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Bullet Points:

* FEDEX and UPS?  I wonder who is PAYING THEM to track firearms shipments?  Your tax dollars at work?

* “No thanks, I’m a vegetarian,” is a fun thing to say if somebody hands you their baby.

* What’s in the National Defense Authorization Act?

The JCPA, essentially a transfer of wealth from Silicon Valley to the discredited and distrusted corporate legacy media, is highly controversial. Beyond the financial payouts to media companies, they will be able to form a “joint negotiating entity”—a cartel, immune from antitrust law—to negotiate with Big Tech companies on the “terms and conditions” for carrying their content.

* Perceptions of an “overly politicized” leadership class, presidential incompetence, and so-called “woke” policies are all contributing to a sharp decline in Americans’ trust in the U.S. military, according to a new survey.  Maybe that would help explain why the US Army is 48% off its recruiting goals. That and making service members take a dangerous and needless vaccination, tranny training, and the rest of it.

* Suicide is just good for the Healthcare Biz – In Canada, Doctor-assisted death could reduce annual health-care spending across the country by between $34.7 million and $136.8 million, according to a report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Monday.

* The reward for covering up one crime is the opportunity to cover up the next one.

“We have not found evidence of intentional wrongdoing by anyone in the IRS or involvement in these matters by anyone outside of the IRS,” Werfel assured everyone. “There is no current evidence of the use of inappropriate screeners or other types of criteria in other IRS operations beyond those discussed in the report.”

We can’t ask “Where is the FBI?” because we know the answer.  The FBI simply does not give a damn about crimes being perpetrated by their political colleagues in the Democrat Party….Last week we also pointed out that Warnock, the Democrat Senator in Georgia running for the Senate again has received over $24 million in over 350,000 small-dollar donations from unemployed Americans across the country.

* Blame –  (Caption photo) The Russian Defense Ministry said Ukrainian drone attacks caused explosions at two airfields in the Saratov and Ryazan regions on Monday, leaving three dead. On Monday morning “the Kyiv regime attempted to strike the Dyagilevo airfield in the Ryazan region, and the Engels airfield in the Saratov region, with Soviet-made drones,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that three soldiers had been killed. The drones aiming to “disrupt Russian long-range aircraft” were intercepted, the ministry said, but debris fell and exploded on the airfields.

Imagine that you are the Russian air defense commander waking up this morning to explosions at Engles Air Base where strategic bombers are located, approximately 600km from the frontline.



Canada Divided

On a political note, what would Ottawa do if Alberta no longer wanted to play ball?


Building permits (in housing units) per capita, by US state.


Why do Owls always Judge you?


An Appropriate Sheepdog Collar


Do Brown Guns Matter too?


Stolen – a harsh term…


  1. Brown guns do matter. Too bad FDE is so damn hard to clean gunpowder residue off of.

    That collar would certainly dissuade any wolf from latching on to the sheep dogs neck. Doesn’t look like it bothers the dog any either.

    Between the politicized viewpoints, the vax (although I am told by people who I consider reliable that the Army and AF have stopped really enforcing the vax mandate, just be quiet about not getting the vax and the powers that be will not press the issue), the diversity training, the inability to pass an entrance physical, etc. and it is a wonder that they are only at 48% of recruiting goals. Could be a lot lower.

    Owls don’t need a reason to judge you, they just do; it is their right. So do other raptors.

    • A person well known to me who works for FedGov said that they gave him 1/2 a day off to get the vax and 2 more days to recover. So he worked 4 hours on Monday and took the rest of Thanksgiving week off work. I asked him if he got the vax. He said, “Hell no, but they don’t check.” So, there you go.

  2. “You, good nature all around you, soft and warm.
    You are like those Italians in great cowls, comfortable and loose.
    Your head sinks down among the folds, your shoulders droop.
    But I! This Spanish ruff I wear around my throat is like a ring of enemies:
    Hard, proud; each point another pride, another thorn
    So that I hold myself erect perforce, wearing the hatred of the common herd haughtily,
    The harsh collar of old Spain, at once a fetter and a halo!”
    — Sheepdog de Bergerac (Brian Hooker translation)

    Building permits: No need to worry, we don’t need new dwellings. The Best People are the ones buying up existing housing. I have complete confidence that BlackRock’s people have been instructed to look out for the common man. After all: If you can’t trust a Fink then who can you trust?

    • I get texts and calls from Black Rock at least once a week, trying to buy my property. I tell Honest Larry’s (Fink) minions what I want for it and they don’t call me back. I explained to one especially ardent Finkist that if he could find me an equivalent view lot, 5 acres, same square footage, 7 car garage, under 4 years old in Scottsdale +$75K for my trouble, that I’d think about it. He said, “Be reasonable.” I asked, how is that not reasonable? Ask Fink. I’m sure that he’d go for it.

  3. US Military.
    Go woke, go broke?
    All volunteer military requires real leadership. Lacking above O-5, IMO. Civilian Leaders? Worthless. Commander in Chief? Completely without any merit.

  4. Permits…Grrrr…more paid for permission to build something on private land to translate collected dollars to Liberal/Lefty symbolic pet projects (like mental health and drug abuse crap).

