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Caption: To criticize beyond one’s sphere of knowledge


Bullet Points

** Life is but a dream? Death is an illusion? Interesting article.

** It’s a salty business. There is a saying in the US Navy (older sailors to younger sailors). “I’ve pissed more salt water than you’ve sailed over.” That might not be true in this case.

** “AP News: American Airlines was mystified by the pilot’s and co-pilot’s disappearance on Flight 2666 after landing. They never left the plane. Later, their bodies were found stuffed head-first down the toilets in two locked restrooms. The flight attendants and passengers said they saw or heard nothing after the plane taxied to the terminal.”

** It’s a reflection on a war story. More here.

** It’s honestly more like a “ride” than training. I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea, just that it’s too much fun to be training.

** Elsa helps us visualize the Vice President. I’m all for Elsa replacing Kamala as Vice President.

** What percentage of women are marriageable? No debt, not overweight, no tattoos, doesn’t openly hate men? She says 5%. A lady I’ve known for maybe 50 years has a daughter recently divorced. She has five children, no job skills, and is 300 lbs overweight (425 lbs). I don’t know about ink, but I suspect she’s illustrated. My friend wanted to know where I thought she could find a fit, successful man in his forties for her to marry… I said she’s likelier to be struck by lightning or eaten by a shark that falls to Earth from a tornado. Mom – my friend (divorced, seven grown kids, abusive ex who doesn’t pay alimony, works as a hotel maid, and a couple of hundred pounds over optimum – ample+) didn’t like what she heard.

** Every time I hear Ukrainians complain about Russians lobbing artillery missiles into crowded urban centers (pick your Ukrainian city), resulting in civilian casualties, I think, “Russians.” Their targeting isn’t great, so lobbing missiles into cities makes sense. At least they’re sure to hit something and, with luck, something important. War is hell. You win by creating greater hell for the other guy. During the conquest of the effectively militant Plains Indians, the Army killed ALL of the buffalo, and that’s what they ate. They were starved into submission. Winning in a war is what counts because losing is REALLY bad.

LL and other fossil hunters.

** I used to take my youngest girl, Emile, to the Latham Shale deposit near Amboy, California, and we’d split shale and find fossils – mostly trilobites. I’m no big-time fossil hunter, but I can’t lie; it’s fun to find them. I put much of my collection into the rock coping of my swimming pool (now sold) in Southern California

Splitting shale in Utah. (unrelated video) We also made trips into Southern Utah in search of shale to split, hoping to find ancient tube worms or fish. I haven’t tried to do this since I’ve lived in Arizona, but I think that’s about to change. Maybe the next time Claudio and his boys come to visit, I’ll have some good spots picked out for them. Hopefully, my grandkids don’t beat them to the best fossils!

** Hungry – A Short too short for the book –  It’s impossible to communicate the nature of physical exhaustion to those who have not experienced it. There were three of us, but the other two are dead today. We sat in a river no more than two inches deep in the middle of a fetid swamp, eating small water snakes squirming in the mud by the hundreds and washing them down with water from our canteens.  We had not eaten or slept for four days. We were in a state of starvation-enhanced exhaustion, which caused us to have vivid dreams while wide awake. T. E. Lawrence said, “All men dream but not equally.” However, in that place, at that time, we all dreamed of home.


A New Feature Film

Give the little guy a break. He’s having a difficult time finding legitimate work beyond shilling for a pedophile and a whore.


I Don’t want to give Kangaroos a Bad Name – But

(Thinker) The kangaroos are dancing, and the Lincoln Project is celebrating. Joe Biden just released a fundraising ad saying, “Let’s finish the job.”

President Trump was convicted on all 34 counts of .. something, a bookkeeping issue turned into a felony, with whatever the underlying crimes the jury picked (Trump wasn’t told) for a conviction, quite contrary to the Supreme Court’s 1999 Richardson ruling, that the jury must be unanimous as to the underlying crime. Justice Juan Merchan said otherwise, which was what the jury told.

So now the left is happy, dancing, Joe Biden trying to make money off it, and Merchan, who presided over this kangaroo court in New York, setting the sentencing for Trump to July 11, just before the GOP convention. Maybe his Democrat political operative daughter recommended that one.

