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Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7, no matter which year, is a lot like September 11. They are dates that were seared into many of our minds but are often forgotten today. Times have changed since that fateful day eighty-two years ago. Japan is an ally against the Communist Chinese Navy, boasting the largest and most modern blue-water fleet in the world…even if they call it the People’s Liberation Army’s Navy. I still go to Hawaii most years and when there, I visit Pearl Harbor as a matter of conscious choice. I will go there again in 2024 and plan to take two of my grandsons with me. Their father served in the US Navy (and works for NAVSEA now), and they have uncles and a cousin on the other side of the family who are on active duty in the Navy. The tradition and history are important to ensure that we don’t allow similar tragedies in the future.

The nagging question of what prompted all of those Movietone news crews to arrive prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, waiting around in the hotels as Christmas approached, is often asked. Unless you’re a conspiracy theorist, you’d say that it was just dumb luck that they flew six crews to Honolulu to make sure that newsreels across America played the “Day of Infamy” for young men to watch over and over. Recruiting for a two-ocean war wasn’t a problem after that.

Fortunately, I believe that their presence on December 7, the Day of Infamy, was an accident. I also believe that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was based on an actual attack on the USS Maddox and the C. Turner Joy. I fervently believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, justifying Gulf War Two. January 6th was a genuine insurrection that threatened ‘our democracy.’ There will be no conspiracy theories tolerated on this blog…are you reading this, FBI?


Bullet Points:

** (Gateway Pundit) Los Angeles, California – A Los Angeles homeowner was taken into custody early Wednesday after killing a home invasion suspect while a grandmother and toddler were in the house.

KTLA reported that police were alerted to a “hot prowl” at a home in the 11400 block of Swinton Avenue in Granada Hills around 5 a.m. Saturday morning. A “hot prowl” is a law enforcement term for a burglary in progress when the homeowner is present.

The LAPD revealed that “three or four” males broke into the house before the homeowner turned the tables on them and opened fire. There is no word on the race of the suspects.

** Earth Weather Map – a very cool tool. (h/t JohnD in Oslo) Are you interested in the temperature and wondering how cold it is in Tynset or how hot it is in the Sahara? This service is available.

** At the International Space Station (NASA blog)

** If Israel didn’t care about the civilians in Gaza, the war would have ended on October 8th.

** Would the US have sent money to Ukraine in the amounts that it did if the democrats weren’t money laundering?

** Based on U.S. government statistics (make of them what you will), over the last 12 months, an astounding 3.2 million immigrants have entered the U.S. illegally. Conspiracy theorists dispute the number…


Chanukah begins today

This is all I have to say about that:

Since I’m not Jewish, there was nothing under the menorah for me. For the historical record, I asked for a tall stack of one-ounce gold Krugerrands. My love is for sale, but I was ignored…yet again. Seven crazy nights remain.


In Ancient Rome

The Laws of the Twelve Tables (Latin: lex duodecim tabularum) was the legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law. Formally promulgated in 449 BC, the Tables consolidated earlier traditions into an enduring set of laws. In the Forum, “The Twelve Tables” stated the rights and duties of the Roman citizen.

Table I: Civil Procedures. ● If someone is accused and called to go to court, he must go. ● If he does not go, he may send a witness to stand for him. He may be captured and forced to come to court if he does not come or send a witness.

Table II: Civil Procedures. ● If a person needs evidence or a witness, he may go every third day to the doorway of the person and call for him.

Table III: Debt. ● If a person owes a debt and is brought to court, he shall have 30 days to pay the debt. ● After 30 days, if the debt is not paid, the person owing the debt may be put in chains. ● After 60 days in custody, the person owing the debt can be sold into slavery or be put to death if the debt is not settled.

Table IV: Parents and Children. ● If a child is born with a severe deformity, it shall be killed. ● Parents have the right to sell their children into slavery.

Table V: Inheritance. ● If a person goes insane, he shall not have power over his goods, and they shall be given to his nearest male relative. ● If a person dies without a male heir, his nearest male relative shall inherit his goods. ● Women shall always be given a male guardian to accompany them

Table VI: Property. ● If a person makes a promise or contract verbally, it shall be considered binding and must be fulfilled. ● If a man and woman shall live together for a year, they shall be considered married.

Table VII: Real Property. ● If a person builds a road and it becomes unusable because of decay or damage, travelers may travel across the property wherever they wish and are not bound to use the road. ● If a person’s road or building shall cause damage to another’s property, the owner of the road or building shall pay for the damage.

