Biden vs Ryan Debates

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In my humble opinion, there can’t possibly be enough American Vice Presidential Debates.

Biden  vs  Ryan    
(let the games begin)

Of course the mainstream media hates Paul Ryan.

How do I get out of debating Ryan?

14 thoughts on “Biden vs Ryan Debates

  1. Slow Joe is going to need a brain transplant before he steps up to the podium next to Paul Ryan.

  2. DEBATE, Slow Joe, debate. Debate, you putz! I'm sure CNN et al can find ways to erase/alter/conceal your idiotic ramblings.

  3. Wait…carry the 1…oh, percent…square root…this is hard, so Ryan is saying reduce government spending, reduce tax percentage rates, increase private sector spending…carry the 4…okay, yes, he's right…

  4. I'm sure that the MSM will deem it unimportant in the same way that the Senate "deems" a new budget without having a budget.

  5. It will be pre-empted by some sort of national emergency broadcast. Maybe the plight of the chub in the Sacramento Delta that caused the ObamaNation to close the entire waterway for use as irrigation.

  6. LL, tried to reply to your reply but it never opened. But I agree, they don't WANT a discussion of budget or lack thereof!

  7. My prediction: Just before the debate, Slow Joe will have a major medical emergency and there won't be time available to reschedule it.

  8. Excellent choice by Romney! Paul Ryan is going to make mincemeat of Joe Biden at the debate. I think I may have a party with Obama/Biden pinatas during the debate.

  9. If Libertarian Advocate is right and Joey must stand down, don't be surprised if Hillary is thrown into the mix.

    If that doesn't happen, Oct. 11th is going to be one fun night.

  10. Do you really think that Obama would put Hillary in as VP? I'm sure that she'd love to be "a heartbeat away" but it's sort of going to sleep next to your angry ex-wife who is wielding a very sharp knife.

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