NSA Surveillance – It’s about TRUST

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There is an issue that lives at the root of any issue involving classified information. That is the premise that classification, and keeping national secrets in general, exists to protect the population — in this case, the US population. As the scope of what the National Security Agency has been up to with their secret budget (hundreds of billions of dollars) becomes more apparent to regular hard working taxpayers, the question of domestic collection is now big news.
Do people on the street feel that the Obama Administration will be honest and open with them and not misuse the information that it collects? Before the IRS Scandal, the EPA Scandal and the various DOJ Scandals and the Obama Administration lied repeatedly about Benghazi (Benghazi Scandals), the answer may have been yes.
Today with the US Government recording 3 billion telephone calls within the US daily and recording our personal e-mail without consent and without a warrant, who can say what levels the Obama Administration will stoop to in order to destroy its political enemies. The efforts of the NSA have been stepped up in the face of President Obama declaring that the War on Terror is over. If it’s over, why do they need to record our telephone calls and e-mails (eternally)?
In the face of current disclosures, I can say with some confidence that there is an uncomfortable likelihood that the Obama Administration would use that information that NSA collects for political purposes within the US. Do you recall that it took a 13 hour filibuster by Senator Rand Paul only a couple of months ago to get Attorney General Holder to tell us that they don’t intend to send drones to attack US Citizens on American soil to kill Americans without warrant or due process.
And I should trust the Obama Administration?
Attorney General Eric Holder has continually lied to Congress, beginning with Fast and Furious and more recently in regard the AP/Reporter Spying Scandal. Susan Rice was just tapped to be President Obama’s National Security Advisor and she became famous for lying over – and over – in regard the Benghazi Scandal. Now she was promoted because she lied effectively. 
The Obama Administration has led a concerted and unrelenting attack on all aspects of the Bill of Rights. How can I possibly trust them? 
The Obama Administration foisted ObamaCare on the public and that’s a train wreck that should hit by 2015 – when I expect to see it quietly dismantled and folded into Medicaid. Meanwhile the government power grab for 20% of the American Economy by way of healthcare is a juggernaught that everyone should be concerned about. Don’t worry that the IRS has key oversight over your healthcare because we know that could never devolve into something political.
NSA has not traditionally been heavily political – but it’s part of the Executive Branch of government and it’s not beyond reach.

5 thoughts on “NSA Surveillance – It’s about TRUST

  1. Obama simply does not have a moral compass strong enough to resist using this kind of power against his enemies. Honestly, I look at today's crop of elected officials and see very few who do.

  2. Should we trust the obama Administration? Snort, Giggle. I would like to see the "household" budget for the White House.

  3. I'm sure that Michelle's staff of 91 people who serve her (directly and indirectly) from the Office of the First Lady is somewhere in the ballpark of Judy's staff of assistants at WoFat Central.

  4. The real problem is accountability, which is sadly lacking with this administration… And "I" believe if they thought they could get away with it, they'd use the NSA, CIA and anybody else to get opponents… Chicago politics knows NO bounds!

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