Table VIII: Crimes. ● If a person insults or gossips about another person publicly, the person who did the insulting or gossiping shall be clubbed to death. ● If a person injures another person physically, he will be injured in the same way unless he agrees to pay for damages. ● No one may hold meetings at night. ● If a person is called to be a witness in court and lies, he shall be thrown from a cliff. ● If a person throws something without aiming and injures another person, he shall owe that person one ram.

Table IX: Constitutional Principles. ● A man can not be put to death without first having been found guilty in court. ● A judge who is found guilty of taking a bribe shall be put to death. ● It is forbidden to pass laws in private. ● It is also forbidden to pass laws against a single person.

Table X: Funeral Rites. ● No man shall be buried or cremated within the city. ● Women are not allowed to mourn loudly, slap their own cheeks, or tear their clothes during a funeral.

Table XI: Marriage Laws. ● Marriages are forbidden between plebians and patricians. ● Men in the army may not marry until their training is complete.

Table XII: Punishments. ● If a person accuses another but is lying, the liar must pay double the penalty of the crime or be put to death. ● The eight forms of punishment are fines, placing in chains, whipping, inflicting the same injury as was committed, public humiliation, banishment from the city, slavery, and death.


Disputed Control of Egypt

“Clad in his purple-bordered toga and preceded by his twelve crimson-clad lictors, all bearing the axes in their bundles of rods, Gaius Popillus Laenas walked east. Now, he was not a young man, so as he went, he leaned upon a tall staff, his pace as placid as his face. Since only the brave, heroic and noble Romans built decent roads, he was soon walking along through thick dust. But was Gaius Popillus Laenas deterred? No! He just kept on walking, until near the huge hippodrome in which the Alexandrians liked to watch the horse races, he ran into a wall of Syrian soldiers and had to stop.

“King Antiochus IV of Syria came forward and went to meet Gaius Popillius Laenas.

“‘Rome has no business in Egypt!’ the King said, frowning awfully and direfully.

“‘Syria has no business in Egypt either,’ said Gaius Popillius Laenas, smiling sweetly and serenely.

“‘Go back to Rome,’ said the King.

“‘Go back to Syria,’ said Gaius Popillius Laenas.

“But neither of them moved a single inch.

“‘You are offending the Senate and People of Rome,’ said Gaius Popillius Laenas after a while of staring into the King’s fierce face. ‘I have been ordered to make you return to Syria.’

“The King laughed and laughed and laughed. ‘And how are you going to make me go home?’ he asked. ‘Where is your army?’

“‘I have no need of an army, King Antiochus IV,’ said Gaius Popillius Laenas. ‘Everything that Rome is has been, and will be, is standing before you here and now. I am Rome, no less than Rome’s largest army. And in the name of Rome, I say to you a further time, go home!’

“‘No,’ said King Antiochus IV.

“So Gaius Popillius Laenas stepped forward, and moving sedately, he used the end of his staff to trace a circle in the dust all the way around the person of King Antiochus IV, who found himself standing inside Gaius Popillius Laenas’s circle.

“‘Before you step out of this circle, King Antiochus IV, I advise you to think again,’ said Gaius Popillius Laenas. ‘And when you do step out of it – why, be facing east, and go home to Syria.’

“The King said nothing. The King did not stir. Gaius Popillius Laenas said nothing. Gaius Popillius Laenas did not stir. Since Gaius Popillius Laenas was a Roman and did not need to hide his face, his sweet and serene countenance was on full display. But King Antiochus IV hid his face behind a curled and wired wigbeard and even then could not conceal its thunder. Time went on. And then, still inside the circle, the mighty King of Syria turned on his heel to face east, stepped out of the circle in an easterly direction, and marched back to Syria with all his soldiers.”

Colleen McCullough, The First Man in Rome, pp.265 – 266.


Identify the Aircraft


hint: Not a MiG 21





Identify the Triple-A


53 thoughts on “The Day of Infamy

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Su-22UM trainer
    2. Chengdu J-10 Firebird
    3. AW159 Wildcat HMA 2
    4. Lockheed YF-12

    Identify the Triple-A:
    Sd.Kfz. 10/4

    1. #4 is an A-12 Oxcart, also known as a YF-12. You can go either way with that identification, but well done Surly, honorable mention to Kle. There is an A-12 on display at CIA HQ.

  2. Times haven’t changed much. Parents still sell their children into slavery – student loans to be indoctrinated lefties are the same. Patricians (our ruling class) still don’t marry plebs. Just look what happened to “Prince” Harry when he wed what’s her name. The other things, well, somewhere out there is a young Gaius Popillius Laenas.

