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From VDH

What the Left Has Bequeathed Us

The Left has created new rules for national politics. Here are 20 precedents they now have established for America in the future:

1) When in control of the Senate, demand the end of the filibuster; when not, don’t.

2) Call for the end of the Electoral College–but only if it appears to favor the opposition candidate.

3) In an election year, change any state balloting laws deemed unhelpful through administrative fiat or court order to favor your political candidate.

4) Seek to flip electors from voting in accordance with the popular vote count in their states; indict as an insurrectionist any of the opposition who dare do the same.

5) Raid the home of any opposition ex-president who removed classified files; exempt any sitting president of your party who did the same.

6) Swarm the private homes of, and then bully and intimidate any, Supreme Court officials, politicians, or citizens you oppose.

7) Appoint two special counsels: one to go after the current chief presidential opponent in an election year, the other to exempt and excuse the sitting president for the crimes charged against his rival.

Lobby to remove any oppositional president through the 25th Amendment; smear anyone as an ageist who suggests a cognitively challenged sitting resident of your party should be subject to similar invocations of the 25th Amendment.

9) Exempt thousands of arrested rioters from charges of 120 days of arson, looting, injuring 1,500 law enforcement officers, and assault—but only if they are radical supporters of your party.

10) Excuse any demonstrator or rioter for desecrating public monuments and cemeteries, shutting down bridges and freeways, or swarming and disrupting the Capitol Rotunda—but only if they agree with you or are pro-Hamas. Otherwise, ensure the charged faces lengthy prison sentences.

11) Try to pack the Supreme Court—but only if justices you don’t like are in a majority.

12) Seek in an election year to remove a presidential opponent from state ballots for crimes he has never been charged, much less convicted of.

13) First, target a presidential opponent and then change warp or redefine laws to convict him. Weaponized prosecutors should always indict their political opponents in jurisdictions where they are guaranteed like-minded justices and jury pools.

14) Violate the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution (the prohibition of “excessive fines”) by having sympathetic judges level multimillion-dollar fines to bankrupt the opposition candidate during a presidential campaign. The more there is no victim of a crime, the higher fines should be leveled for “damages.”

15) Open the border by destroying a predecessor president’s protocols and executive orders. Then, welcome 8 million illegal aliens to “surge” into America on the premise a new constituency might support agendas that American citizens do not. Then, call the nonexistent border “secure” while blaming a predecessor president for leaving it secure.

16) Have local prosecutors invent criminal acts of an opposition national presidential candidate to make it impossible for him to campaign for the presidency.

17) Use the FBI to hire social media auditors to censor any news deemed problematic for the correct presidential candidate.

18) Hire a foreign national to concoct a smear dossier about one’s opposition political nominee. Ensure the FBI also uses and pays foreign nationals to spread untruths among the media and administrative state.

19) On the eve of any significant national or midterm election, ensure a president drains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gasoline prices.

20) On the eve of any major national or midterm election, ensure a president promises to cancel billions of dollars in contracted federal student loans.”


A Study on School Shootings 

More here from

While all 50 states and Washington D.C. must adhere to strict federal firearm legislation, we must also examine how state laws impact school shooting incidents. Currently, there are 1,325 total state firearm laws countrywide. Each state has its process for background checks, firearm purchases, carry and conceal regulations, and carry locations.

Seven states have open carry bans, eight require firearms registration, and fourteen have permit-to-purchase requirements. Unfortunately, despite legislation, American schools remain vulnerable to shooting incidents.

California has strict firearms laws but also has the highest number of school shooting-related incidents. On the contrary, Texas has a similar population size, relaxed firearms laws, and nearly as many school shooting incidents.

The article from looks at the data. It’s worth a look.


Broken People

I was in Home Depot buying stuff. I wore my go-to-town clothes, which consisted of 511 tactical shoot-me-first clothes, a t-shirt, and Oboz shoes. I wore a 7th Special Forces ball cap given to me by people from that Group in honor of Broken Toys. The lady working in the tool department was trailed by her service (emotional comfort) dog. I inadvertently ‘triggered’ her, and I felt terrible about it. She ended up telling me about her military ex-husband, who beat her head soft. I bought stuff and left.

There are a lot of broken people in the world.


Bullet Points:

** The ONLY THING needed to fix the border is TO ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS. Unless they do that, you could spend 100 billion on “the border, ” which won’t matter. Ever wonder why illegal immigration was so much lower under Trump than Biden? The “we need-a-law” folks are the same ones who have sanctioned and supported ignoring existing laws every chance they get.

