Steve S., who follows this blog asked me to comment on this article.

You can read the article. I thought that it was anemic. It doesn’t detail any of a NUMBER of Chinese Communist government activities either by buying land in the US adjacent to US bases and the Caribbean; by working on basing agreements with Venezuela (fellow communists in need of hard cash); fentanyl smuggling (primarily precursors) to Mexico and Guatemala for narcotics destined for the US market; activities to control the Panama Canal; discussions with Nicaragua to build a Chinese canal through that country between the Pacific and the Caribbean; Chinese alien smuggling into the US as an extension of state policy, etc.

The article itself briefly touches on a Chinese expansion project in “the already commercially important port at Kingston, Jamaica, as well as the port at Freeport, Bahamas.” The article is good as far as it goes but only briefly touches the larger problem.

So, where do I begin?

I was working on a project that involved turning the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (Guadalajara Cartel) against the Communist Chinese – recently. That project appears to have failed to meet desired goals. I am not going into greater detail about anything except that it was tried. The problem is that the Chinese-Cartel partnership is accounting for well over 50% of their business and they didn’t feel that they could take the hit.

There are ways of dealing with it, but it’s difficult to do without substantially declaring war on Communist China*. Some of you who read this blog will advocate that. The raw truth is that those decisions are about to rest with a corrupt, senile, creepy old walking corpse who has made hundreds of millions of dollars from recent, illicit deals with the Chinese Communist Party. Facebook, Google, and the Media all shield the public, censoring information on behalf of the Communist Chinese Party. It’s not as if it’s not public. Hunter Biden’s laptop laid it out, backed up by Tony Bobulinski, a co-conspirator, who laid it out further, offering significant corroboration…. and still….crickets.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has been fuxing Chinese Communist spies, who embedded other Chinese spies in his office. How many more are on Capitol Hill? Maybe you should ask the FBI? How much money has been passed from Beijing to US law makers? Set aside the rigged election, accomplished by voting machines owned by Communist China. And he’s being shielded by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. What do the ChiCom masters have on Pelosi (D-CA)?

It’s not exactly a secret anymore, is it?

In regard the Caribbean …more here. I could scream “Monroe Doctrine”, but we’re way beyond that now. …and here.


* The opioid epidemic is all about illegal drugs. Prescriptions can be an issue but the illegal drug market is at the root of the issue and today, every fentanyl-related death arcs back to the People’s Republic of China. You can look up the stats and make what you will of them.


  1. What you said about the opioid crisis.

    Chy-Na has been attacking us for years via the illegal drug trade. Prove me wrong. Let’s see… drug use in Chy-Na gets you killed or sent to a work camp where you die. But they sell the stuff to our enemies and also pay our politicians to de-criminalize drugs?


    As to the ChiComs in the Caribbean, well, since the Castroites don’t have the cash anymore, some commie country has to ruin life in the tropics. The bastards…

    And since you updated… no photos showing.

    • I didn’t want to update the software, but WordPress is very progressive.

      China and Eastern Europe each had a hand in the MDMA/Ecstasy trade with China blending MDMA and Ketamine to make a more potent pill. Then China grew ephedra -> ephedrine -> meth. Now it’s fentanyl.

  2. Need another Chinesium arrow pointing to Delaware, you know, a crate of money Biden emphatically stated he never took from “any foreign country”, but that his loser addict kid did on his behalf so technically “The Big Guy” is not r-e-a-l-l-y lying. (One can only pray for this bunch that God will have mercy on their reprobate souls…who am I to judge.)

      • Time, Inc.’s man o’ the year…gag me with a pitchfork. Turds.

        (I know the map was of Caribbean Chinesium holdings, so yeah Delaware is a bit off, but I’d bet a night with Swallow-Well’s concubine there’s a few Biden Family Cartel bank accounts that Junior opened on behalf of dear old dad…you know, to keep the taxes tidy and all.)

  3. I read this blog daily and find it logical, informed, and on point. Having just read this to my wife, her response is “ has it been fact checked”? How do I have the assertions made here verified by a 3rd party that would satisfy her inquiry? Please respond. Thanks

    • The articles cited at the end (two more) support the general theme. The information out there in regard China is both wide and deep with at least 50 mainstream sources reporting. One cited is NY Times, which should satisfy most liberal inclinations.

      I suggest (most respectfully) that your wife simply use the browser above – or Google – or Bing and simply search “China influence Caribbean” and be willing to read. Some of the sources will tell her how good China is for caring about the poor, downtrodden inner-city types who live in the Caribbean.

        • ‘Has it been fact checked?’

          Gimme a break. Before the time of current day ‘fact checkers’, we did our own research. It is the intellectual lazy who ask others to do the work they won’t do themselves. Then they won’t question if the answers they seek are themselves free of bias.

          Unfortunately the nation is full up of such persons. It can even be said that is the cause of the grievous afflictions upon our country.

    • Oh yes, Steve, fact checked thoroughly by the running dog lackeys of the Chinese at CNN, PMSNBC, PBS, NPR, Fux News, etc.

      Ya follow? No offense, man, but where have you and the Missus been hiding?

    • I’m inclined to believe you are correct, cowards at every level. Trump likely won in a landslide, save for the most massive fix in history that started Jan 18th, 2017. Will invoke a Fredd Pox on their houses. God help them.

      • Which is what the Dems said, openly, before the election. That Trump will win on Tuesday night and Biden will win two weeks later.

    • We were stabbed in the neck by SCOTUS not even willing to hear the case.

      Soon there will be 20+ people on the supreme court and the whole thing will be moot.

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