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Eighteen innings last night, ending in a walk-off home run by Max Muncy, brought the Dodgers their first win in this World Series. Tonight the Dodgers are still down 2-1 against the Red Sox, but they’re on home turf and it’s going to be interesting to see how the Red Sox do. I’m pulling for the Dodgers, and I follow Dodger baseball throughout the season. The Red Sox had their historical best season in baseball ever. The Dodgers barely squeaked through into the series.
I’ve been invited to a World Series party tonight in the home of HARD CORE Bostonians, who really love the Red Sox. There will be all sorts of “Boston food” including lobster rolls, so it’s worth going just for the snacks. They had hoped that it would be the final game of the Series, with Boston clinching things, but they may be too fast in their celebration. In any event, the World Series won’t be clinched tonight (Saturday).
I could go into details. Those who like baseball already know them and those who are not baseball fans don’t care. 

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  1. I married into a family of HARD CORE Red Sox fans. I tormented them for years by teasing them about being a Yankees fan. They must've realized I was kidding because I've been in the family for 38 years.

    I used to care about baseball and football, but nowadays I don't give a flip about either one. As to your invitation, I'd go if only for the food. Love me those lobstah rolls and steamahs.

  2. Not a big fan. When my kids were younger I took them to see the Tacoma Tigers (AAA). They could have a big night and I would spend $30. We could see our truck from the bleachers.

    The Mariners in the Kingdome? $100 bucks and a half mile hike from parking. You hoped to find you ride intact after the game.

    The Seahawks were fun with Ken Patera as the coach. When Chuck Knox became the coach, they were as interesting as watching the Astroturf grow.

    Had to appreciate Patera. Stopped for DUI, told the cops they couldn't walk a straight line either wearing cowboy boots if they had as many knee operations as him.

    Left Seattle before the Seahawks improved.

  3. The lobster rolls were very good. The roast beef sandwiches were great. The star of the show was Phili-Cheesesteak spring rolls.

    The game ended well for Boston, so the crew was happy.

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