance of order. I was told there are just shy of 400 uniformed state troopers and half are walking. Even if its less than that it is a bunch. The state police can barely cover what they need to right now. Add firemen and hospitals that are already short staffed and its hard to fathom how they can even begin to justify the states over reach. It hits home because both my wife and I as well as our son and Daughter in law fall into some of these mandated groups.
    I’m not sure why they think they can do it but these are power crazed people that have no regard for any laws or statutes which plainly state they have no leg to stand on. I have had my fill of Marxists, both nationally and here in Oregon.

    • Unelected Oregon governess kate ‘Moonbeam’ brown is a nincompoop.
      It issues DICTATES (not ‘mandates’) willy-nilly.
      The latest dictate from the dictator — ‘everybody masks outside your bedroom!’ (‘mask’ is a verb these days)
      And Oregon people, being Oregonians, generally ignore it.
      At the other end of the BOLCHEVICS scale, the government agents continue getting paid the highest wages in the state… as long as they take an experimental genetic concoction… and continue getting paid as long as they continue getting ‘up-dated boosters’.
      In a circular firing-squad culture known for short-sighted/poor planning, I think that is a vivid example of the quality of the government agents globally.
      Yesterday in two stores, probably half the customers had no masks (aka ‘face-masks’).
      The staff wore their masks (aka ‘face-masks’) dangling from one ear.
      Do you get the impression the government agents are irrelevant?
      An aside:
      2003, we acquired our 1997 Ford CF8000 commercial truck — to convert to an ExpeditionVehicle — from a mariachi band.
      The name of the band?
      ‘Antifaz’… in ingles, that translates as ‘mask’.
      I ask you, mere coincidence… or a greater force at work?
      Straight talk, the mariachi band was ‘Antifaz’.
      (I am not creative enough to make that up…)

  4. Five Japanese military aircraft:
    #1: Mitsubishi Ki-46 “Dinah”
    #2: Mitsubishi Ki-21 “Sally”
    #3: Mitsubishi G4M “Betty”
    #4: Mitsubishi Ki-30 “Ann”
    #5: Kawasaki Ki-48 “Lily”

  5. Kudos to the pilots, they will be hired by the airlines tomorrow. And they are just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg… One of the kids I mentor is USAF, E-5, they got the same email, except theirs said LOR for first refusal, BCD for the second refusal. And yes, Sowell is dead on!

    • A bad conduct discharge, really? What horse-schidt. In my day, enlisted personnel had not the option of resigning. I assume that’s still true, so they’re hosed. Cannon fodder, pure and simple, of no value to the civilian “leadership.” Every time I think it impossible to loathe the current batch of “best and brightest” bamboozlers any more than I already do, they step up to prove me wrong yet again.

    • Agree with Larry that the enlisted are screwed since they have no way out. What I have been unable to understand is why the emphasis on getting the ineffective vaccine for a disease that only about 11% of the population will catch and is about 98% survivable for all age groups let alone the military which should be a healthier subset. Is it that the leadership can’t continence being disobeyed?

      • I don’t know about the US, but if you get a good padre in Australia they can often find a a way out that’s not such a black mark. That’s what I’d be advising people to do at least. Hard part is finding a good one.

        • Conscientious objection is not accepted, irrespective of religious affiliation or lack thereof. Better that you quit and find other work.

  6. Newsome is like the rapist who’s scumbag attorney presents a defense that he and the victim had a consenting relationship. Selling their soul to win by any means possible.

    “Since our college woman’s studies LGBQWERTY prof told us terrorists are nice, let’s take a goodwill bike tour of their camps, our rainbow patches will let them know we are friends, and they’ll like we are carbon neutral.” Blam! Do stupid things…end up dead. Geez.

    They aren’t principles until you have to defend them…a civilian salute to the pilots for taking a righteous stand.

    Mr. Sowell..always succinctly brilliant.

  7. I laud those pilots for their action. I think that this was the capstone to the CRT being pushed in the military. For the latter you could go sit through the “self criticism sessions”, say the magic words they wanted you to say and still maintain your beliefs. But the “jab” is intrusion into your body and it may make you physically unfit to fly. The current military leadership has gone over the cliff; they deserve what they get.

    OldNFO said they could go out and get airline jobs but I think a few of the airlines are requiring their flight crews and cabin crews to get the “jab” or lose their job. This is Bizzaro World.

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