Bullet Points:

* (Breitbart) The Dirty Road to Clean Energy: How China’s Electric Vehicle Boom Is Ravaging the Environment. The name highlights the uncomfortable truth that “green energy” proponents have decided to simply ignore the environmental devastation caused by hurried efforts to dig up the minerals needed for solar panels and batteries.

* United States v. Texas, No. 22-58 is being argued in the Supreme Court of the United States. The question in brief is whether states have the right to sue the Federal Government over violations of the law that damage states. Illegal immigration hurts states. The Brandon Regime holds the position that the executive branch of government can do whatever it wants to without recourse.

“And the government has never made this argument in all the years of the APA,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh said, calling it “a pretty radical rewrite” of the principal federal law that defines the power of federal agencies.

“And I find it pretty astonishing that you come up here and make … [that] the main part of your submission, and I’m going to push back pretty strongly,” Kavanaugh added.

For his part, Justice Samuel Alito balked at the Justice Department’s argument that states lack standing under Article III of the Constitution to sue federal agencies under circumstances like these. He apparently rejected Prelogar’s argument, saying it meant that “an injury sufficient for Article III for purposes for an individual or for a private entity is not sufficient in your view for states,” calling it a “special rule” that “disfavored” states in court.

* Crypto Oligarchs are dropping like flies. The Daily Mail was using the phrase “curse of the crypto whizz kids” to describe two sudden deaths in the cryptocurrency world, even as another crypto billionaire Vyacheslav Taran, 53, head of the Libertex Group crypto exchange died Friday after the helicopter in which he was a passenger crashed, according to the Daily Mail.  His death followed two days after Tiantian Kullander, co-founder of the Amber Group, a Hong Kong-based digital asset company, died in his sleep at 30 years old, according to the New York Post. The Mail said elements of mystery in Taran’s death include the sudden cancellation of another passenger on the flight and the fact that the crash happened in clear weather with an experienced pilot flying the helicopter. It’s mysterious all right.

* There was no vote among House of Representatives democrats. Hakeem Jeffries was elected by acclamation to be the new minority leader. Said to be, “the new great black hope, replacing Barack”, Hakeem (it is assured) will put the needs of the permanent Washington administrative state ahead of everything else. His wife, Kennisandra Arciniegas has an obscure past and present, but she apparently identifies as female. The Party may run him against Brandon for the presidential nomination in 2024.

* There is the cautionary tale of Hiram Abiff (the widow’s son) who is presented in Masonic rituals as the chief architect of Soloman’s Temple. He’s murdered by three thugs who try to wring the secrets of the master mason from him. The lesson to initiates is that fidelity is important even unto death. I’m not a mason, but the rite explains the certainty of death and to that extent with the Widow’s Son, that you die well. In a way, it takes us back to the “How can a man die better?” theme.

* RIP Christine.


Series Review: The English

An Englishwoman, Lady Cornelia Locke, comes to the West in 1890 with a suitcase full of money, looking for revenge on the man she sees as responsible for the death of her son and meets Eli Whipp (Wounded Wolf), ex-cavalry scout and member of the Pawnee Nation by birth. He is on his way to Nebraska to claim the land he is owed for his service in the US army, despite having been told that the white men will not honor their debt. They discover a possible shared history. (no spoilers)

I’m early into viewing the series, which meanders more than a little. I found the plot to be gratuitous and less than plausible on many levels,  but it is a well-done production with solid acting. If only they had a better writer and set advisor to help the director craft more believable action. Everybody that anybody meets tries to kill them or kills them. At that rate, the West would never have been won. I will likely continue to view the series, but the writing and the sort of postmodern spin hot young woman gunslinger on the Western – pandering to 2022 values are less than what I would have hoped for.



Money laundering to fund democrat political programs and for the funding of kickback schemes would seem to “justify” the expense in the minds of America’s elite politicians.


  1. It’s always a good day, when a Crypto Mobster gets whacked for not being able to keep his mouth shut, or losing too much of his bosses money.

    I mean, it would be even better if misfortune visited his boss too, but not much chance of that.


  2. Jeffries: Yet another pre-selected New York politician riding in on a blue goose to save us all. If there is indeed a Special Providence that watches over children, drunkards and The United States, it would be nice if it would show up to work for a change.

  3. Commenter from the Breibart article, which encompasses everything the Lefty’s do, including placing morons and reprobates into high positions based solely on skin color, wacko sexual proclivities, or plain ineptitude because of their namesake (to name ONLY 3):

    “What is the most destructive force on this Planet? Liberal Fantasy.”

    Sums it up. Everything the enviro-manicas do in the name of misplaced utopian compassion turns into a dumpster fire for the remaining 80% of normal-thinking people. It’s okay for the environment to take it in the shorts when THEY do it…because ONLY THEY have a special connection to Gaia. Mad Max wasn’t a playbook….yet here we are.

