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Fort Drum, Philippines

A Robinson R44 of the Philippines’ Special Action Force (SAF) headed for Fort Drum, a concrete battleship built by the United States in 1909, at the mouth of Manilla Bay.

Having landed, it now takes off. Yes, boring. But the pilot was able to navigate to Ft. Drum, land and then navigate back, which was the purpose of the exercise.


Common core mathematics has brought us to this point.


Book Review: Spare No One by Gabriel Baker

Gabriel Baker provides a grim but important contribution to our understanding of Roman violence: atrocity and massacre were not simply adjacent or ancillary to Roman warfare but rather represented fundamental modalities of Roman military practice, alongside pitched battles and sieges. Military histories that gloss over such atrocities not only sanitize Roman war making but misunderstand it. Baker’s book presents us with a clear-eyed and unflinching vision of Roman violence.





  1. Been in an R-22 a few times, but never the 44. They were made in Torrance, CA, and the owner of the company had a big spread up in Palos Verdes somewhere. He had a helipad put in, but one of his neighbors complained that it caused them great distress because they were afraid of him crashing into their house.

    The wheelbarrow picture made me blow coffee out my nose…..

  2. Gee, the Romans were brutal? Well, no f’in duh. So were the Greeks, and the brutality of Athenians and Spartans was well known amongt their Persian foes.

    And Persia wasn’t exactly playing by Marquise of Queensbury rules either.

    Seriously, one should be as fierce and brutal in warfare as possible. Be the worst enemy your foes could ever think of, or worse than that. Make them know what’s coming if they start something.

    You know, like how we were in Gulf War 1 or the initial special forces portion of Afghanistan.

    Seriously, the people who brought us the word ‘Decimation’ were brutal? They’re now just figuring this out? Bwahahahahahahaha…

    As to Fort Drum, how many remember or ever learned what it’s fate was during the Reconquista of the Philippines in WWII? That the US forced the Japanese deep into it and then pulled a fleet tanker full of AvGas and filled Drum up and lit it on fire? Not many. Was that too brutal? (To me, no it wasn’t. Don’t want none, don’t start none.)

    As to the glasses, they are always full 100% no matter what you do. Now, the quibbling occurs with what the glass is full of.

    • These days the glasses seem to be filled with piss.

      All war is hell, Beans. And if you don’t make it that way, you will not win.

      • Which is why Xiden is pulling us out of Afghanistan on September 11th.

        Using Trump’s idea and plan, okay, works for me.

        But on September 11th? WTF?

        • There is and has been a plan on the table where China replaces the US in Afghanistan. That was kicked around during the later years of Obamanation, and the players are back on the game board now. The Belt and Road Initiative, known in Chinese and formerly in English as One Belt One Road or OBOR for short, formulated in 2013 was directed at Afghanistan. There are oil/gas pipelines that were slated to run through that territory and the Chinese had their eye on that from a distance back in 2001, etc.

          Why on 9/11? The US declares victory and leaves. Remember it’s not Jo/Ho who run the place now but a conglomeration of oligarchs. It’s different now that the republic is finished. Just like de-nutting SCOTUS… different global rules.

  3. conspiracy theorist? no, he’s clearly a dve now. just look at how aggressively he squeezes the life out of that poor fruit, with a snarl on his face clearly enjoying its death. and all those muscles? no self respec..i mean self loathing liberal would work out hard enough to get that strong. that is macro aggression in its most purely racist form. not to mention his selfish disregard for rules and peer safety. he should be re-educated immediately, or save the trouble and snuff him right now…..glass? where’s my glass? i deserve a glass of my own, but you should pay for it. i’m far too busy saving us from capitalism. make sure its full too, flavored water of course.

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