On the Ukrainian Front

(h/t Claudio) Putin is grasping at straws. “Russia is trying to form some reliable units or rebuild combat units that were nearly wiped out in the months of the war. Some men will volunteer for this, especially those who had done their conscript service or knew someone who did because they realize it may improve their chances of surviving. That appears to be the case in Ukraine now, where the poorly prepared conscripts are in units assigned to building fortified lines. These men will then occupy the first of multiple fortified lines while the veterans will be in the second or third line of defense. The veterans have orders to fire on any conscripts they see fleeting the front during an attack by Ukrainian artillery or ground forces. These untrained units usually break and run when their few officers or NCOs are killed or left (ran away) on some pretext”….more here.


Bullet Points:

* Switzerland could ban electric vehicles from being used non-essentially this winter as government officials begin to brace for an energy crisis during the winter months, according to reports.

* Elon Musk declared that he is not ‘suicidal’ during another bizarre interview discussing potential retaliation for his ‘Twitter Files’ leaks.

* What initially seemed like a frankenmissile turned out to be an effective, low-cost way to deliver precision firepower over long distances.

* More easy money is what Wall Street is praying for, but that would only bring a new wave of price inflation—whether in assets or consumer goods—in the manner of Arthur Burns’s failed fight against inflation in the 1970s. What really needs to happen is for the Fed to lay off the easy money long enough for countless bubbles in stocks, real estate, tech, and countless so-far-unknown other sectors to deflate. We’re not even close to that point in the current boom-bust cycle. The remainder of the Brandon regime will be painful.

* In an unusual step for the military, the Brazilian Army has invaded favelas of Rio de Janeiro and killed top leaders of the Comando Vermelho (Red Command) drug cartel, which supports the Communist criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Observers take this to indicate the beginning of a federal military intervention. The drug gangs were the only ones to celebrate the alleged election victory by criminal Lula Oct. 30, firing automatic weapons in the air in the favelas. President Bolsonaro cracked down hard on the Brazilian drug gangs…more here.

* Kirstie Alley (71) -Rest in Peace. Kirstie was a patriot and a solid American. Her loss will be felt. Pictured right in a role that she played well. (Not her actual ears)

* (CNSNews.com) – Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee went to the Senate floor on Monday and highlighted what she argued was the inappropriateness of the U.S. Pentagon focusing on a vaccine mandate while the Chinese were focused on “defeating” the United States.

* “I’ve seen a lot of concerning tweets about the recent Brazil election. If those tweets are accurate, it’s possible that Twitter personnel gave preference to left-wing candidates,” Musk tweeted early Saturday in response to a user who asked him to get to the bottom of any other national elections Twitter had inserted itself into. (NY Post)

* What path will the road take following the pandemic inflation of 2020–22 (and 23)? If the road is to lead to a good money regime, the reform process must include the installation of a solid monetary anchor (gold). This is a device that prevents ‘the machinery of money from getting out of control and becoming the monkey-wrench in all the other machinery in the economy,’ in the words of John Stuart Mill.  This blog’s readers understand that I feel that a return to the gold standard is the mechanism to fix the ills of fiat currency. I’d like to see the US issue gold and silver coins again. How rare and exotic a notion in December 2022.

* Climate change is “a quasi-religious movement predicated on an absurd ‘scientific’ narrative. The policies invoked on behalf of this movement have led to the US hobbling its energy system.” – “The Earth’s climate has, indeed, undergone major variations, but these offer no evidence of a causal role for CO₂.”  …more here

* A good piece on hurricane/cyclone analysis over time.

You may have noted a dip in hurricane frequency in the 1970s and 80s. The recovery in hurricane numbers since then is often wheeled out by the BBC as “proof that global warming is making hurricanes worse”. In fact the decline and recovery is associated with the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, the natural ocean cycle which is known to have been occurring for at least the last 1000 years.



Smartwatches will get you killed at night. Choice of rebels and insurgents – Casio F-91W – which is cheap, extremely common, weighs nothing, is water resistant, has a button for the screen light, doesn’t shine under IR, and doubles as a piezoelectric time bomb trigger. Dumb is better.


Obama Buddies

The Mooch has been talking about running for President. The first black transexual president would break somebody’s glass ceiling if the media installed him.


    • They’re inexpensive, don’t show up on IR, and have other functions available as mentioned. I’m wearing a Breitling at the moment but having that option in the drawer doesn’t hurt.

  1. funny how we had zero storms this year, until folks started to notice the lack. then the weather flights got to work….a nobel physicist, i forget his name, said the “climate change” models require the carbon dioxide behave in one manner at low level and then behave in an opposite manner at high levels, ie: completely impossible. i’ll take his word for it….i need a watch with bigger numbers. if i must know the time, it goes in my pocket…..kirsti isn’t the first celeb to croak from a sudden aggressive colon cancer since the covid. things that make you go hmmmm. …that last pic made me heave. were the kids surrogates, or test tubes?

  2. Thank you for the “climate” referrals/info
    Do you have any specific info as to when exactly Mr. Putin will be backing the ruble with gold? He has announced that this is going to happen. Will we, as US citizens, be able to purchase them, under the current Biden diktat?
    I hadn’t finished my first cup when I happened upon the final picture – not fair!

