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** Low-cost housing threatens the liberal elite (your betters).

** Dead British Pedo Tranny – A pedophile drag queen is at the center of a police investigation after he was found dead in the street in a full stage costume.

Jeweller Darren Moore, 39, a convicted sex offender, had been reported missing after disappearing on a night out with friends. Darren, known as Crystal Couture, was well known on the gay scene across the UK.

He definitely wouldn’t have made it to 39 in rural Arizona…

** The German foreign intelligence service assesses that Kiev is losing a “three-digit number” of soldiers daily, according to a report in Der Spiegel. Berlin informed politicians of the assessment during a secret meeting this week.

** Attrition: Expanding the Shrinking Russian Army (h/t Claudio) Russian losses since the invasion began, and failure to mobilize many replacements, reduced the army to about 250,000 personnel.

** National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Thursday in the first high-level US visit to the country since the new Israeli government was sworn in. At the same time, a US military base in southern Syria was targeted in a drone attack on Friday that wounded two members of a US-backed militia.

** US AFRICOM (US Command located in Bavaria) said it launched an airstrike in Somalia on Friday against al-Shabaab in support of the US-backed Mogadishu-based government.

** (The Bee) WASHINGTON, D.C. — In recognition of Biden’s tremendous accomplishment of going one full day without more classified documents found at one of his residences, the White House has proudly hung a banner saying: “1 Day Without Classified Documents Being Discovered At President’s House.”

“From day one, the President has been very clear that going even one day without illegal materials being found at his home is a feat worth celebrating,” said gay black Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “We are proud to celebrate with the entire Biden family as we recognize somehow making it through an entire 24-hour period without more documents turning up!”

** There is just one party in America.


Identify the Tank/APC


Identify the Aircraft


YouTube Video

Fort Vaux

To break the agonizing stalemate that World War 1 had become, the German Empire infiltrated the most protected fortification on Earth, Fort Douaumont, capturing it without firing a single shot. This gave them the confidence to go after the rest of the French forts in the highly protected region of Verdun. When the German 12th Grenadier Regiment prepared to storm the nearby Fort Vaux, merely a fraction of the size of Douaumont, they expected little resistance. They also believed that seizing the fort would lure the French troops out of their trenches, shifting the fate of the war in Germany’s favor.

As the relentless shelling had rendered Fort Vaux’s field guns useless, all the French forces had to defend themselves were machine guns, grenades, and rifles. Moreover, the garrison inside the fort was led by Commandant Sylvain Eugène Raynal, a 49-year-old veteran bound to a walking cane who had bravely volunteered to oversee the stronghold. Even so, the disabled commander would soon lead 600 fearless men into battle against thousands of Germans, in what became one of the most brutal and heroic defensive efforts of the war…

As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilize similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect.

World War 1 was particularly horrible as wars go. The video might be interesting and enlightening.


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23 thoughts on “This and That

  1. “three-digit number” so anything from 001 to 999. Quite a spread of possibilities.

    Ballot serial numbers: So my vote might not only NOT get counted, but I’ll have to explain to the neostasi why I tried to vote the way I did. Wonderful.

    1. The photo is of a SPAD SA-2, which is essentially the same as an SA-4 except that it has a more powerful motor. You can’t tell the difference from the photo. In both models prop is placed between the observer/gunner and the pilot.

    1. That’s a fully automatic belt-fed assault unicorn. BATFE said it was okay to own one and has since changed their minds.

      1. Saw a bumper sticker locally a while ago. It was all pink and covered in hearts and rainbows. It read:

        I wish I were a Unicorn !

        Because then, I could stab people with my face!

        It made me smile, and daydream about stabbing people with my face.


  2. Heard earlier that Pence’s lawyer “discovered” “Classified” doc’s. Seems these past few weeks the lawyer discovery thing seems to be…a thing.

    This as to be cover fodder to equalize the Unnecessary MAL Raid for documents that were constitutionally declassified by THE PRESIDENT (But THAT ONE thank you card is hard evidence, damnit!). The Handlers are working hard to spackle-over the Biden Doc Op to make MAL all look “even-handed” so why not toss Pence into the mix to further even it out. For them 1 of theirs equals 2 of ours…or is that equity? Wonder if the FBI will descend on the old Illinois Kmart where The Magical Mr O has his 75,000 docs laying about unsecured?

    More planned distractions to keep us from looking to hard at the real agenda.

    1. It’s the typical DC Chinese fire drill. Those lawyers are billing $1,500/hr + staff, billed at $1,000/hr. Nice work if you can get it.

  3. My hometown, willing to grovel at the pig trough of federal money, built low income housing in the only place where real estate could hold value. Thousands left, took the loss on the chin, and the downhill slide has turned the area into a cesspool. People still buy in the area, but the taxable value dropped, and the crime is worse than ever.

    An in-law has an ex with a son that is embracing the drag-queen lifestyle. He posts pictures on social media and is the darling of the city where he moved. He couldn’t live his lifestyle where he was raised, and regardless of what he thinks, will find life more difficult than others. While many are promoting this aberration of society, the majority finds it as something that should never be accepted, and will fight to protect their children from exposure.

    1. It’s called a death spiral, Jess.

      I knew a young man from where I grew up who did the same thing. He died of AIDS young. Great potential is thrown on the trash heap of wokeness.

      1. My X rented an apartment in an upscale complex we previously lived in.
        She went to pay her rent at the office and discovered that her neighbor, who was also there, was paying about $35/month for a similar apartment. Section 8.
        The place was eventually sold and left Section 8 in an attempt to regain market. It worked.

  4. If we could put a number on every ballot, we should be able to have voter ID. Neither will probably happen in many places.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Serial numbers on ballots are useless if the same cast of clowns and their various mechanisms are left in place to continue to count the votes.

      Paper ballots, filled in by hand wiith pen and ink, couted by hand in the precinct, with the count witnessed by representatives of all candidates who so opt to send one, would be a good start. Voter ID would certainly not hurt.

      We won’t see any of that as long as the Uniparty continues to run the show.

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