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Wife: What is this pile of clothes doing on the floor?

Husband: I just struck down a Jedi.
Wife: I don’t know why I married a nerd. I hate you.
Husband: Yes, use your hate!


I find the look of people with lots of tattoos (like a box of melted crayons was poured over them) to be interesting. I ask myself, “are you sure at age 18, that you want to look like that through life and into the grave?” 
Controlling Population as a way to Combat Climate Change
Last Wednesday, National Socialist Bernie Sanders said that one key method of controlling climate change was in controlling the population by encouraging abortion worldwide. Presumably the US would fund that effort. In explaining his position he mischaracterized the Mexico City Policy as an international anti-abortion measure. The Mexico City Policy has nothing to do with birth control and doesn’t prevent abortions. It just prevents U.S. tax dollars from paying for them.
By eliminating the ‘wrong kind of people’ and retaining the ‘right kind of people’ so slavishly (and mindlessly) serve the system, the elites will find it much easier to retain power. Of course the wrong kind of people would be those who support the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.
Quotable Quotes
Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.
Sir Winston Churchill, KG (1874 – 1965)

I think that President Trump is the first American leader in recent years who fully grasps this.

The Mail

Paul L. Quandt – “…which is to say the National Socialist Worker’s Party…”

America doesn’t emphasize a study of history anymore, do we? I wonder why?

How many people are going to catch that? Granted, you have an unusually highly read readership/commenters and most ( if not all ) of them will. But many, if not most people in our country would not understand the reference, even with all the hints later in the post.

This blog’s readership are not very progressive. Hillary called them “deplorable”, bitterly clinging to God and guns. It’s great blogging with them, and they are exceptionally well referenced. Bernie Sanders espouses the very same political doctrines as the NAZI (National Socialist Worker’s Party) did when it overthrew the Weimar Republic (Germany’s government from 1919 to 1933). The Democrats (who struggle daily to decide which restroom to use) think that a National Socialist Worker’s Party is a splendidly innovative idea. Very progressive, Very 2020. God bless ’em.

WSF on Michelle for President – Why Michelle? Several reasons. She wants a third term. Widely popular. Avoided making deadly enemies as First “Lady”, or whatever. After a bitter primary, no Dim candidate will have enough delegates to win on first ballot. More bickering will ensue. She will be put forth as the only Dim that beat President Trump, and will be nominated by “acclimation”.

She’d also be the first tranny president. It would be as novel as her husband being the first half white president. It would break that glass ceiling. Some feel that the dom-and-sub thing that she has going on with Barack would create a trend that you find best illustrated in gay pride parades. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s currently trending speculation. Joan Rivers was allegedly killed because she outed the Obamas two weeks before she died.

 AlexThe Pittman-Robertson Act (

It is one of those taxes that goes to the right place for the right purpose. Thank you for mentioning it and it’s officially passed on.

CUBE asks – “What can we do to resist the CHICOMs?”

There are different approaches currently being used. President Trump is working toward eliminating the $600-$700 billion that they earned in bad trade deals against us annually. That stings China and their economy.  Voting for President Trump as opposed to the Butt Guy, Beto or those other cretins is helpful. There are also organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy that accept tax free donations and the money goes to support the resistance in Hong Kong. If you want to point the CUBE fortune in that direction or other NGO’s, that’s useful too, I guess. Bottom line, it’s up to the people in Hong Kong to decide their futures. Just like the patriots during the American Revolution or the people of the USA who will vote to ensure a republic – or not. 

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  1. Re Churchill on war, and war as it pertains to the US: I suspect that many of our recent adventures (overt as opposed to covert actions at any rate) have NOT been for actual self-defense, nor to impose the will of the American people (and govt/corporate interests; collectively call it "SPQA" if you will) on other nations and peoples. Those would actually be legitimate uses of US military power.

