The Dentist

Independent Short Film “The Dentist“, shot in Arizona by the nephew of a friend. It’s a six minute piece you might enjoy.


Hunter’s Computer

Nothing embarrasses creepy, corrupt, senile old Joe Biden, but this is just another brick in the wall about how the Ukraine deal came to be.

“Other material extracted from the computer includes a raunchy, 12-minute video that appears to show Hunter, who’s admitted struggling with addiction problems, smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman, as well as numerous other sexually explicit images.” …more here from the NY Post


Dark Matter

Dragonfly 44 was the poster child galaxy in the discussion about ‘dark matter’.

Dragonfly 44

Scientists are still struggling with the concept of ‘dark matter’ as an explanation for… what they have difficulty explaining, when it comes to the total mass of a galaxy.


The Battle of Tours was not a war of nations, but rather a battle of civilizations between Islam and Christian Europe. The Muslims had been conquering the remains of the Roman and Persian empires and were heading toward modern day France to continue their expansion. The Frankish King Charles (“The Hammer”) Martel wasn’t about to let that happen, so he gathered his forces at Tours and defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of Moorish Spain.

Most modern historians believe that Martel’s victory at Tours shaped the course of Western Europe. Had the Franks fallen to the Moors, there was no other power in existence at the time capable of containing Islam’s spread, meaning there would have been no Charlemagne (Martel’s grandson) or Holy Roman Empire. Christianity and Europe as we know it today may have hinged on that one battle.

In addition to changing the course of Western civilization, Martel’s brilliant strategic military mind and his ability to coordinate cavalry and infantry enabled him to beat the much larger Islamic army. The Battle of Tours marked the first time a European force of heavy infantry defeated a Moorish cavalry army, and established the Franks as the premier military power in Europe for years to come.


A Roof

This is the grave of 1st Lt. Solomon Furr, B Co, 7th North Carolina Inf, CSA.

Lt. Furr survived the War of Northern Aggression/American Civil War, but made a pact with a friend while laying in the rain during the war: Whoever died first, the other would ensure that his friend would never sleep in the rain again.

Lt. Furr passed first (1895), so his friend built a roof over his grave.


One Man’s Journey

“I escaped from Czechoslovakia, then I was in California, and then I moved here.” …more here

Lucin (UT) Airport


  1. Evaluate this comment from an military ignoramus , please. I don’t know anything about using terrain.
    it looks like Martell had his men in a “win or die to the last man” situation, in a Y of the river- no place to run. On the other hand, the river protected his flanks from fast moving cavalry. And it funneled the greater opposing force into his concentrated resistance. So his men (infantry?) held the line, while a heavy cavalry force swept around the opponents right flank and had momentum enough to hit the invaders base? Again the risk there is being pinned against the river with no maneuver room?
    And the benefit is the wider the Y of the river gets, the thinner the invaders line must be spread?

    • The Hammer anchored his flanks with a river that the enemy could not easily ford and his men had no way to escape. Heavy infantry is weighed down. It was do or die for the infantry and they held the line. Horses have an aversion to attacking a hedgehog of infantry spears, no matter how well trained they are, so infantry in “receive cavalry” mode as opposed to a general shield wall used against other infantry, made themselves nearly invulnerable to a successful attack by cavalry (unsupported by artillery – of the day – or infantry). The Mohammedan cavalry kept pushing themselves into that wall of shields and spears, intent on breaking it, losing horses, men and morale. Repeated attacks, repulsed, caused their formations to degrade, at which time the Franks own heavy cavalry attacked and the demoralized Mohammedans were routed.

  2. Terrific film…always like an unexpected ending twist. Well done. Let’s see more from him.

    Who leaves their laptop with damning info on it with a computer shop? Might just be the son is worse in the head than the dad, and that is hard to do. Biden’s campaign is getting past yet another lie. So is Harris’, with her complete disrespectful virtual bloviation during The Honorable Judge Barrett’s hearing, who ate her lunch.

    Dark Matter…nebulous chaos purchased with Democrat Dark Money. (couldn’t help myself)

    • Hunter, continually loaded on crack, likely forgot about the computer. The guy is a wreck of a human being, living at the by-your-leave of his corrupt (and now senile) father. But he was a good cat’s paw for Joe while it lasted. He did what his father told him to do and was appointed to the boards of MANY companies who wanted to do business with DC, with a commensurate salary for only getting them a meeting with his dad.

      Money for nothing and chicks for free — literally — and ‘love babies’ spread from coast to coast.

  3. Enjoyed the Zdarsky story, and to think the commies are coming on strong here in the US. That evil creed needs to be extirpated root and branch. And The Hammer had the right idea about Islam.

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