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Top Ten Posts from my blogs of all time (to date): (Virtual Mirage, estd. 2/20/2009)

You’ll note as you scroll down that people are interested in the big issues of our day.

(1)   Do Sea Kittens Taste Good?  A reprise of important people who like to eat cat and a question as to why PETA wants to save the Sea Kitten. (85,000 hits) (My Journey Blog)
(2)   Breach of Contract Case One man hires another to impregnate his attractive wife, only to learn some six months later that the hireling had a vasectomy and was sterile. (21,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog

(3)   Battle of the Sexes: Should Men Pee Standing?  Asking the age-old question… (13,500 hits) (My Journey Blog)
(4)   Higher Pay for Illegal Aliens Showcasing illegal aliens who need larger hand-outs from the taxpaying public – including President Obama’s deadbeat aunt Zetuni (12,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)
(5)   Just a Little Navy Bilge Talk A discussion of how the new US Navy camouflage uniform is perfect for disguising service members who fall overboard. (10,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)
(6)   When Zombies Rise Frank concern about flesh eating zombies taking over the planet. (9,500 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)
(7)   The Witch Doctor  My interview with a practicing witch doctor (8,000 hits) (My Journey Blog)
(8)   The Drug War in Mexico (Redux) What would happen if the US stopped importing narcotics from Mexico? (8,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)
(9)   Was Obama’s Father an American Veteran? Which daddy was Barack speaking of?  Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian National; Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan National; or Frank Marshal Davis, an American Communist? (7,000 hits) (Can We Keep Our Republic Blog)

(10) The Courts are Playing Possum  A court case decided against the New Year’s Eve Possum drop (and recipes for cooking a delicious possum) (7,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)

10 thoughts on “Top Blog Hits

  1. Every single post you write is a gem, LL. I read every one and they always give me much to think about – even if I'm too tired or harried to leave a comment.

    Girl Friday gets more hits than all my other posts combined. That's OK, though. She's the most fun for me too 😉

  2. Should men pee standing is one of my favorites. Women would prefer that we not because it would 'equalize the genders'. To that I say, "Nuts".

  3. I've enjoyed all your posts, even the ones that I didn't understand. Masterpieces (your words,not mine) all.

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