The Big Guy’s Cut?

(Gateway Pundit)

This is what happens when corrupt politicians steal the White House.  The American people have no idea who is running the show behind the scenes of the Biden regime.  Americans know that the Bidens were involved in Ukraine in financial deals in the past so does this still continue?

We know that Hunter Biden was on the Board of a Ukrainian company along with his friend connected to John Kerry.   They made millions being on the Burisma Board despite knowing nothing about oil and gas.  They did not even speak the native Ukrainian language.  When a local prosecutor began looking into Hunter’s arrangement, Joe Biden had the prosecutor removed and fired.  Then he bragged about it later in front of an audience.

Well “son of a bitch”, now Biden is back in the business of sending billions to Ukraine.  After his previous corruption in the country, how can any American trust that the dollars Biden is awarding to Ukraine will ever get there?  This is a serious question.

In March, Biden and Congress arranged for nearly $16 billion for Ukraine.  This was at first $10 billion along with an additional $6 billion.  We have no idea if this ever made it over there or not.

Vowing to “stand with Ukraine,” President Joe Biden and his administration have committed nearly $2.6 billion in U.S. military aid to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion February 24, supplying a range of weapons for Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression.

The latest round, $800 million, was authorized Wednesday. Since August, nearly $2.8 billion has been specifically allocated for military assistance, but the White House said the total amount of aid is closer to $3.2 billion since Biden took office. That would include money from a $13.6 budget bill Biden signed in March that contained money to arm Ukrainians.

There’s also been indirect assistance to allies such as a Patriot missile system the United States repositioned to Slovakia after its government agreed to supply an S-300 air defense system to Ukraine.

“We won’t be able to advertise every piece of security we give because our allies and partners are supplying to Ukraine through us,” Biden said last week, “but advanced weapons and ammunition are flowing in every single day.”


April 19, 1775

(youtube) You can only wonder what those men who stood on Lexington Green would have thought if they could see the corrupt, feeble old man and the whore who were installed into office.






  1. Charger.

    Challies were cool, but the weight distribution was egregious. Driving them in the rain was the wrong kind of exciting.

    Of course, I was 3, so I’d have to look out for the cops.


  2. Little Red Jen is fixin’ to exit stage Left for big bucks at PMSNBC where her wit and brilliance will daily shine upon hundreds of viewers and give them peace. I hope the door hits her in the ass on the way out, good and hard.

    • MSNBC has more money behind it than the failing CNN, a sea anchor on its parent company and stockholders.

      But how long will it take management to tire of the endless whine?

  3. ’68 firebird convertable. Okay I had to buy it a decade later and put a lot of sweat equity into it, but it was the best car to have in high school. Can’t believe it cost less than a grand.

  4. If I was behind the wheel in 1969 it was an M-52, the tractor version of the M-54 5-ton truck. Those were governed to around 55 mph and were hardly high performance. I do recall seeing a Mustang on Highway 1 once. Not the form of local transport I was used to seeing.

    • In ’69 I had a ’56 International Travelall, sort of a baby brother of the M-54, but it drove like a tank and could top 50 mph if rolling downhill. When you live on a farm, it works, though.

      • I drove a ’63 Falcon my dad had given me after he blew the motor and located a replacement for me. All I had to do was install it myself. At 15.
        There was very little functional difference between my Falcon and a 64.5 Mustang.
        My dad had moved on to a 67 Falcon with a 289 that even looked like a Mustang.

  5. Criminals. That’s about all we need to know for those running the show. We certainly know Biden is running anything, especially when the Easter Bunny Chief of Staff removes him from the egg roll event as he started talking off script.

    Nothing will change until the R’s get on board. The problem is McConnell is one of the swamp rats so nothing will happen to make sure November is a proper election. The political grifters like their seat-o-power and the largess it brings them, and it’s clear there are only so many seats at the table and we’re not invited. It’s all about THEM. Was always about THEM. And Our Founder’s – who embodied humility and gratitude – would be appalled…but not surprised. Read Lincoln’s Day of National Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer Proclamation…could be today, every word. But these guys couldn’t give up their play on America if their lives depended upon it.

