Now and Then


Bullet Points:

** It isn’t rocket science…

If you put 100 women and 10 men on a deserted island (conditions being favorable), in 100 years, you will have a community of men, women, boys, and girls.

If you put 100 trans women and 10 men on the same island under the same conditions, in 100 years, you’ll have 110 male skeletons.

** I won’t be sorry if my patriotism offends you because your lack of spine (and man bun) offends me.

** M2 Bradleys, being prepared for shipment to Ukraine at Transportation Core Dock, North Charleston, SC.

** Only a fool argues that electricity used for air conditioning harms the planet but electricity used by their Tesla does not.

** The Wall Street Journal recently asked a group of “business and academic economists” if a recession was coming within the next 12 months, and 61 percent of them said yes

** Ilhan Omar’s family didn’t flee oppression and persecution. They fled justice from their victims.

** The term “you’re fired” is no longer an option for the safe-space dwellers with an electronic pink slip from Alphabet-owned Google. Last Friday, the tech giant announced there would be a huge “employee separation” by the end of March 2023 to 12,000 positions held by all sorts of qualified people, like massage therapists. Yes, it was once the dream job. Now it’s causing those not fired to demand “psychological safety.” It’s a term used in many of Google’s teams’ building efforts.

** Right Wing Revenge FantasyThe Terminal Liststarring Chris Pratt, has reportedly been greenlighted for a second season. After the series premiered last summer, critics additionally slammed it as “an alpha male cry for help” and an “invitation to worship at the altar of the Navy SEALs.” Reviews further blasted the show for its perceived reverence for both America and the military.


Identify the Tanks




Brace of Shakes

The word brace, meaning two or a pair, derives from the Old French word brasse, meaning the width of two arms – a fathom. A brace of shakes is an old nautical term that refers to the fraction of a minute’s time in which a shaking movement could be detected in the sails as a ship was brought into the wind. In the classic Treasure Island, Captain Smollett remarked, “ we’ll be going in two shakes,” or in as short a period of time as it takes for the sail to shake twice.


    • I may be wrong (I frequently am!), but wasn’t one of the problems with the Pzkw III that its turret ring was too small to handle a gun bigger than 50mm? I’d have thought the first tank was a Pzkw IV, perhaps an early model, upgunned – maybe with a foreign (i.e. captured) gun?

      As I said, I could be wrong.

        • The long 5.0cm gun was good enough to destroy almost every British, American and Russian tank at the beginning of the war. Only the Matilda II and the KV series stood up to the gun. But evolution in armor during the war was brutal, and the 5.0 soon became outdated against most medium and heavy armor. Still worked against light armor, unarmored vehicles, as an infantry support gun (but not as good as a 7.5cm howitzer like on the later support Panzer IIIs and early Panzer IVs.

          Clue between the III and IV? Roadwheels. III has 6, IV has a millipede’s number (actually 8, but it just looks like a bazillion.)

          • Also the way the mantlet on the III is almost full-width.

            The turrets always look very distinctive to me too, though I can’t really explain why.


  1. C’mon LL, Aircon and Tesla’s (plus the Chevy Leaf) use TWO DIFFERENT types of electricity, one is green and the other wrecks the climate because one uses wind and solar and the other uses coal..those EV Chargers and wall receptacles know the difference. I though everyone knew that by now.

    Sooo, we ARE at war then? China by deflating their easy-peasy floaty “I’m just a weather balloon” and poking Russia with cash and gear to Ukraine. Man, this is tough to keep straight, but that looks like the Moron’s are fixin’ for a fight.

    “Human Separation”…HR comes up with stuff like this to justify keeping their own jobs.

    Bob: “Seems you’ve been missing a lot of work lately.”
    Peter: “I wouldn’t say I was exactly ‘missing’ it, Bob.”

    Terminal List S2. Excellent. Damn the Wussy Folks torpedoes, get a grip. Awaiting S2 for Night Sky and Clarkson’s Farm to burn up some unlimited Sat Data.

  2. Coming into a recession? Coming into? We are in a recession. We are in the early stages of a depression. Just the powers-that-be are doing an excellent job of covering for their lies.

    • It’s easy to predict the present. The future, not so much – unless the Dims are in charge.
      Funny how they keep using the same economic models and we keep getting stagflation followed by recession/depression.


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