The Cost of Retirement

The top monthly/recurring expenses that people deal with, retired or not are housing, automobiles, utilities, food, debt payments, and healthcare. Managing those costs become more critical as you decide to stop work and retire.


Identify the Aircraft (h/t WSF)


No More Junk Food Junkies?

We love our junk food, though we’ve long known it’s not good for us and contributes to the obesity epidemic. When Covid came, we learned that the virus is more likely to make obese people sicker. The UK, took the opportunity to pass some of the toughest restrictions in the world on junk food ads.

The food and beverage industry spends billions of dollars each year on ads targeting teens and featuring celebrities and social media influencers. More than 80% of the products are unhealthy, according to one study.

Two-thirds of adults in England are overweight or obese, according to Britain’s National Health Service. As in the U.S., the trend starts early — and is growing. In England, more than 25% of kids aged 10 and 11 qualify as obese.

In July 2020, Great Britain launched a new anti-obesity strategy, proposing some of the strictest advertising restrictions in the world: limits on where junk food can be displayed in stores, a ban on buy-one-get-one-free ads for junk food, a ban on junk food TV ads before 9 p.m., and a total ban on advertising junk food online to anyone.


The Inka Road System


Map Of The United States Based on Dungeons & Dragons Popularity


  1. North American B-45C Tornado –
    Pic taken at the Air Force Museum in Dayton or as it’s now called National Museum of the Air Force

    I was just there a couple of weeks ago

    • A lot of the retirement quotient has to do with what you’re willing to settle for and what hard assets you have before you decide that you’re done. By that I mean if you own the home you plan to die in, etc.

      I had a long telephone call with a high net worth person (yes, that one, PaulM) whose phone calls I’ve been dodging. He lamented that the middle class has been raped hard by the Biden years and they simply don’t have the disposable income to spend on things that make him money. Ah, now there’s the rub.

      • As my father would say, “all depends on who’s ox is being gored”. When enough manufacturers and services “tycoons” (yeah, looking at you Home Depot and Walmart) start feeling the hurt more directly their lobbyists will move into action. Until then nothing will change…because they don’t have to.

      • Florida’s housing yankeeflation problem (boomer retirements and flight from the covid lockdown pols none admit ever voting for) certainly have an impact, even more than the cost of eggs for omelets, and associated bacon costs.

  2. Point taken about advertising, but I would argue that the problem with “junk” food is more that we eat too much at one sitting and then sit on our collective butts. Nothing like playing Tetris with a couple of tons of alfalfa hay bales to work off a Big Mac and fries. I’m sure WSF can attest to this.

    On that note, “junk” food to the rescue last night. Something in our little piece of the gird went BANG around 5 p.m. yesterday, 57 customers reported without power. Two repair trucks in our cul-de-sac, heard one of the linemen say something about a fuse. Needed to get to bed early to babysit today, so off to Sonic for burgers. We were just finishing eating under battery lights when the power came back on about 8 p.m.

      • It is designed to be addicting, like soda, drink enough and you forget how much you are having, then your system demands more. Mickey-D’s, etc is no different, designed to get you back in for more as your system craves the secret sauce.

  3. Age 65 in Colorado, alrighty then…we can be on board with the average as corporate bravo sierra over the past few years has been demoralizing to say the least, even from a home office starting years before the Lockdown Gestapo, which made it worse. Retirement from THAT world and moving into something more homegrown is very appealing.

  4. I dramatically reduced the amount of carbs I eat a year or so ago to good effect. Now if I do splurge I feel off the next day. The food pyramid flouted by the FDA is upside down, at least for me.

    Used to have to go to Wright Pat for classes, each one about 2 weeks long. Most trips included a visit to the AF Museum. Fantastic place.

    Retirement. You plan and you plan, hopefully everyone has planned well enough. We will see what the future holds.

    • Retirement accounts have taken a thrashing under this administration, for many, gains have been completely lost to the negative and people are getting concerned they’ll be able to continue living where they do. We want to live here at the homestead for as long as feasible, we built the place so are inherently attached to how it lives and the location. The cynical side of me suggests retirement erosion for the little people has been planned as a forced way to move outlying residents closer to urban (aka ‘more controllable”) cities. Yeah, not happening with us.

      If push ever came to shove we’ll sell, then find a smaller place with some reasonably accessible amenities (and Schwan’s delivery – heh).

  5. Junk food.
    Don’t eat it because I’m cheap. Use the excuse, “It isn’t on my food plan” which is partially true but the real reason is being a cheapskate. $6+ for coffee at a drive thru?

    RHT447 Long past the bucking bales days but it did keep me fit. For me Army Basic Training was a vacation (mostly).

  6. Again, late to the game but at least on a computer and not a tablet.

    I recognized the B-45 right off.

    A late friend who was a classmate of my father in AF Pilot Training back in 1949/50 was involved in a special mission out of RAF Sculthorpe in Norfolk, England in the early 1950s. The special mission was declassified in the 1990s. He related this to my father and myself before anything was published. Later, I did read an article in an aviation magazine that related the story.

    He helped train British aircrews in Louisiana before the aircraft were flown to England. In England the aircraft were equipped with a special side looking radar the British had developed and painted in British colours. The aircraft were then flown over the Soviet Union at about 50,000 feet ASL. The Soviets tried to shoot them down but the Mig-17s could not climb fast enough to catch them and tended to flame out. Only one of the RB-45s received any damage from a Mig-17’s guns according to my friend. The radar images were of major Soviet cities in western Russian and Ukraine. They were purportedly still in use for training when the program was declassified.

    Another little tidbit that goes with this is that in the early 1950s there were regular B-45s stationed at RAF Sculthorpe. They were equipped to deliver nuclear weapons. And at that time most of the U.S. nuclear bombs were at this location.

  7. I’ve gotta call BS on that retirement costs one… When I retired in 2016, Virginia was over $70,000/yr. I KNOW it hasn’t gone down, unless you’re living in a shack in the middle of nowhere… Texas is about right, and where I did choose to retire. I don’t live in a mansion or have multiple cars, but I get by…


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