The justice, who bitterly complained about not being able to send one of President Trump’s executives to prison for a longer sentence than he did, again, over a bookkeeping issue, is sure to send President Trump to Riker’s Island. This will make him a hero to the left, which will no doubt ensure that he gets richer.

This seems about par, given the dishonesty of this entire case, one that makes the U.S. a global laughingstock on the world stage and will undoubtedly empower dictators to do the same to their political opponents.


It’s not a Bad Diagram

The Wikipedia diagram for the factions in the Syrian Civil War


Identify the Armor

1 (the family of four)


Identify the Aircraft


180 were made






Parting Shot



35 thoughts on “Ultracrepidation

  1. Identify the Armor:
    1. M48, M41, M103, M47 (starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise)
    Identify the Aircraft:
    2. Handley Page Hampden prototype
    3. Fairey Firefly
    4. General Dynamics–Grumman F-111B
    5. FMA IA 58 Pucará

  2. SISU MAGA ™…That’s my short response to those intentionally destroying our country from within….yet…the sun came up this morning (well, starting to here). Now that the lawfare genie has been forced out of the bottle, every conservative state AG or DA should make any Democrat with so much as a parking ticket suffer under the new rules they set with this dumpster fire travesty. Peter over at BRM says it well…stay calm and carry on folks. Short of taking his life, PDJT will smoke these bast—-s in November, and it’s up to us to stay strong and vigilant…his site crashing post not-a-verdict proves the point. Good day folks…the sun is up…and maybe The Husk finally short-circuits after being over-juiced for far longer than anyone predicted he could. Prayers for PDJT to stay strong and cloaked in protection.

    1. with much due respect, they still count the votes, and control the machines just like last two times at least. i believe they already have the ballots by the truckload ready. barring that, they’ll kill him. tinvowoot- there is no voting our way out of this.

      1. True…but hey, a man can hope…albeit not a strategy. They’ve lit the big fuse now…ours is to have the long view, not get too deep into the Marxist Plan weeds grown by the enemy within.

        With LL’s lead my new word of the day is: Ultradecrepidation, means rot from the top down and inside out of those who sold their black hearts and souls to the devil yet believe they are the righteous ones. It is both a physical condition and a mindset to which there is only one cure.

        1. As President Trump said when the verdict was handed down, “This is far from over.” The program of getting Epstein into prison, turning the cameras off, opening the cell door, and the guards taking a three-hour break won’t work this time, no matter how they’d love to have President Trump ‘hang himself.’

          1. I’ve heard from other sources that in addition to Secret Service, DJT has some former special ops guys that work for him. Is there a protocol that would allow him to have his private security in the cell with him? Since Secret Service is a part of the Fed.gov, I don’t know that I’d trust them if I was in Trump’s position.

          2. When Pres. Trump became president they swore in some of “his guys” as Secret Service Special Agents and they remained in that capacity to this day. No, I would not trust the run-of-the-mill special agents and neither does he.

          3. Bongino reviewed this yesterday: Secret Service details for former Presidents do not simply disappear because some lowlife state judge used his courtroom for political tyranny. Bongino said it is a Federal requirement that stays with the person. Even this judge wouldn’t be so stupid to put PDJT in Riker’s, even for a day…could have done it yesterday but this JOKE (Judge Operative Kommie Excrement) knows even that is a bridge too far. Trump will never see a cell.

            Still awaiting what the “secondary” crime Buffet without the gag reflex shield the 4/4/4 jurors actually picked in order to “create a Federal crime from a state misdemeanor”….that’ll be protected like “who killed Kennedy” or “where’s Waldo Biden”.

      2. Depending on what state you live in, I would not count on Trump being on the ballot. Then what?

          1. I expect this election to be rigged the same as the last one and Pedo Joe/Ho will get 100 million votes as the most popular presidential team in history. The American public is so addicted to government cheese that they’ll knuckle under the way they did last time and you’ll have the old carcass trotted out less frequently to stumble or go to sleep – or Kamala will be your new president and she’ll be cackling her way through two terms in the White House while somebody from Wall Street makes the decisions the way we do now.

          2. @RHT447- With a Sharpie…kidding. Even machine ballots have a provision…well…they are supposed to per election law.

        1. Maybe we’ll only have Pedo Joe and the Ho on the ballot – One party to rule them all? Maybe not 2024, but soon if the Wall Street types have their way.

