The New California Flag

One of the problems that Arizona is facing with californication comes with a movement of big tech employees from Silicon Valley to the Phoenix Valley. Apple is a case in point (from 2018). Microsoft bought MASSIVE tracts of land in the West Phoenix/Goodyear area for development of the tech industry. Democrat techies move from California to take advantage of high wages in a lower cost environment and they bring their politics with them.

The current leadership team of Jo and Ho are likely to cause even more people to leave California, and it will hamstring the places where they settle.


You can Run on for a Long Time


Is it Progressive to Keep Schools Closed?

When I was a child (your experience may have varied), plagues swept through elementary schools. There was measles (Chinese and German, mumps, chicken pox, and even the standard flu. Sometimes it was a special flu from Hong Kong. There was a scratch for Small Pox and a sugar cube for polio, but other than that, plagues were normal. Children were excused from school when they were sick with one plague or another and sometimes you got sick enough that you went to the doctor for this or that therapeutic.

Geriatric patients who contracted the flu often died of pneumonia and other complications.

What a difference a few years makes.





An unknown IRA company posed for a photo before attacking a British arms transport Circa 1916.



Behold, A White Horse


  1. What I remember was kids not being sick all the time like they seem to be now. I think it’s because we were outside all the time and none too clean. Now they sit in front of a screen 24/7. We all got our once a school year cold or some such thing. German measles? When Mary across the alley came down with it every little girl in the neighborhood was sent over to “play” with her. That took care of that little worry.

  2. I remember the sugar cube! No, not LSD, the vax. I guess it worked because I haven’t had polio, thank God.

    That aside, I like this post for its Roman empire infographic. Bear in mind, too, that crushing taxation came with increasing immunity from taxation for the very rich, and increasingly small circle of massively wealthy landowners. The upper middle class, which had governed at the local level was, of course, destroyed.

    It seems history repeats itself, not that anyone’s taught it anymore.

  3. My experience was much like Adrienne’s. If no indoor chores needed doing I was out the door. I went through chicken pox and both forms of measles though I never caught the mumps and was inoculated against polio with Dr. Salk’s concoction. The Asian Flu pandemic didn’t register with me at all since I was about seven, and while I knew it was happening the Hong Kong Flu was not an issue to me. Neither resulted in the panic we see today. A different time I suppose.

  4. My mother the registered nurse would say when one of her six sons came home with the latest pox; “you other five get in there and rub all over him, we are only going through this once!”

  5. Yep, remember it well. We were outside all summer rolling around in the dirt of what had previously been farmland, getting exposed to Mother Nature.

    Had all the shots, got both kinds of measles, didn’t get mumps, but had the worst case of chicken pox my Doctor said he’d ever seen. It lasted twice as long as it normally did, and the Doctor was considering hospitalizing me, but then it started to clear up.

    To this day I wonder if that had something to do with all FOUR of the small pox scratch vaxes I had failing to raise the blister.

  6. Like other have said…more dirt, sunshine, cold, fresh air, running, exploring, getting hurt by testing the limits — all part of what we knew and still know. Builds character, work ethic, fortitude, inner strength…in a word, gumption…plus the immune system. This is missing.

    Why is it a certain type moves into an area only to drag their proclivities with them, wrecking the new place instead of ingratiating themselves by respecting those who came before. Like some weird Murphy’s Law… instead of this truth: If it works, don’t fix it.

  7. It’s the lie of safety that’s made Americans all into cowards, shrinking from their own shadows.

    People today think they can live forever if they are just careful enough, and avoid ever living at all.


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