      1. Can we start throwing the people who lie in their testimony before Congress off a cliff?

        1. X3…and yeah LL, cliff tossing might help the remaining self-appointed Patricians to uphold their Oath of Office.

          1. The gorge will fill quickly with rotting carcasses, and they need to fall far enough to make it meaningful. What about the Grand Canyon and some pay-per-view thing, the profits of which would be donated to disabled veterans?

          2. Is the Washington Monument tall enough? All that flat land around, you could play ‘lawn darts’ with said liars.

  3. Space Station graphic – Add an arrow to one of those dots in the lower left corner:

    All woman’s spaceflight toolkit…as it floats away.

    Is that too harsh first thing? Not my fault, MrsPaulM made the coffee, Scandinavian style, which means it can remove rust from a 10mm socket lost in the driveway after the last brake job.

    1. I’m awake and riding cold turkey for now…paint remover might help as I prepare to work on stuff.

      1. True story: Whenever MrsPaulM’s parents had family over from Denmark they’d get some Tasters Choice for guests, regardless their coffee was already sturdy enough to etch the cup enamel.

        1. If the spoon doesn’t stand up on its own in the cup, I know that it’s not Navy mud. Yes, there’s a reason why it’s called “mud.”

    2. There have been two missions where a tool bag was lost outside of the ISS. Both ‘all women’ missions. Coincidence?

      1. I have used this cheap shot before, but it writes itself –

        they need to make them Louis Vuitton bags or something; then they will hold on to them.

        – Kle.

  4. Talked to a neighbor who was a WW2 vet in the Pacific. His descriptions of the Okinawa fight was graphic and scary as he was there in the blood and mud. He mentioned the Japanese internment was for a reason that many forget due to the correctness of modern times. The Niihau Incident though small, shocked the military and govt. Seems very few know about this.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly.

      Worked on some of the restoration and reconstruction of the Amache Internment camp out past Lamar, CO (dang near Oklahoma). One of my older neighbors was a toddler there, his father was the superintendent for the roughly 2 years of time. These were military style barracks, quickly erected but had every necessary amenity (had to reconstruct the individual coal bins from photos). Each of these camps had Rec Centers, grocery stores, etc., all on a Section of land. The camp near Cody, WY, was certainly in a nicer spot (no rattlesnakes or scorpions), but when fear rises after an attack such as this then a response decision by those in authority can only made as best as possible. Condemning by the rearview is emotion driven. The trick is to not repeat bad decisions, assuming that’s possible.

      Oddly few make the connection that America in 2020-2022 (or more) was “put into soft internment” over an intentionally manipulated coronavirus. Those who we were told to trust continuously lied. Yet when fear was fomented by TPTB at least half of society willingly complied regardless of personal pain and suffering.

      The difference between then and now? The Covid fear was 98% fabricated.

  5. Your unwillingness to look at facts should be a personal embarrassment. It also undermines what our founding fathers hoped for among the citizenry.

  6. Remembering Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 should also include discussions concerning Harry White and Operation Snow. Time allowed documents to enter the public view showing the involvement of White with the Soviets to promote an economic fight between Japan and America which cumulated in the Japanese attack on Pearl.

    If any aspiring historians need something to keep them working over the winter, they should look into the USN cruiser and destroyer runs into Japanese home ports in 1940 and 1941. I have not been able to determine which ships or logs concerning those sorties, but only a few words here and there that the USN would just run in and out to demonstrate the strength of our Pacific Fleet.

  7. My oldest son married a gal who is 1/4 Japanese. Their wedding date was Dec. 7th 🙂
    Her grandparents happened to be out of town visiting relatives on the day their city got nuked. Strange how some things work out.

  8. Pearl Harbor. It’s a tragedy that each war kills off the cream of the crop of the population. War is indeed a racket.

    Earth weather map. I can go down the rabbit hole for hours using

    International space station. Don’t understand why they want to eventually deorbit the thing when its lifespan is over. Kick it up a few hundred miles so it is out of the way and turn it into a museum or scrap heap or something. We spent millions launching all that refined metal into space, might as well use it for something.

    1. Why? Because it takes lots more money and more missions to push the ISS into a stable parking orbit. While dropping it can be done with one push of a Progress capsule.

      Though it is a shame, truly, that so much space debris ends up being dropped into the atmosphere.

      One of the many great things about the eventual Starship commercial flights by SpaceX is that price-per-pound/kilogram to Low Earth Orbit or to Geosynchronous Orbit will drop to incredibly low price, like air freight prices. And that’s when sending orbital tugs and tractors to push and pull debris and obsolete equipment up into a garbage patch becomes financially possible.

      And… with Starship comes the possibility of lifting mirrors to orbit to begin orbital smelting of space garbage.