    Colorado legalized MJ, permits are up because people have moved here for “access” to Natures Bounty, crowding the Rec-Med parking lots all day every day. New laws of “impaired” driving had to be generated (one trip down I-25 proves this). Yesterday DrJim and I related the “new” reservoir expansion project, all for expected Northern Front Range expansion. This stuff is not done in a vacuum, growth planners knew it would happen, or more accurately, wanted it to happen…often driven by the City/County Manager, because…more people means more revenue, and more is always better and they get an award.

    Sheepdogs…I sense a parable.

    I’ve decided owls are smarter than half the general population and 100% of Congress.

    • You’re a second (or third) home for a lot of woke hipsters who have adopted their own wolf with a tracker that they can visit on Facebook.

      • Verizon just discontinued their Smart Locator pet tag…might see a bunch of wolves off the leash so to speak, being their natural selves. What happens when the WokeSter crowd starts losing their snack dogs off the back porch, will they sell and move back to California?

        • Interesting dead wolves are found in Wyoming where it isn’t a crime to shoot them. Even more interesting, found withing five miles of the Colorado State Line.

          • Yet they put up and passed a ballot initiative for wolf reintroduction, sported by Front Range city dwellers. Every rural dweller already knew they were here, and these are the Canadian gray wolf that hunt for sport. Unintended consequences, unless you look at it flipped…maybe this WAS intentional to eliminate cattle ranching in Colorado.

        • I can’t believe the level of “Green STOOPIDITY” the people who forced the wolves on us have. This is farming and ranching country. YOU don’t have to deal with the consequences of your “Warm and Fuzzy Back To Gaia” legislation, but many other people do.

          “Snack Dogs”….HAH! Like LL’s neighbor lady who ranches “Snack Cats” for the loacl apex preditors.

          • Not the dogs fault, or the wolf’s – only doing what they are programmed. But the morons who use feelings over wisdom as their decision driver.

  5. What else is in the National Defense Authorization Act?

    Rumors from D.C. point out that the push is on to tag the House consent of the Respect For Marriage Act onto the tail end of the NDAA. That would avoid debate and vote by name action by our representatives.

    • There will be a continuing resolution to keep the government running rather than budget. So the next big bloated spending bill coming down the road is the NDAA and they’re all putting riders on it including Respect for Marriage. (Why do we need another marriage act?) There are going to be many millions of dollars in earmarks and riders attached to the NDAA. It should NOT be allowed. There’s a lot that shouldn’t be allowed.

  6. Stop the presses! This just in!
    It turns out that FTX is a protected sexual identity.
    For reals. Check out this list of “gender identity”. Seriously, go have a look. I literally don’t know over a dozen of the terms.

    What is this, you ask? It’s the GIFT Program (Guaranteed Income for Transgender People) [MC: why this is “GIFT” and not “GITP” I don’t know). Anyway, GIFT will provide 55 transgender residents of San Francisco County with $1200/month for 18 months.

    The website says:
    The program will prioritize enrollment of Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming, and Intersex (TGI) people who are also Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC), experiencing homelessness, living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, youth and elders, monolingual Spanish-speakers, and those who are legally vulnerable such as TGI people who are undocumented, engaging in survival sex trades, ​or are formerly incarcerated.

    • I can self-identify as a gender non-conforming, BIPOC. I’ve often felt that is the real me. Where do I apply? Also $1,200/mo feels a little light, but I can use it to buy firearms and ammo that I want. It would scratch that ammosexual itch that I get when I shoot full auto. I need to enroll in GIFT. I can get a PO Box in San Francisco where they can send the checks and have them forwarded to the White Wolf Mine.

      LSP calls me Mr. Wolf, so technically, a man of the cloth recognizes that I might part K-9 (when the moon is full possibly). Could I sign up for something additional because of that status?

  7. “The drones aiming to “disrupt Russian long-range aircraft” were intercepted, the ministry said, but debris fell and exploded on the airfields.” Yeah, sure, they were ‘intercepted’ by the airbases… sigh

  8. I always wondered why they used Canon. Those WHITE lenses stand out in a parked car, where a Nikon is all black. Systemic Racism, maybe?

    It saddens me to see all the development going on here. Stop coming here! It’s COLD and SNOWS in the Winter, and hotter than blazes in the Summer! It’s EXPEN$IVE to live here! Say where you are. Stay in your homes and gorge on Gov’t Cheese and propaganda! Whew….I feel better now….

    Love the dog collar. Must be based on practical experience. I’ll bet Pebbles would love one.

    ALL guns matter! The more the better.

  9. Note that several of this states do not require permits for building outside of city limits, so permit numbers in those states undercount actual new construction by a wide margin.
    Also, some are rust belt states with a relative surplus of housing.

  10. Story I can t find about the sheepdog with 8 coyotes attacking his herd , only killed 7 , I guess he got tired. He could have used that collar . I had to introduce our lab/Great Dane to a new neighbor today. I said if the grands or any kids are here u should be somewhere else. If your not family you are a threat. She will eventually let u pass , but don’t push it. She is a jewel .


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