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Excavation began at the White Wolf Mine (Coconino National Forrest, AZ) last week while I’m out of the country. Sometime next spring the work will be complete. It’s definitely a journey. I’m thinking about sinking a small time capsule on the property on the day the compound is complete, to be opened in fifty years or more. 
I doubt that the property will still be in family hands by then, but you never know. I could theoretically still be alive but the odds are firmly against it. 
The house will be built to last for at least 100 years and absent some cataclysm, it will still be standing.
The question for you all is what would YOU drop into a time capsule – to be opened in 50 or 100 years? And is 50 years enough, or should it be a longer period of time?
What sort of capstone should be placed over the capsule? I have one potential (above right), but even I’m not THAT much of a cynic. I’m willing to spend money on the project, so it’s not a budget time capsule.
What is significant now that may be of interest then?
We looked back 100 years on this blog last week and at the profound changes that have taken place. In 100 years we’ll be reaching for the stars or we’ll be back to sticks and stones. Cast the chicken bones if you will, but the future is always a foggy place. 
Please contribute your ideas and suggestions. 
I’m thinking that a President Donald J. Trump commemorative coin will be the first thing that I’ll dump in the capsule.

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  1. I've got a slightly used but not abused iPhone you can have.

    How about a USS Iowa 75th anniversary challenge coin?

  2. I like this. A lot.

    What you need to leave behind you, Larry, is intrigue and trepidation. Enough that a White Wolf Mine legend is created; and like most legends, grows legs over time.

    Here’s what I think you should leave in your capsule:

    A cryptic, unnerving, haunting tale about the White Wolf Mine. Something that can be interpreted many different ways so that ambiguity reigns along with unease.

    Secondly, a photograph of a breath taking, beautiful woman, gagged and tied to chair. The photo needs to be staged with precision (get your art philosopher hat on) the expression on her face needs to be perfect: somewhere between startled Bambi and mischief. Enough that the viewer can’t decide if she’s there against her will or not….On the back of the photo write the words, “If you find her – you can keep her.”

    I think that’s much better than leaving “stuff” though a packet of zip ties, a lock of hair and bloodied axe might add gravitas to the story.

    The capstone should be made specifically for the WWM and depict a lone wolf with the caption “Don’t be afraid to walk alone and don’t be afraid to like it.”


    PS: I’d also leave an emergency clown nose – they might need it!

  3. Apart from the obvious Obama voodoo doll and rainbow flag, you should leave a lige size statue of General Lee.

    That way at least ONE statue to greatness will survive the compocalypse.

  4. +1 on the phone. Between the phone itself and the li-ion battery pack we have all been influenced by both.

  5. I'd leave a thumb drive with a current set of headlines, as of the day of completion… And one each of the rounds for your guns. 🙂

  6. How depressing that the sewer cover was made in India. Since America will probably be unrecognizable, if it even exists then; how about a set of the Federalist Papers? Perhaps include an essay on when and where the country went wrong and was destroyed from within? Though that might be an encyclopedic venture on its own.
    I like the idea of Challenge Coins. That could be confusing on its own, without a letter of explanation.

    Who knows, with the way medical discoveries are going you may well be around in a hundred years. Have fun and good luck!

  7. If you can find one, an accurate (high school?
    College?) history book and a copy of the constitution. I am hesitant to believe that there will be a copy of either item in 50 years.

    Blue Tile Spook

  8. How about a Confederate Battle Flag? It may be the only one left by then. How about flying a ship's Commission Pennant over the roof of the WWF abode? Then put one in the box so that that the USS Lambert will always be strong, caring and violent when needed.

  9. Maybe include some selections from here–


    Give them some idea of how screwed up things already were.

  10. Data Crystal (haha). Thumb drives my not be usable in 50 – 100 years.
    Remember 3/1 inch disks? 5 1/4? Zip drives? Beta Max? etc…

  11. A forecast of what you predict the world will be in 50 years time and why, so the reader can understand where it went wrong.

  12. Linda, You are not slow! What you mentioned about the viability of thumb drives etc, was spot on. I had thought to say the same as you, and didn't, so you fixed that for me. Thanks!

  13. I like the idea of adding the Constitution and Federalist Papers to a thumb drive – and of course the challenge coins

  14. I think 50 is OK since we then both will have a fair chance to discuss the status at that time.

    Another thing to dump in the time capsule could be the Tweets president Trump produced. I guess this will be the last President in the history using a media like Twitter to ruin for himself. Those tweets will most likely be used in future text books telling how early adapters fails in their attempt to benefit from new opportunities.

    You might add a cross and a bible too just to make sure the ones opening the time capsule get som historical perspective and remember at that time Christian people where still around.

  15. Maybe some footage of snowflakes crying after the last election?
    Not sure what digital format will be viable in a hundred years…


  16. Bottle of decent hooch, even if it does not age in a bottle.
    Some of this years coins and currency.
    Pictures of you, family and the site printed on good paper.
    And to mess with their minds a map that leads to some treasure and when they find it, all that is there is a busted open safe.

  17. LL,

    Maybe a copy of the Black Scorpions. It should be released by Amazon's censors by then and I can dig it up to read it.

  18. You might consider dropping your Diavel into this hole. In 50 years it would be a museum piece, and gasoline will have been outlawed for decades by then.

    You wouldn't even miss it.

  19. The Bible in use in 100 years will be the "Gore Bible" in which the prophet without honor predicted a heat wave and a flood and at 7500 ft, the WWM will be on the Arizona beach…

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