Thoughts about War, President Trump and the Gallagher Case

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There are a lot of people within the Military Industrial Complex who have a deep and abiding love in various conflicts in the Middle East because they’re just good business. And naturally, they are willing to throw down cash for honorariums. They walk into a Congressman’s office with a suitcase full of money, the politician will give a speech (talk for five minutes), and the beltway bandit will leave without the suitcase.  
I’ve seen it happen. Your elected officials who could give a rat’s ass about whatever brewing conflict, suddenly find moral outrage! Their votes follow that newly discovered passion.
The longer the war, the more satisfying it is to the defense contractors and to the retired military icons that they hire to be the missionaries of LIBERTY, JUSTICE and the American way. Because inside every hajji, there is an American screaming to get out. Right?

Historical Precedent
I recall sleezing around Palestine back in the mid ’80’s. COL William F. Buckley had been kidnapped and the US was intent on getting him back. Things didn’t work out and he was murdered. Even though you could criticize USGOV for being a little heavy handed in those days (I don’t but you might), the Russians took a different approach. Buckley was kidnapped by Hizballah, and a Russian case officer was kidnapped by Fatah. The Russians found out who had done the kidnapping and they went to the homes of immediate family members and beheaded them all in Palestine. Then they asked Arafat if he was ready for round two where they began to lop off the heads of more distant family members. The Russian case officer/diplomat/spy was released. There is a lesson in that. Kipling discussed it in his poem Grave of the Hundred Head. The Mongols took similar interest in people who disrupted the Khan’s peace and dealt harshly with those who created problems. Peace reigned along the Silk Road for 300 years.
Finding Warriors and the Trump Presidency
And my point in this is that wars can be managed effectively if you’re willing to fight the war. Barack claimed that ISIS would be a problem forever, and President Trump ended that nonsense. The “Caliphate” no longer holds one square inch of territory. President Trump also sends messages. Consider the case of Chief Eddie Gallagher, USN. Gallagher took a ‘selfie’ next to the carcass of a jihadi and the moral outrage began. It ended when President Trump reminded everyone who the Commander-in-Chief is and the US is looking for a new SECNAV.

On November 21 President Trump tweeted, “The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to business!”

Chief Gallagher retired from the US Navy yesterday.
President Trump is the first US President, possibly since President Eisenhower, who gets it. If you punish warriors for being warriors, they all leave and what you are left with is a poor excuse for a military. President Trump loves the military. He cherishes the sacrifices that must be made to keep the nation safe. And he avoids war wherever possible. But nobody doubts his resolve.
I’m looking forward to the next four years of the Trump presidency, but fear for the nation once his second term is complete. Who will fill his shoes?

29 thoughts on “Thoughts about War, President Trump and the Gallagher Case

  1. After Trump leaves office, I'm confident that President Buttigieg will step up and continue the efforts in letting soldiers be soldiers.

    And I'm also confident that the sumo wrestler will bypass that buffet and order the salad with low fat vinaigrette….

  2. By 2024, AOC may be old enough to meet the Constitutional requirement and she can be president. After all, she's currently the brain trust of the Democrat caucus. Maybe Shifty could be her vice president. Jerry Nadler could be SECSTATE. Pelosi will likely be in a nursing home by then, bypassed by the new order.

  3. looking into the future for another one like Trump seems iffy as best. One sure thing though. these same military hating scoundrels will want that same military behind them if the peasants revolt, and with the tact they're taking that is at least a possibility

  4. I can't see a situation where the military would follow Old Comrade Bernie, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Pelosi or Shifty in an action against the American people. It's one of the bright rays of hope that I cling to.

  5. Great Kipling poem. Such action in recent years earned one a court martial in spite of being effective.

  6. Two possible solutions come to mind:

    1) Repeal the amendment which prevents Trump from more than two terms ( although I think he is too smart to want that PITA for more than eight years ), or
    2) Ask Trump who he thinks would carry on in his footsteps.