      1. HEB, definitely agree it will take more energy to lift it to a higher orbit than it would to deorbit the ISS but less energy by far than it would take to lift all that mass into LEO from earth.

          1. But there’s no long term contracts and money to every congresscritters’ districts if we actually save equipment and supplies and reutilize what we can and build new in orbit.

            It’s like the ESA, which is acknowledged as a jobs program, not an actual space program.

  9. I hardly ever comment on any of the blogs I read. But I wanted to tell you I laughed aloud at “are you reading this fbi? (lower case intentional). Thanks, LL

    1. Thank you for commenting. The FBI visits this blog all of the time, but they never comment.

      1. You have to watch out for the guy or guys pushing for action. I think you, LL, have those guys kind of scared.

  10. Saddam had, and used, weapons of mass destruction…sometimes against other Iraqis. For some reason the West got all hung up on nukes and completed disregarded everything else.

    1. Yes, he did, but he also got rid of almost all of the chemwar capability because we threatened him, and he took it seriously.

  11. I always find it interesting on how two different governments reacted to Japanese attacks.

    Most people know something about Pearl Harbour but most people don’t know that the same fleet dropped more bombs on Darwin, Australia in February 1942. 243 people killed out of a population of about 2000. Same reason to deny use of facilities to Allies and US forces. At least 58 raids during the war.

    As most of the Australian army and navy was in Africa fighting the Germans the government hid the attack from everyone.

    My wife’s father was an anti aircraft gunner in Darwin and never received any military pension or medical as he was not on overseas active duty. I’d call being bombed over 40 times active service.

    1. Yeah, Darwin took a real pounding.

      We screwed people over in the same way here in the US; Merchant Mariners especially, but also other folks who did a lot of fighting and got very little in return.

      – Kle.

  12. Considering today…brother just sent this over the transom, with these comments:

    “Start at time stamp 5:12 and listen to all the info in his letters…18 years before it happened.

    This court marshal actually happened….

    History…pay attention…and…to its message of institutional incompetence.

    Rod Steiger and Gary Cooper – “The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell”

    1. They always, always get rid of officers who fight and are not politically connected during ‘peacetime.’ It’s why so many ‘peacetime’ missions go sideways, as incompetent paper-pushers with political connections get all the cushy assignments in order to feather their nests and provide the ‘correct’ check marks for promotion.

      There are some exceptions, but usually those are politically connected, and you can tell because those still get promoted. Fighting officers who have no political connections get sidelined and don’t get promoted.

      Come real war and those benched fighting officers are the ones that actually win the battles and wars.

      1. Military Industrial Complex was brothers last comment point…that was 1925! Started so long ago that by now these types have gotten very good at their subversive game. Heck, look what’s shuffling around the Oval Office getting stuck in the tighter curve “corner” and drapery.

  13. Pearl Harbor remembrance … never forget. I find visiting the Punchbowl at Pearl Harbor to be more moving than the Arizona. But both are incredible places.

    I’ve always wondered how things would have gone in the war had the Japanese occupied Hawaii and invaded northern Australia in December of 1941.

  14. The following is excerpted from a letter I transcribed for my friend Nate Weiser to a high school class that had asked him to relate his Pearl Harbor experience on Dec 7th, 1941.

    Nate had a degree in education with a sports career and had worked his way through college in the depression.

    His military career was somewhat unique in that he was both at Pearl and Normandy.

    His commander at Pearl had given him permission to forgo mess duties as he pursued radio courses at the local college in Honolulu.

    The mess sergeant saw Nate as a slacker for that. When the dishes rattled in the following story, he came out roaring at Nate for dropping them.

    Nate and his two friends had been on a date the night before with some nurses.

    He was stationed at Pearl in the Army Air Force and he was in radio.
    My two friends and I were going to visit a friend later in the day who was in the Navy, and in Pearl Harbor for a short stay. We were in the Mess Hall around 7:50am Sunday morning. We were waiting in line for our Super Sunday Breakfast before we would go to see our friend when around 8:00am, give or take a few minutes, we heard a large noise that shook the building, and all the stacks of dishes that were on the table fell to the floor. The Mess Sergeant came out and was cussing everyone out. Right then, the second bomb fell and the table plus the food went crashing to the floor. I ran to the door and saw the Japanese Insignia on the aircraft and said to Don and Merrill, “Why are the Japanese planes here? This could be war!”