** If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you deport him, you never have to feed him again.

** I’m in the virtual mirage cult where the blog brainwashes people to think for themselves. Yeah, I know. What could be more dangerous?

** The USA can’t solve homelessness, but they can change the Earth’s temperature if you pay the weather tax.

** Why does the US want to be like China? From Jordan Peterson…

** A federal judge is upholding provisions of new Arizona laws that would require counties to verify the status of registered voters who haven’t provided proof of U.S. citizenship and cross-check voter registration information with various government databases.

In a Thursday ruling, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton concluded Arizona legislators did not discriminate when they adopted the laws and the state has an interest in preventing voter fraud and limiting voting to those eligible to vote.

“Considering the evidence as a whole, the court concludes that Arizona’s interests in preventing non-citizens from voting and promoting public confidence in Arizona’s elections outweigh the limited burden voters might encounter when required to provide (documentary proof of citizenship),” she wrote.

** The goal is to remove your plastic straws wrapped in paper and replace them with paper straws wrapped in plastic.


Juvenile Science Fiction Reading

I realize that others may not like Arthur C. Clarke for one reason or another, but I grew up reading his work. By recommendation, you can spend $13 on Kindle and get his collected works.

There are more than 100 stories. Some are dated, but in terms of bang for your buck, you won’t go wrong with this.

Was Clarke queer? From all accounts, he more or less did whatever was at hand. Does that mean that you shouldn’t read his stories? I leave that to you, but I don’t recall sexuality entering into any of them.


“I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact” – Musk


Identify the (damaged) Armor in N. Ireland




Identify the Ship & Aircraft (too easy)




Parting Shot

The B-52G aircraft was a heavy bomber equipped with six crew stations. Each crew station has its escape hatch and ejection seat. These systems include the upward ejection system, the downward ejection system, and their respective escape hatches.

I wouldn’t want to be one of the downward ejectors…

The latest version of the B-52, the H model, has a crew of five: aircraft commander, pilot, radar navigator, navigator, and electronic warfare officer. I think one of them still punches down…but I’m not sure.

47 thoughts on “Irregular Apocalypse

  1. How to stop the illegals crossing the border? Don’t let them. If caught, they get sent back. Containerloads full. From a C-5. No?

    1. It’s not much of a problem. I favor landmines, but that’s me, always looking for the easy way to do things. The problem isn’t wetbacks, it’s government rot.

      1. We need a transparent, ventilated aerodynamic bomb body that can take a JDAM kit, and is large enough to contain an adult. Then we can drop people from C-5s into active volcanoes. First the politicians, then the illegals, then we could move on to insurance men.

        Landmines are good. Nobody much tries to enter the US illegally at Guantanamo, so we already know how to build an effective border.

        – Kle.

        1. That’s more of a pay-per-view solution to the illegal immigration and political term limit dilemma. I endorse it. A JDAM kit makes it more exciting, but the old Huey interrogation trick works too without the tech or volcano pollution problems.

          1. I fervently endorse both ideas. Keelhauling has always been on a favorite of mine. Hard to do in the Rio Grande but none the less entertaining.

          2. Install an electrified mat or fence on land crossings, electrify water crossings….fry the bejeebers out of them. If they immolate due to being a carbon-based life form operating in a criminal invasion act, then so be it – play stupid illegal games, gain the ultimate consequence while offering beneficialcharcoal to the landscape. If strong border protection can be employed in the opposite direction of travel, and for most other countries who wish to have a sovereign nation, then it can work here, increased Democrat Voter Roles be damned.

    2. Stop funding the NGOs that aid them getting to the border. Charge them and the country of origin for the full cost of aid – housing, medical, school, etc.; then sanction the CEOs and country leaders like we do to Russians.

      1. WAIT! Those NGOs all contribute heavily to Pedo Joe (10%) and to the Democrat Party. Surprisingly enough, the NGOs are also recipients of LARGE US State Contracts to manage the foreign aid that flows from…you, Frederick.

        1. We could go after the NGOs for human trafficking for all the kids they route to the cartels. But that would require honesty on the part of the

          After all, Trump has 970 federal indictments and there hasn’t been one off Epstein’s client list.

          Every month I donate to charity to save kids from being sex slaves and then pay taxes that make kids into sex slaves.

        2. You mean those NGO leaders are criminally liable for the immigrant crimes committed by those they aid to get here? I wonder what a few hundred new DOJ attorneys could do? Then there’s the lawfare option…..