    Neither Mopar, prefer the Chevelle SS…always like the lines better. Altho, the ’67 Impala is a contender, made popular again in Supernatural, even as a 4-door.

    • Nothing like the Turtle saying that Republican voters shouldn’t elect anyone he doesn’t approve of…to give a person that warm, fuzzy feeling.

      • o kidding,and not funny. They are wide open with their self-aggrandizing bravo sierra, zero consequences (so far, anyway).

        • Just realized my bluetooth keyboard battery was failing, missing keystrokes (see how easy it is to blame something else, even an inanimate object. heh)

          • You should listen to the War Turtle, Frank. He’s very proud of himself and corruption has made him many times a millionaire. Or listen to his wife, who thinks that anyone cares what she has to say.

            PaulM, the Easter Bunny Handler was creepy in the extreme. Get him off the set and fix him a bowl of stewed prunes.

  6. 5 ton bridge truck stake bed. Following first time highway convoy, you’d notice the enlonged road signs were broken off at the first pole away from the roadside. Over time, as driving skills increased, the highway sign damage was significantly reduced.

        • We rode, but the Army uses the term, “road march”. One memory. We were having difficulty entering a traffic circle. The”Rads” weren’t letting us enter. Tom O’Connor planted his 5 ton directly across the traffic circle blocking it. As our unit proceeded, he stood on this running board giving the honking drivers the one finger salute while calling them, “Nazi ……………..”. No wonder our LTs drank a lot.
          To be clear, when we were playing Infantry, we moved on our feet.

    • I remember racing deuce and a halfs on forest roads in North Carolina during an exercise.
      I was passing a guy when we came up on a one lane bridge. Guy behind me said he was impressed how we managed to go across two abreast with a wheel hanging off the bridge on each side.

  7. I had a 73 Charger. Typical Chrysler product. Great design and engineering, bean counter mandated parts. Went through voltage regulators bi-monthly. Firewall mounted with just three bolts, replacement was easy. Finally found an aftermarket one that lasted.

    Biden. I have a faint hope the mindless Democrat voters will see the light and stop voting for criminals. That is the GOP’s franchise.

  8. 1070 Challenger here. Similar problems with the voltage regulator as WSF, must of been a Chrysler corp thing. When I was stationed in Quebec that car saw more dirt roads than pavement but almost always got me back to the base I was stationed at. I did go through four oil pans though.

    • I had a 69 Mustang with a 390 in it far after 1969. I was a poor kid, what can I say. Today I could afford pretty much anything that I want and I drive a ’21 Honda Passport (in addition to trucks and 4×4’s). It speaks to my change in needing to measure dicks. The Honda works.

      • My wife had saved her babysitting money through HS and bought a 72 Mustang with a 351. She loved it. Through a rod just over 12k, but Ford covered it after her dad talked to them. Then it was stolen from her work parking lot in Detroit. The police told her it was probably going to see a life of crime.
        The Redford police were waiting at her home to investigate her involvement in a bank robbery.

    • Yes on the Chrysler Corp thing.

      They are supposed to be isolated from the firewall by these little rubber doohickeys on the screws. They sometimes work, other times they ground incorrectly and vaporize the wire going from the electromagnet to the breaker point.

      I generally stick a solid state one in my (old) Chryslers, nowadays.


  9. The greatest crime family in history.

    And they don’t even run it as well as the Mafia would. What a shame….

    Looks like more than a few Old Guys in that painting. Time to teach the young ‘uns, I guess.

    I graduated high school in June ’69, and was awarded a new Dodge Charger R/T for being such a good stufdenbt and all-around Nice Guy. I still remember listening to the first Santana and Spirit albums on the 8-track stereo I put in it.

    Doocy FTW….

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