  3. The picture, the guy with what looks like it might be a chrome dome, exactly matches my heterochromia. Where do you get these images? Do you have them created?

    1. The heterochromia and general look of the character was taken from Maxwell Martin Scherzer, a professional baseball pitcher for the Texas Rangers. Scherzer has been traded quite a bit. He played for the D-Backs in Arizona for a while. He is said to have a bit of a mercurial disposition. Most of the newer generation of pictures on the blog are AI-generated using Genesis and other digital tools. I thought of an “old Scherzer”. I like his pitching and enjoy Major League Baseball. Semi-intelligent digital graphic tools are getting much better very quickly. Will AI become sentient and rule us all (popular Sci-Fi theme)? I can’t say one way or the other. Musk thinks that it might and he’s the richest man in the world, having made his own money from scratch — so he’s worth listening to.

      1. PS – I try to stay on good terms with Surly for when his AI robotic buddies come knocking. I’ll say, “I know Surly!” That may save me.

  4. When I was wife shopping for version 2.0, I had 2 boys of my own.
    I wanted a wife for me and a mom for them.
    I saw Scherie at church. She was “plump”. Farm lady plump.
    But then I took my boys to McDs after church and saw her there with 6 kids!
    Deal breaker.
    I discovered soon after that those were her nieces and nephews and that she had one son in military school.
    When we started dating, my friends tried to warn me off because if I married her, I got Scott in the deal.
    Scott grew up to retire senior chief at 26 years.

  5. I find it interesting that with the realization of the Goldilocks Zone and the odds against life randomly forming, that the rationalization began for multiverses, because that’s the only way you can increase the odds of life randomly generating, thus avoiding a need for a Creator.
    Using the new religion of quantum physics to support that approaches Eastern Mysticism,
    I’m not saying quantum physics doesn’t exist. I think it can explain a lot of the way God works.
    It has to.

    1. We would likely disagree on the small points (how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?) but the universe is vastly more complicated that anyone suspected and once you get down to Planck Length (very small) and Planck Energy (spectral energy density) Einstein and Newton don’t apply. Multiple dimensions of spacetime exist. What they “look like” is a different question and we’re not there yet. String theory, quantum foam (cue John Denver – quantum foam, take me home, to the place I belong, etc.) and so forth are attempts to explain everything and it’s a start. DRJIM is better at this than I am. Small matter (proton entanglement, etc.) demonstrates that it behaves differently when it’s observed by HUMAN BEINGS. Riddle me that. What is God? Why is man important to God? These are questions for us all to try and figure out. To an extent the purpose of the journey of life may be to TRY. Why is “being good” important or is it? What is revelation from God or does it exist? Is prayer two way communication and does it have to do with quantum entanglement? I’ll let you answer the questions. I can ask all day and night.

      1. PS- Niels Bohr said that everything we call real is made up of things that can’t be regarded as ‘real.’

    2. What is the experimental evidence which supports any of that? The cause of the human-observable universe is not something humans understand yet. bayes.wustl.edu/etj/articles/random.pdf starting at pdf page 7 heading “BUT WHAT ABOUT QUANTUM THEORY?”

  6. How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin?
    As Many As God Wants!
    The Universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it’s stranger than we can imagine. I’ve worked on things that measure the very large (COBE), and the very small (Fermilab), and it all fills me with awe and wonder.
    Same with God. I see His hand in all that I do, and celebrate in His complexity and simplicity.

    1. That’s a fact, not simply “some news reports.” They likely hoped there’d be a shootout where the FBI would assassinate Pres. Trump. He was out of town so no possibility of that. As I recall, the FBI confronted one or two Secret Service Agents on the premises, and they had the search warrant, so SS stood aside and let them search. To this point, GSA packed those boxes with the classified presidential records and marked the boxes as classified to the highest level of the classified document in the box. The receipts were signed, and GSA kept copies. There was no ambiguity about what Pres. Trump had or didn’t have. GSA did the same thing for Barack, Slick Willie, and Pres. Bush. The Secret Service was correct in standing aside and allowing the FBI to follow the direction of the Federal Court that issued the warrant. If Pres. Trump had been there, it might have been different, but we know generally what happened. The FBI took back the boxes that GSA delivered, still sealed.

  7. Why do they all have tatts? Walk through any Walmart and tell me it’s not full of crowd “talent” for Pirates of the Caribbean.

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