    Rather, no small proportion of our foreign adventures is to ensure that we have the same enemies as a small, beleaguered, yet brave and plucky nation that really really really didn't mean to rocket, strafe, napalm and torpedo one of our warships.

    The point of all the above is to assert that (in my layperson's opinion), one of the purposes of our recent adventures is NOT to win, but to impose suffering on segments of the US population. War not being "smooth or easy" is not a bug, but a FEATURE. This is not particularly out of malice, but to manipulate public sentiment toward using the military, political and economic powers of the US in support of policies that are not necessarily "America first" but at best "America second".

  2. Climate change is something that's been going on since the earth formed and seems to be tied to solar activity. Man's impact is minimal. This whole business borders lunacy. Rather it's crossed that border.
    Never got the urge to get tattooed. If someone else wants to cover their body in ink that's their business. Just think, however, what's dragon going to look like when you're 80.

  3. Since Michelle hated living in a "slave built" White House; would the Capital move to Martha's Vineyard where she will live in the luxury of her mansion?

    or the people of the USA who will vote to ensure a republic – or not.

    Provided enough live actual citizens do the voting.

    Very good read, LL.

  4. Sort of OT, but I'm reading a WWII trilogy of novels. The first one ends with Operation Chowhound – something I knew nothing about. Nor did I realize how awful it was in the Netherlands during WWII. Always learning.

    This is what the dems want for us. As my friend Francis Porretto over at Liberties Torch said, "Tell them to F*** off."

  5. I heard my name. I think the answer to my ChiCom question was spot on. Thank you for that.

    Now the idea of Moochie being a real candidate is ludicrous. Hell, if being an unqualified, racist, disbarred lawyer is candidate material we are in serious trouble.

    LL, you always post such a smorgasbord of opinions that it's hard to pick & choose on what to comment on. Just because I don't comment, doesn't mean I didn't read it. Just know that sometimes I don't have anything to add.

  6. If Bernie ever gets his foot inside the door of the White House, we can expect every Republican of every stripe (Never Trumpers, Rand Paul-types, Pat Buchanon-iacs, all of 'em) will do everything they have within their legislative powers to put the kaibash on all things Bernie.

    Promises of free stuff for everyone will stop on the campaign stump. Bernie just doesn't understand that there is no free stuff, not anywhere, never has been. Even a few gifted Democrats (those with near average IQ's) understand that stuff costs money.

  7. Israel is not perfect, but they are a better ally to the US than most countries are to anyone. Certainly a better ally to us than we are to most nations too; for example, the IRA was almost entirely funded out of Boston and NYC… quite a "special" relationship, eh?

    Expecting angelic behavior from Humans is a waste of time. Except for that one guy and his friends, of course… Humans are a lot like them.

  8. No, Israel is not perfect, and IMNSHO not particularly a great ally. That said, I am very much PRO-Israel, in large part because of the mythos, by which I mean cultural self-image, it promulgates. (It's complicated, but basically, a people who view themselves as strong, confident and resourceful are going to be better neighbors than those who view themselves as powerless victims, because victimhood breeds resentment, and resentment leads to all manner of bad actions.)

    Either road, clearly Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself as it deems necessary. What I object to are *American citizens* who propagandize, lobby, manipulate, and intimidate ceaselessly to put the interests of Israel before those of the US. I have no objection to Israelis doing what they do, but I despise neocons, who despite their name have failed to conserve anything on the socio-cultural fronts, but rather spend their efforts on pushing the US into idiot military adventures without clearly-stated and reasonably achievable goals, much less rational exit strategies.

  9. "Controlling Population as a way to Combat Climate Change"

    More accurately described as using the fiction of Climate Change as a means of Controlling Population.

  10. Adrienne: I wish I could comment on your blog, but I can't do so and retain my anonymity. We polyhedrons must adhere to our secret code. ��

  11. What a great Churchill quote, and well done, Mr. President for taking the advice.

    In the meanwhile, the dems are telling to kill life so we can have more of it. Logic of the Pit.

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