          1. I’m sure that the NGOs would claim some sort of derivative immunity because they acted at the explicit instructions and as agents of the Federal Government.

    3. I’m all for just cancelling all monies for NGOs, free phones, free debit cards, free housing, free medical, and other such incentives to those who enter illegally. It’s easy and done quickly. No muss. No fuss. Have illegals pay additional taxes to pay for the services they are receiving that Americans paid for.

      Repeat offenders should get the live in a tent with pink clothes and baloney sandwiches treatment. For the gang members, folks like LL should be able to take care of that problem using training exercises for cops and special forces members to clean things up.

      1. X2 (to all of the above)…what The Democrats are doing is against the law, no more complicated than that…how to stop them between now and November is the trick that only a magician could pull off…or a laser targeted howitzer.

          we ask in the name of Jesus that all WILLFUL WORKERS OF WICKEDNESS be removed from position of power, prominence and prestige. Open the eyes of those being deceived and place people who stand for your righteous cause in the the high places of government and influence.
          Amen & Amen

  2. Reference the Buff:
    The navigators ejected down and the seat was rated for a minimum altitude of 150 feet AGL and 150 KIAS. Anything above those parameters would give a successful ejection.

    To the best of my knowledge, the only time a navigator’s seat didn’t work as advertised was during the Christmas Bombings. The hatch jettisoned and the seat moved down a bit but didn’t come off the rails because of battle damage. The nav accomplished a successful manual bail out. That information was what the egress boys briefed and while I didn’t get a chance to meet the nav, other crew members flying at the time said it was a true story.

    1. I don’t doubt that something like that could happen, which is one of the reasons I wouldn’t want to go down. Ejecting up is bad enough.

  3. Say what you will about Musk, he concisely gives a great comment with built-in humor. This one is really funny, which take a certain self-effacing intellectual humility.

    Biden went to “the border” (160 miles away), while in a controlled walk thru town and inside, while Trump went to Eagle Pass. Yeah, no differential in affect there (according to the shills). One shuffled with “that walk” then fumbled and mumbled through a controlled narrative and Q n A, while the other spoke off the cuff with clarity, th. disdain and disgust that his – already existing but EO’d away by The Husk – border policies were eliminated…with the resulting disastrous proof right in front of him. That right there should be enough contrast to prove one is serious and good for America & <We The People while the other is lost in the space between his ears, proving The Swamp Democrats are the enemy from within and need to be removed from every office they inhabit. Yet all we heard from that side were lies and contempt and censorship (when Trump spoke). Yeah, nothing to see there. Btw, how does a 77 year old man go from there to the Lawfare court in one 24 hour period and still look fresh and ready for battle? Only a Sisu Warrior can achieve that with candor and aplomb.

    SISU MAGA!, our new battle cry and plan, wear the Enemy From Within down and beat them by attrition (Big Fanny is now toast…that’s ONE).

      1. It’s my new & improved attitude. Alpha-types may be reasonable and personable to those deserving, even forgiving with a lot of leeway…but if attacked…don’t mess with old guys with skills and/or decades of built-up angst — we’ll move into “shaken soda bottle” mode in a heartbeat, 2 heartbeats if you’re lucky.

          1. In the vein of Sisu, brother just tossed over the transom, Valhalla Rising, Mad Mikkelson. Looks gritty.

  4. ** If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you deport him, you never have to feed him again.

    Until, he re-enters illegally again. After the fourth time, he gets a lifetime pass.

  5. I am in full agreement with the several/various ideas about how to stop new invaders (beg pardon, but they are not illegals) from crossing the US border.
    “You do not have my permission to enter my house and once you have gained entry unlawfully I have no obligation to feed you, clothe you, or provide a bed for you. You have no say how I run my household, you do not nor can you own any portion of my house even though my government and my church say I may not eject you for any reason whatsoever even though you may think that you are not subject to the same laws and moral code under which I and my countrymen live in relative harmony.”
    However, I continue to request a realistic answer to:
    What do we do about the millions (Yes! millions) that are already here.

    1. You need to deport them. A few will remain working on farms or as occasional labor, but you need to make the environment hostile enough to encourage to leave of their own accord – maybe to Canada?

        1. Pelosi has plenty of food stuffs and ice cream in those two mondo SubZero side-by-sides, plus a wall around her place (that apparently only a homosexual lunatic knows how to defeat and gain entry into the house)…could fit plenty of tents in her backyard.