    Neither of those ideas are a perfect solution, but I don't know that there is one ( a perfect solution ).


  7. My 0944 comment was suppose to be in reply to joetote's comment, not to LL's post.


  8. The campaign of 2024 will surely produce a mess of bat guano crazy socialists chomping at the bit to get their hands on those gavels. I wonder if they can convince the electorate to vote for them like Barry did. AOC should be fully charged and ready to go for that race. I wonder who she will tap for veep – Che Guevara? Mao? Who knows….

    My confidence in my fellow Americans to vote correctly has been shattered several times in my adult life. If my neighbors voted rationally, Barry would not even have been elected 7th grade student body president.

    But, alas, my neighbors are idiots from time to time.

  9. "I'm looking forward to the next four years of the Trump presidency, but fear for the nation once his second term is complete. Who will fill his shoes?"

    I'm with you 100% on this.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  10. Concur with all, and the 'new' SecNav is a former P-3 driver who knows what it's like to be out there alone and afraid on the pointy end. He's also been to the high arctic back in the day when we operated up there, so he understands.

  11. Great Sunday sermon on all fronts. Will Michelle run against Ivanka in 2024? Or, to make things interesting, Candace?

  12. I know, Jim.

    There was a time when I thought that winning was important to America. I came to understand that what once was winning had become a wicked game. When it comes to President Trump, things changed. Winning became important again for America – MAGA

  13. I think that 2021 will find President Trump running "the Apprentice" from the White House. Who wants the job?

  14. I know that Nikki Haley wants the job. Michelle will be getting long in the tooth by then – too far away from the nexus to be credible.

    The question for Candace is whether she's more credible in Congress or on the outside at Turning Point. She has a bright future, but a lot of it has to do with timing.

  15. There are a lot of young, aspiring Marxists who could share the ticket with AOC. They all want to be Stalin or Mao or Hitler. The whole mass murderer thing appeals to them. Sadly for them, there are still 100 million firearms in America and 3 or 4 trillion rounds of ammo.

  16. Be it for four years or eight President Trumps tenure in office is likely to be little more than a bump in the road for the communists of the Demonrat party (which is virtually ALL of them) and the evil communists who have infested the bureaucracy ( the 'deep state') who have been working for decades to destroy America as it was intended to replace it with their 'socialist workers paradise'. Anyone not sure what that 'paradise' will be need only look at present day Venezuela to see what is in store for us. Trump is an aberration. An unforeseen complication that blindsided those who run the Fed Gov. Once he is gone they will simply resume where his arrival forced them to take a time out. The problem is the unelected bureacracy that is simply beyond accountability. And the BIGGER problem is the plethora of idiots who vote by the millions to enable this insanity. We get the government we deserve. If you allow parasitic and pathologic ideologies to exist and thrive you have nobody but yourself to blame when you succumb to the pathology and parasitic actions of that group.

  17. Hopefully President Trump will clear out General Officer ranks of 0bummer "yes men".

    We NEED warriors.

    And we're very lucky to have them.

  18. Excellent treatise on the subject…those on the inside will do whatever it takes to maintain the lifestyle they've become accustomed regardless how many lives they destroy in the process. "Others" matter little to them.

    The bright spot is this President understands big picture right from wrong and does not suffer fools. He is FOR America in spades…and owing nothing to anyone is negotiating from a position of power. The swamp-dwellers think theirs is the strong position which showcases their incredible clueless-ness.

    Look at this cretin Page, now "coming out of her cave" whining how the President is demeaning her, fully washing-over her own seditious behavior to steal an election. The woman should be in prison. But hers is the typical wimpy Lefty response, decry the backlash while taking no responsibility for being the root cause.

    These types have forgotten their charter, having become mental in their [fleeting] self-importance. This will continue to be good for our side, and a Trump landslide in 2020 will be their undoing. Problem is they know this, and I fear they will promote serious attempts to take this President out before then because they have nothing to offer the country other than win at all cost.

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