    The planes were strafing all over the area. We were going to hide under the warehouse building next to the Mess Hall, but “Indian Joe”, a WW1 veteran told us to get going and try to go to the Residential Area, and go in between the buildings so we wouldn’t get hit. We saw the Number 1 hangar on the runway in flames. Half of it was full of ammunition (rumor had it that we were going to Wake Island in a very short time). They hit that hangar first, they knew what was in it. The planes on the ramp were tail to tail, all they did was strafe down the line and get two planes at a time. The reason they were tail to tail was so every Saturday morning the post could march in front of the commander before we had the weekend free. It was a miserable sight to see with us running for our lives. The planes flew so low that you could see some of the pilots red scarves and goggles. That sight I will never forget.

    We finally got to the Residential Area and I went into one of the homes near Schofield Barracks. A sergeant lived there and had a couple of children. He told us to stay for a while and then go back to our base for instructions. It was thought that the Japanese might land and try to take the island over. The sergeant would get his company and go up into the mountains, and if the Japanese did invade, he told his wife what to do. We went back to the barracks, and each one of us got a .45 and a belt full of ammo. The second wave of planes was not as great as the first, but that evening it started to rain. The captain called us in his portable quarters and gave us a box about 8′ long, 6″ wide and 4 or 5″ high. He told us that in case of emergency, this would be our only communications between our squadron and Honolulu, so guard it with all our might. It was a transmitter and receiver, all in one! We were to be sure to let him know where we were at all times. We decided to head toward the mountain, but not too far from the runway, near the captain, and hid in case of invasion, but where the planes would not strafe us. Little did we realize that the water off the mountain (it being a very rainy night) would fill our foxhole. We had a very uncomfortable couple of nights. We were very happy to learn after a couple of days that there would be no invasion by the Japanese. All islands were in blackout nights from here on in. By 1943 I was a Staff Sergeant and I and two other Sgts were sent back to the States to go to OCS. (Nate was to be an officer but declined. Also, his two friends died in the attack). After one and a half months, I asked to be sent back to the Air Force.

    I was then assigned to Jefferson Barracks in St.. Louis. From there I was assigned to Richmond, Va with the 365th Fighter Bomber Group, 386th Squadron . I was a Tech Sgt and communication chief for P-47 Thunderbolts in the 9th Air Force. We got an all expenses paid tour of Europe.

    Nate got the Bronze Star in Europe. it was an award for an idea he had for aircraft radio that allowed them to turn around and get back in the fight quicker in the event of radio failure.

    His friends from the night before didn’t make it through Dec 7th.

    Nate passed shortly before his 99th birthday Dec 5th, 2016.

    1. Incredible Ed. Real life. Real [young] Men. Makes one pause and think a bit…we owe them that.

  15. “Fortunately, I believe that their presence on December 7, the Day of Infamy, was an accident. I also believe that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was based on an actual attack on the USS Maddox and the C. Turner Joy. I fervently believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, justifying Gulf War Two. January 6th was a genuine insurrection that threatened ‘our democracy.’ There will be no conspiracy theories tolerated on this blog”

    Well said, Mr. Wolf, for a moment there I thought you were being, somehow, disloyal to our beloved rulers. You weren’t, right?

  16. what prompted all of those Movietone news crews to arrive prior to the Pearl Harbor attack

    The White House speechwriter hired them and sent a script to the Dustin Hoffman director character from Wag the Dog? Did anybody catch the “news” crews making up camera range cards in advance of the sirens?

    I also believe that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was based on an actual attack on the USS Maddox and the C. Turner Joy.> Navy Commander James Stockdale, who had overseen the air defense of Maddox two days before and was flying reconnaissance over the Gulf of Tonkin on August 4th, cast doubt on whether there was indeed an attack that day, noting, “Our destroyers were just shooting at phantom targets… There were no [North Vietnamese] boats there… There was nothing there but black water and American firepower.”

    January 6th was a genuine insurrection that threatened ‘our democracy.’

    There are plenty of historical British examples of real ones. Were the legislators kidnapped and held in the Tower of Washington for ransom?

    Ed+Campbell> It’s a tragedy that each war kills off the cream of the crop of the population.

    That’s the main point of war; otherwise those men would compete with TPTB and win. The British and German kings, who are cousins, meet at Bilderberger and agree to have their armies attack each other. Then they become powerful wartime presidents, and those pesky nobles who are actually personally noble can be sent to their deaths.

  17. Yes, Dec 7 will live in infamy, but the ships weren’t the only thing attacked that morning. Ford Island and the aircraft there were attacked and many were destroyed. There are still bullet holes in the ramp and hangars both at Ford and Kaneohe. I’ve talked to sailors that survived both places, ended up at Midway, and later Guadalcanal and points west with the PBYs (including one that became a Black Cat). Their story is just as horrifying.

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