          1. Pelosi owns five residential properties in California that I know of. One is a highrise penthouse in San Francisco (her district). If she was serious, she could live in the 8000 square foot penthouse and give the other mansions over to newcomer Africans. Her staff can stock the refrigerators and plunge the toilets every day. Of course, they’d be trashed in a week, but the Africans would feel at home, and when the chips are down, that’s what counts. Hospitality to newcomers.

          1. I say drop them into inner city Chicago, on a “mostly peaceful rioting” weekend, and block Wacker Drive so no fast escape.

        2. Electrocuting, alligator-feeding or “Pinoshaying” invaders is all well and good, but it doesn’t get at the root causes. Which are not so much poverty ex-US as the US being dominated by “elites” who resent, despise, and fear us dirt people. Plus I don’t have anything against the actual economic migrant. I don’t want them here, but it’s not personal. They generally don’t hate me, my ethos and my civilization. But “our elites” hate all of those. The enemy isn’t some dark amorphous blob surging at the borders. The enemy is largely pale-skinned and squats in WDC, and Manhattan, and Cambridge (Mass), and Palo Alto, you get the idea.

          I’m all for Davos, because those who are actually driving the diversity need to feel its benefits the most acutely. But I also want to think local. Local local local.

          In the Boston area, Newton, Brookline, and Wellesley would be at the top of my list. Those are highly affluent suburbs where the professors, judges, financiers, and that ilk live. They and their families need to get the full military-age Muslim and African male immigrant experience. Good, hard, and often. Why should Rotherham be enriched while the homes of our policymakers are not?

          I’m sure you can think of equivalent communities in other cities. I don’t know NYC all that well, but dumping invaders into say, Staten Island isn’t gonna change anything meaningfully. Now the Upper West Side, and Scarsdale, for example, those are where real human beings (as opposed to us deplorables) live. In DC dumping invaders into Anacostia would probably improve it. But the suburbs of NOVA? Now we’re talking.

          Does that sound vicious? Yeah, maybe it is. But until Our Betters have their own skin in the game, nothing’s gonna change.

          1. The elites will never appreciate how fragile life is until it confronts them in a personal way. Walls, electronic countermeasures, bodyguards, money, stock options, and the things they thought were most valuable melt like hoarfrost.

          2. Getting to the root is critical as you point out. Have always said when the well known substance hits the rotating appliance, when TPTB feel this in a visceral manner only then will they get it…or maybe not as some are so entrenched in their thinking, which speaks to a derangement syndrome.

    2.’s_number Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships-relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person. […] Dunbar explained the principle informally as “the number of people you would not feel embarrassed about joining uninvited for a drink if you happened to bump into them in a bar.”

      Because of that, the population of a country is not a family, the border of a country is not the property boundary of a home, and family communism doesn’t work for large groups because the emotional bonds aren’t there. Instead, simply stop paying people to not work, then the people who don’t want to work will leave. If a desktop operating system crashes because of serious bugs, you shouldn’t reboot it and keep experiencing the bugs, you should fix the bugs. Same for a constitution.

  6. “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.”
    Why can’t Arizona specify how elections for federal office are held?
    If at all?

    1. Is this an open question? If it’s pointed at me, “I don’t know the answer,” and I have no idea why Slow Joe and his down-ticket posey all won in 2020 given the gross irregularities in voting.

      1. Not pointed. Almost rhetorical. I sincerely do not understand how a clear reading of the Constitution that clearly says that state legislatures fashion the choice of their electors renders that decision that they can’t.

  7. Interestingly, USS Long Beach (CGN-9) was the world’s first nuclear-powered surface combatant, and the last full sized cruiser built by the US Navy. She was literally one of one.

  8. There is a book called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. It contains exercises to avoid/evade some parts of your normal brain processing, to let other parts work on it. I speculate there can be similar approaches for music, story/plot, character, theater/film, mathematics, programming/law, and verbal/language. How many people have you argued with who can’t seem to recall verbatim and mentally inspect the last few sentences you said, to check if there was another interpretation which you intended and they missed? How many people seem to throw away the verbatim words as they hear them, and replace your words with their interpretation, then believe their interpretation is what you said verbatim?

    I speculate there can be similar approaches to evaluate government. I can see the poor track record of government, without my natural instinctual urge to fit in overwhelming my inspection to the point of blinding me to the reality. I think most people can’t do that. Perhaps this trait should be called “freethinker”, meaning people who think through moral rules for themselves instead of adopting the ambient morality. I seem to recall some Heinlein character, a father, instructing his daughter to that effect.

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