    • The Russians have had the capacity to go on the gold standard for a long time. The problem I have with buying Rubles is being able to redeem them for physical gold. It would be a game changer for them and would boost their economy. Alas, for the Russians, it might be too little, too late. They’re a real mess at almost every level socially, economically, and militarily. I’m not standing on a moral tower and looking down on them. The US is a mess as well, but we’re not as bad off as the Russians are.

  3. Yesterday, Watts Up With That ran a piece supposedly by an Australian economist saying we need MOAR INFLATION to offset the costs of going net zero. My jaw hit the table. These Keynesian economists are so drunk on their stupid “print more money based on nothing” theory that he actually thinks by creating more worthless currency that we can pay for physical things without hurting more people by the inflation?

    As much as I agree on returning to a gold or silver or “basket of stuff”-backed currency, with the people in the central banks being as fiat-drunk as they are, I don’t think they can be convinced. They’re not “stupid” so much as so indoctrinated they’re incapable of seeing any alternative. Remember the talk about Treasury Inflation Protected Security (TIPS) bonds which would be redeemable in either dollars or gold, effectively tying the two together without a formal gold standard? Even that bombed and it killed the nomination of Dr. Judy Shelton (who proposed it) to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

    • They’ll ride the Titanic under the waves, drinking champagne and screaming for the butler to bring more lobster puffs.

      It will take a depression that is deep and enduring to bring about a change of heart.

    • Have to redeem a currency for a single item type, can’t do ‘basket of stuff’. When market prices of the basket items diverge from the prices they had when the currency was defined, it produces a risk-free arbitrage opportunity and the treasury is drained until they suspend redemption.

  4. FWIW, Mooch’s hand is a woman’s hand, with the long index finger vs ring finger. Men generally have longer ring fingers. (At least I do, visibly. No caliper needed.)

    Anatomically speaking, the terms are 2nd and 4th digit, and the ratio is known as 2D:4D. There is a lot of speculation about correlates of 2D:4D. One is that lesbians tend to have longer ring fingers than straight women. But not everyone believes this stuff:

    “I’m skeptical about every single finding involving that ratio,” says physiologist and biostatistician Douglas Curran-Everett of National Jewish Health in Denver.

    I actually don’t believe that the ratio is “all knowing” either, but the fact that a hyphenated biostatistician is publicly denying it now (in these degraded days of medical lies and official BS in general) makes me question my own skepticism.


    • PS, does anyone remember this line?

      “Is my hand a lady’s lily hand that this English lord should lightly me?”

      I think it’s from some sinister old border (Scots) ballad, but I’m too lazy/incompetent to find the actual source.

      • We’d need to have a reliable blood draw from the Mooch and have it tested reliably to know what manner of person it is. Could she be an exceptionally masculine woman or some genetic variant? Maybe. The finger ratio thing is not sufficiently reliable. We know that Barack had a preference for young men growing up and through his college years. The Mooch certainly looks happy to be with him.

    • Holy Carp! I’m a chick! Why is my vagina hanging outside of my body? Though it would explain my man-boobs…

      Seriously, ring finger shorter than index finger is a chick thing? Um, no.

      My indexes are longer than my ringers.

  5. Watched an interview with two old Denver AM radio guys this morning, like handwriting on the wall. Mike Rosen, one of the old guys, still in the game a little, does a presentation on Federal Finances. He said this [in synopsis]:

    “The trend to surpassing net tax receivers to net tax payers, with spending surpassing 115% GDP (WW2 levels when we were fully at war)…when fiscal policy, bankruptcy, and inflation has historically been a country killer…that’s the path we’re headed…”

    Yet those coming out of school think money grows on trees and support those making these God-awful decisions, some purposely. The Dem’s WANT to destroy the country…from within.

    So the last photo – if real, appears so – proves we had a pair of charlatans in the White House for two terms, three if you count this one. Gag me with a pitchfork.

    • I don’t know of any straight men who would look at the Mooch and think, “I need to get me some of that”.

      The rationality of economics, the practical nature of morality, the good old Yankee work ethic, etc. have flown the coop. As you pointed out in back-channel coms, the nation has become a bunch of crybabies.

    • Khrushchev always said they’d destroy us from within. Never thought I’d see it happen, even though it’s been happening for, oh, what, seventy years?

      • What is massively galling is the blatant disregard to the law and Constitution with ZERO repercussions…at all levels of government. America is now in full fledged tyranny…those doing the deeds ARE the enemy within.

  6. Very good article on hurricanes. Thanks. And I agree; climate change is quasi religious.

    As worthwhile as going back on the gold standard would be it is not going to happen any time soon. Heck, in today’s political environment, I consider just avoiding centralized digital currency as a win.

    • True. Avoiding a “social credit system” where. unquestioning obedience to the government brings rights. and the central digital currency that would make it enforceable would be a BIG WIN.

  7. All I’ve ever worn for a watch in my adult, pay-for-it-myself life has been either a Casio or a Seiko. Plenty good for me.

    RE: The Mooch…..”Him”, or “It”?

  8. As to the frankenmissiles, gee, nothing new here. Japan, Germany, the US, the Brits all made versions during WWII. Some with aerial bombs, some with artillery shells.

    As many did during WWI.

    Still, smart use of existing materials.

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