    Any “crypto” guy getting involved with TPTB to [effectively] launder monies needs to recheck his premises; the handwriting is on the wall when their usefulness has peaked. SBF – yet another t-short & shorts wearing pawn with an inarticulate manner who hoodwinked (wink, wink) world players – thinks he’s untouchable because he made a deal with The Devil. He forgets that Satan’s minions don’t play by any rules. He’ll be dead once they’re done with him or he breaks ranks.

    McVie was underrated, I felt she was the true voice of FM. Gave up formal classical, and the music world was better for it. RIP

    • I suspect SBF is a princeling and not a pawn.
      If he gets sufficiently inconvenient he may get Epsteined, but he’s no naïve dupe. It probably will hurt him if he committed the Madoff Transgression, but if he primarily targeted persons like the Bradys and the Bundchens of the world, well, then he’s good to go.

  4. From what I’ve been reading, a major conflict is in the books by those wanting a new world order. The Ukraine is a good investment for that purpose: Crooked politics, gullible people, a huge amount of money to guarantee carnage, and the “feel good” society of the world. In a more perfect world, a few dozen people taken out of the picture would have prevented what’s happening.

  5. We enjoyed The English, more or less, though you’re spot on about the plot. Very much, “Check your critical faculties at the door and simply enjoy the acting.”

    • In 1890, the English woman, flush with cash, would have landed in New Orleans, would have taken a river boat up the Mississippi to St. Louis, and a train to Cheyenne, WY.

      Stage coaches ran in stages from station to station and the horses usually walked rather than ran. Stagecoach stations were established and had people present both managing accommodations and caring for the teams of horses. Often there were US Army detachments there (infantry, not cavalry) providing a semi-permanent garrison if there were hostilities in the area. The Army concerned itself with Indian affairs and civilian law enforcement dealt with outlaws.

      • Yeah. The more you know about the time period, the more apparent it is that the screenwriter’s entire knowledge of the American West came from Hollywood. I had to stifle sarcastic comments so as to avoid ruining it for my wife, who isn’t as well read on the period but still caught some of the problems. Much more ahistoricity and I couldn’t have watched it. It was a comic book version of the West. But well-made and well-acted. So why couldn’t they spring for a better script?

        • Usually, the director is the screenwriter (maximum ego) and in this case, it was greenlighted by BBC, who retained the talent. It was goofy because whoever ran the (expensive) production thought that they knew best. It’s common in the movie business. I’ve both written/sold screenplays and have been a paid consultant. Firing a Gatling Gun downward, from a horse was an especially stupid stunt. The Gatling sat on a gun carriage with caisson for a reason. But in the movie biz you can set aside the laws of physics in addition to history in your show.

          • PS – the people afflicted with the pox bore an unsettling resemblance to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

          • BBC: the people who gave us Black Zeus, Black Achilles, And Black Patroclus. (Apparently there is more than one possible unpacking of the letters “BBC”.). And don’t even get me started on their Artemis.

            (Troy: Fall of a City)

  6. O/T: back channel “man on the street” report from Beijing. (Or NOT on the street as the case may be.) At least a portion of the city is locked down. Vignette: In one 20+ story apartment block ONE person had an equivocal (“might be” positive) covid test. The entire building has been locked at ground level. Fire exits be damned. Sentence is confinement for one week (for now). Food delivery (ordering take out) is permitted, but the delivery guy puts the bag in a designated area, and must leave before the en-gaoled customer is permitted to retrieve his order. A grandfather was visiting for the afternoon, babysitting his grandson (elementary schools are all closed) while his daughter and SIL were at work. Grandpa is now stuck in the building. He is not permitted to go home to the next apartment block over. Anger and blame are apparently largely directed towards the supreme leadership. Nearly everyone says “this is about political control, not public health.” But no one can step off of the porch, seeing as they are disarmed.

    Hospitals are locked down. Staff (MDs, nurses, aides, etc) are not allowed to leave if any patient in the entire hospital tested positive. There are not enough beds for patients and staff. Staff are sleeping on or under tables in the cafeteria. New patients cannot be admitted. The informant (an oncologist) reports standing behind the locked glass front door and seeing patients wanting their scheduled chemo outside, pounding on the door to be let in. But letting anyone in will result in termination. (You decide the meaning of the last word.)

    The West suffers from a plague of high-IQ, grasping, resentment filled paranoics screwing up things on all fronts. China is largely free of those resentful paranoics, but they’re doing similar to themselves in terms of liberty and basic freedoms. (Only China apparently does not have extensive pornography involving squads of Black males rogering their women. That’s still an area where America leads.)

  7. Yes, who’s killing the Crypto Kings? And why. Please investigate, Inspectre. And my, what a lot of money we’re sending the Ukraine! You might think our beloved rulers had a vested interest in the place.


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