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As usual, it’s information that you can’t do without…


Oshkosh JLTV, the official US replacement for the Hummer


         Bullet Points:

** A word game called Wordle, is published on the website of the New York Times ( The game is to guess the secret word. It allows six guesses of five-letter words, and flags any correctly guessed letter, and flags whether the position is correct. Several factors to weigh when making guesses are, first, to eliminate as many letters as possible, and, second, to eliminate more frequent letters first.

Eliminating the frequently appearing letters first narrows the possibilities swiftly enough to allow remaining guesses to eliminate anagrams. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing all the letters of the secret word, but lacking position clues to know whether it is UPSET rather than SETUP, or RESET rather than TERSE or STEER.

** Was the Hell Pig just misunderstood?

** The administration of Florida governor Ron DeSantis is rescinding the liquor license of a venue that hosted a sexualized drag show open to children.

Through the state’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, DeSantis on Friday filed a 6-count complaint against the Orlando Philharmonic Foundation Inc., accusing the company of exposing minors to obscene sexual acts during a drag performance in December. The complaint obtained by Florida Voice News alleged that the foundation advertised the show to all ages as holiday-themed without specifying its “sexually explicit nature.”

** The deal with the devil – in 1915, San Diego, California hired Charles Hatfield a professional rainmaker who used a secret mix of chemicals to “attract rain”.  They agreed to pay him $10,000 if he filled their reservoir. It rained for most of January, destroying bridges, and dams, and causing 20 deaths.


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make a deal with him, but I am saying that you should be very clear about the terms and conditions

He had a recipe for the cloud-making formula and he gave some details about it. He laid out how many ingredients were in it, that it had to be aged in oak barrels, and that to work properly he had to erect a raised platform. The fumes from the formula could better rise up from the platform.

The County of San Diego withheld payment until the reservoir had been filled. And a contract is a contract.


Identify the Aircraft from WW2


It flew well against its adversaries in combat.


Polish pilots scored 12 confirmed and three unconfirmed victories in three battles between 8 June and 11 June flying this purpose built fighter aircraft.


This aircraft was flown in combat by China, France, India, The Netherlands, Portugal, Great Britain, South Africa, and the USA.


It was fast for its time and flew as a recon ship, fighter/bomber, and bomber based on the specific configuration, armed with a 20 mm cannon in the nose, two 7.5 mm machine guns in the wing, with another machine gun flexibly mounted in the rear cockpit.


This last entry operated in the same era as the previous 4. Some would say that it was only a bomber but in practical application, it also flew in a ground attack role in addition to being a level bomber.

30 thoughts on “Supplemental Essential Blogging

  1. (1) MS-406
    (2) C-714 (this one’s easy, it says it on the tail).
    (3) P-43 Lancer?
    (4) Potez 63 – series?
    (5) Gah. Looks familiar, but I can’t place it.


  2. The JLTV certainly looks cool, but what’s up with the weird-ass exhaust pipe?


    1. A. It’s additional armor for said tailpipe.

      B. It’s cooling to help cut down the heat signature.

      C. New JLTV Tactical Rail System?

      I think it’s the first one, but, hey, it’s a pentagon purchasing project (though, from what I hear, it exceeds all requirements) so maybe B and C also?

  3. Identify the Aircraft from WW2:
    1. French Dewoitine D.520
    2. French Caudron C.720 trainer version of C.714
    3. Finnish Brewster Buffalo
    4. TBD
    5. TBD

    1. Surly, after spotting the MB 170, you should read Flight To Arras by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

      Actually, that is a good book for folks to read just to understand the problems of a collapsing front and the confusion with out the ability to communicate easily.

  4. JLTV- Looks a bit more nimble than the Hummer.

    Seems “the person speaking tonight” made a deal with the devil, considering for some odd reason he’s still shuffling along. Same as did those disgusting Grammy’s performers, proving once again the entertainment industry is so far on the wrong side of the tracks they believe they are righteous.

    PS. Nice job guys on the aircraft ID’s…never ceases to amaze what you all know.

      1. Made the inquiry on one did ya? Is that pricey for what you get?

        If we sold out and moved to a more “insurance friendly” state and downsized, we could afford one, but then we’d be further in the sticks and wouldn’t need it. (re: Homeowners insurance went up 37% from last year…due to…Colorado thievery and “inflation”. Total BS as no one can explain to me how this is not actuarial extortion…because you gotta have it. The East Coast brimstone came out…told the agent that she had 24 hours to come up with a better plan for a 20+ year home & auto customer or we’re bailing and goin’ shoppin’. They simply do not care about the customer, especially longstanding ones.)

      2. Yet those nice Mercedes Benz land-cruiser-ish vehicles also start at $400K or so.

        The JLTV is far more capable for the same price.

          1. That seems to be the case with “the best economy ever” according to one person who shall remain nameless.

  5. Gah, late again and Surley et al got all the birds. The JLTV is already having issues with ‘rollover’ warnings and speed limits on turns… Oh joy, oh joy.

    1. Hell Yeah!!! (as to whether hell bacon was any good.) Absolutely devilish in flavor and texture.

  6. I remember the story regarding Mr. Hatfield and his rain making. There used to be a monument to his efforts on Buckman Spring Road and Oak Drive. The rain did cause the Lake Morena dam to burst and flood further downstream at Barrett Junction and Otay Lakes.

  7. What’s not to like with the Hustler.

    I don’t think whoopi is misunderstood. I think we all know where she’s coming from. (ted danson what the hell were you on? A Hell Pig, he rode her like bronc.)

    Fred Flintstone used snake sauce.

    1. B 58. One of my favorites also. Wonder what it could do with modern engines and materials?

      1. And modern avionics and flight control systems. The Hustler was a a tricky and unforgiving plane with a high accident rate: 22.4% of them were lost in accidents.

        1. With modern avionics and flight control systems, (almost) anything can be made to fly well.

          Helps if the object being flown is aerodynamic to begin with. Which the Hustler definitely is.

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