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Candidate Clinton, dressed in her tent-like Armani pantsuit
that looks as if it was constructed from a vacuum cleaner
I think that Hillary Clinton would be well served by affiliating with James Comey in an even more official capacity by appointing him to serve as her attorney general or perhaps including him in her run for the White House as her choice for vice president. The pretense at a rule of law vanished and with it the capacity to rely on codified statutes as a guide to conduct. Now, laws change from day to day and hour to hour, so that whether you are punished or vindicated does not depend on what you do, but who you know, or how much you are able to pay. I don’t know whether the payment to FBI Director Comey was a direct payment, a future position or merely the promise to allow him to live out his natural life without a premature termination. Or maybe Comey sold out more cheaply to the mantra of “too big to fail”? It’s difficult to know what happens behind closed aircraft doors or in those mahogany-paneled walls of executive government offices.
I can only hope that Comey didn’t sell his birthright for a bowl of pottage.  (Genesis Ch 25:29-34) I’d feel far more comfortable if he got whores, drugs, a foreign villa and perhaps a yacht with great towers of cash and gold bullion. The Clintons would have rendered all that and more for his indifference. After the FBI’s abdication of the Rule of Law (with the exception of those laws they choose to enforce on selected “enemies” of the Party), the government will be engaged in a power struggle and none of them has any worldly reason to trust any truce, seek any reconciliation, or favor any peace. The Republic has passed and has left us a thugocracy. Americans speak derisively of the Russian form of government but they have a dangerous familiarity with each other today. I spoke to Mexicans who said, “We’re familiar with this. It’s how it works in Mexico.” 

Indeed it is.

We should be grateful that it lasted as long as it did. Benjamin Franklin worried that we’d screw up the Republic and it took a lot of constant erosion to get it to where it is now. 

18 thoughts on “Thugocracy

  1. I thought the new world would be fronted with Donald and Boris and now it looks like Hillary and Theresa. Somebody do something…

  2. This must be the payback we are getting from the dems not getting their way in the 2000 election, hanging chads and all.

    This sure would be good red meat for the Trump campaign, though. Crooked Hillary, Crooked Bill and pound them with that for the next four months. Non stop.

  3. I guess.

    The Mexicans and most banana republics define "is" the same way that Director Comey does.

  4. Ah yes, the hanging chad. You suggest that their dogma is running over our karma rather than the other way around?

    Do the Republicans have the capacity to play wicked ball the way that the Dems have perfected? At the risk of quoting myself, "the government will be engaged in a power struggle and none of them has any worldly reason to trust any truce, seek any reconciliation, or favor any peace"

  5. Then if you were to knowingly violate laws governing the handling of classified information, lie about it repeatedly, destroy evidence, lie about the classified content and possible security breaches, it will all deemed not intentional or willful. Is that how things will be handled by DOJ as a matter of routine in the future?

  6. The Republican leadership has shown its invertibrate leanings time and again. They have no stomach (or backbone) to fight fire with fire.

    Donald Trump has no such leanings. It is frustrating that he is so damn inarticulate in forwarding what conservatives all feel: the system, cobbled together and fortified by liberals, is rigged. The fix is in. Our government is looking like a banana republic.

    We'll see if the general public can look past his poor communication skills, much like the did with Dubya, and put an end to Crooked Hillary's political career.

  7. Had to quote you.

    Welcome to the Banana Republic and let's see if DJT actually starts campaigning…

  8. If I was DJT I would have said, "All pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others." Then let the news media have at it or ignore it. No more needs be said. Donald is just not glib enough. Neither is Hillary but she works at reading off her teleprompter and has more professional help in that way.

  9. Who knows, but the Mexicans are feeling a lot more at home here in the USA now. Maybe tearing down the fence and speaking Spanish is the next logical step. Hillary would need to award herself a lot of military medals for gallantry in combat…there was that alleged sniper incident in Bosnia. A generalissimo needs medals and it would work for Hillary in much the same way as it worked for Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, or general-for-life Idi Amin Dada.

  10. Not that it means anything but the (P)regressives on Facebook have been fairly quiet. Could it be they are having a hard time chocking this down?

  11. I think that those who revel in the slaughter of innocent babies and the sale of their body parts are beyond being repulsed by blatant and overt political scandal at the highest levels.

    Maybe they're planning to occupy something and defecate in public and are working to finalize the operation?

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