Food Stamps and ObamaCare

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Should we spend $760 billion on food stamps?

As of this morning, there are 23,116,441 American households that receive food stamps (average monthly benefit $275.00). I have strong feelings that nobody in America need go hungry. We live in a land of plenty.

(Fox News) The Senate is expected to vote on a massive farm bill this afternoon that could set the course for the country’s food policy for the next decade. If passed, the wide-ranging, five-year agriculture measure will cost taxpayers $955 billion. The bulk of  that  money — $760.2 billion — would go toward the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – or commonly known as the food stamp program.

ObamaCare is changing the way businesses hire. One major US corporation that I have ready access to information about is poised to change the way the bulk of their work force is structured. With the exception of management, all workers will be reduced to no more than 24 hours per week. Today they pay well with the average worker making $18.00 per hour, and they don’t plan to change the hourly rate. But everyone will be part-time as of January 1, 2014. They used to receive benefits, but they won’t anymore. They can scrabble with the masses for expensive government healthcare. 
I don’t think that $760 billion for food stamps will be enough when you factor in the impact of ObamaCare.
This corporation (cited above) understands as I do that the insurance figures being tossed out by the Obama Administration are a ‘loss leader’ and that by 2015, the cost of government healthcare will be double the 2014 introductory numbers. There will be blame thrown at Republicans and greedy insurance companies — but corporate America needs to grapple with the reality of the situation, not with political posturing.
$720.00 per week (40 hours @ $18.00 per hour + benefits) will become $432.00 per week (with no benefits). You can thank Barack Hussein Obama for this emerging trend. The jobs numbers that the administration touts includes part-time work so the numbers don’t reflect this trend.

The corporation (above) knows that their workforce will change because of the reduced hours. People will need a second job to survive, or they’ll need government aid, like food stamps. And they’ll need to BUY ObamaCare because it’s mandatory. It’s a tax, administered by the trustworthy Internal Revenue Service.

Destroying the middle class has long been the primary aim of socialism. And it would seem to be working as Obama pushes to radically transform America.

6 thoughts on “Food Stamps and ObamaCare

  1. Food Stamps have always been much needed by the lower economic class – and MUCH abused. Also – Why give food stamps to illegal immigrants? Why give them anything? I realize that democrats do not understand the meaning of "illegal" but surely a Republican here and there does.

  2. I have no problem with private charities giving food and other help to illegal immigrants but I don't think our government should be rewarding bad behavior. Unfortunately that's what liberals do all the time. I have no problem with the lower class getting food stamps. Yes, there is abuse. But with most anything there is usually some abuse of the system. How do we reduce this abuse?

  3. If I was king of the nation, there would be a lot of changes and this is one place that I'd sift and review. However, with ObamaCare poised to beggar a lot of people, we will clearly have more poor and needy.

  4. I'd rather hand out food than welfare. I think that the old coupon system was better than the new "debit card" and yes, drug addicts will always sell them for 50% on the dollar to buy dope. The problem I have with eliminating hand-out programs such as school lunch and food stamps (as opposed to Obama Phones and other hand-outs) is that I worry that children won't get enough. That their parents are deadbeats is bad and trying to get a meal into them isn't a bad place for social welfare.

    Despite my image as a heartless conservative, my worry about feeding children remains. And with the coming of ObamaCare and part time jobs becoming the norm for a vast sector of formerly full time employees, the people most adversely impacted is always children.

  5. In Alabama there is a program to feed breakfast to needy children over the Summer months. Their parents can also take part at a minimal fee. This is as I understand it from watching the local news.

  6. I think that's a step in the right direction.

    It's not the kid's fault that their parents are irresponsible twerps.

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