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My reaction (below) is a response to this article.
While they are well intentioned, the DOJ bounty program is handled by-in-large by the FBI, not DEA. The bounties that are paid out, often go to ‘straw men’ and while a small portion of the money makes its way into the hands of informers, they ‘kick back’ to the FBI agents, who profit handsomely. It’s not much of a secret in Mexico, but I guess that it is in the USA.
A botched Israeli clandestine operation in the Gaza Strip 
Hamas said it launched more than 200 rockets at southern Israel on 12 November in retaliation for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operation in Gaza that resulted in the death of seven Hamas terrorists and one IDF field grade officer.
The IDF said the Iron Dome intercepted 60 rockets, but a rocket that struck a bus wounded a 19-year-old, who is in critical condition.
In response, the IDF deployed fighter planes, helicopters and tanks in Gaza and killed three Palestinians and striking over 70 targets belonging to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
According to one press account, the undercover operation involved Israeli officers who used a civilian vehicle to sneak into Gaza on an intelligence mission. They assassinated one of Hamas’ commanders, fatally shooting him before fleeing. Hamas fighters caught up with the vehicle and killed one of the undercover officers.
The inaccuracy of the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip remains consistent, even when firing in large salvos. The size of Israel’s asymmetric response grows when Israelis are hit. 
Veteran’s Day 
It came and went as it always does. I ended up working in Mexico on a problem during the holiday, but then again, I usually end up working on holidays. Maybe less now than in the past, but they’re just days. 
Many of the people who breeze past this blog served in the military. Some made it a career. At least once a month, somebody asks me if their troubled child would benefit from service in the military. My experience is that it helps in many cases, but parents can’t hope that the military will fix what they have been doing with their (often spoiled) children for the previous 18 years. 
The military is more selective these days than it was during eras such as Vietnam when it drafted people for the meat grinder – and a lot were ground up. Wars today are distant things and the mainstream media doesn’t discuss them unless it’s linked to the media’s hatred of President Trump. 

Since CNN’s ratings are below those of the Sponge Bob cartoon, only hard core leftists watch it – or if you’re unlucky to be sitting in an airport where the news feed is CNN. 

As a veteran of large and small wars, I find the media’s lack of attention somewhat disturbing, but then again, it usually only covers unflattering news. So maybe it’s for the best.

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  1. I couldn't help noticing that the Colombian soldiers in the first pic all had their fingers on the triggers of their weapons. Must be some very bad hombre they were escorting.

    Even though I know most the history of Israel (not as well as you) I'm still always puzzled why the hostilities continue, which is a very feminine response.

  2. The Colombians have a long history with narcoterrorism. Finger on the trigger isn't a bad idea.

    The hostilities continue in Gaza because the Palestinian power structure feeds off them, and off the aid that they receive for fighting with the Jews. There's no reason for it beyond that. War is a racket.

  3. You could also be in the wrong VA waiting room, re CNN, whatever crap show whoopie is on, etc.

    I feel for the Israelis; but as we know it will continue until Jesus returns.

    Thank you for the update, LL.

  4. Sigh… No surprise there… None…

    Re veterans, what was the old 'joke' they wanted us on ice till they needed us, bring us out, send us off to die, and refreeze the survivors. The one that got me, and is true, is that America is at war, and Americans are at the mall because it doesn't effect THEM, and the media isn't covering the human losses… Dammit…

  5. I'm shocked and appalled, with WSF, that there's corruption within the ranks of the FBI.

    On another theme, the East German STASI surveilled far more people than the dreaded Gestapo. Imagine them having our technology. I won't say they already do.

  6. So you're telling me that all that money ha corrupted our agents on the ground in ole Mexico……Im shocked, shocked I say.
    The ugly reality is that Latin culture is steeped in corruption….at all levels. The term La Mordida doesn't exist
    without good reason. And the most effective agents to use south of the border are Latino agents…..many of them having grown up
    seeing bribes and graft as a normal routine part of daily life.

  7. I'm sure that if they could freeze the survivors and thaw us out for the next war, they would. Sounds like a theme for a sci-fi movie.

  8. There is and has always been a lot of talk about corrupt DEA officials and even more about corrupt officials at the US Border. And while that is true, I've found more corruption in the ranks of the FBI in Latin America than I have in DEA. The border is another matter entirely.

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