Christmas has passed and 2023 is coming. You can open the presents in boxes that Father Christmas brought you or you can honor boxers (dogs – or sportsmen) as you will.

Things slow down over the holidays and even though I could pack the blog in for a few days, what fun would that be?


There is the PRESENT to consider


And the FUTURE

If Elon Musk is right, SpaceX is poised to become the most successful spaceflight organization ever, public or private — and its competitors, including NASA, are scared shitless.

As Politico reports, the key proposed value of SpaceX’s Starship — that it can be reused over and over without spending as much time or money as previous spacecraft have required — is a dynamic that may be posed to permanently alter the status quo, and Politico characterized it as inspiring a “mix of awe and horror” at NASA and its more traditional aerospace contractors.


Back to the PRESENT


Past, present and future land wars of maneuver (h/t Claudio)

“…while offensive breakthrough is still possible under the right conditions, it remains very hard to accomplish against deep, prepared defenses with adequate supplies and operational reserves behind them. This is not a novel feature of new technology — it is an enduring consequence of the post-1900 lethality of ever-evolving weapons that has been observed repeatedly over more than a century of combat experience. Exposed defenders are increasingly vulnerable to long-range weapons and sensors, but covered and concealed positions remain highly resistant to precision engagement. Shallow, forward defenses can be ruptured with well-organized combined arms attacks, but deep defenses with meaningful reserves behind them still pose much harder problems for attackers. Overextended positions without secure supply lines can be overwhelmed, but consolidated positions with viable logistical support are still much harder and more costly to overcome.”

The availability of air supremacy can tip the balance.  The article doesn’t discuss this adequately in my opinion. There is a Part 2 to come. Maybe it will deal with the. 800 lbs gorilla in the corner.


Moon or Mars

Which should mankind focus on? Pros and cons are explored here.


Saint Stephen’s is the day when, traditionally, the scraps and leftovers from the Christmas feasting of the day before would be given to the wretched, poor and needy so that they could make merry, and also catch an infectious disease from the goose leg you took one bite out of, before passing out from wassail fumes.

Particularly nice Christians (also known as “saints”) like Wenceslaus, would actually get clean food from the larder (also known as “not-previously-owned-food”) and carry it to the poor — including wine and flesh and, if the poor people were REALLY hungry, pine logs.

The traditional celebration for the Feast of St Stephen is to share your bounty with the poor, such as by giving them Christmas presents you don’t really want. Also, the day is set aside for horse parades and races, and as a feast for Deacons of the Church. It is a day for the blessing of oats and hay.


Bullet Points:

* From The Bee:  U.S. — As a part of the $50 billion aid package being sent to Ukraine, Congress has also offered to throw in one $5 billion wall that’s just lying around at the southern border not being used.

“We have this wall that we’re not using, I dunno, do you guys in Ukraine want it?” asked Senator Mitch McConnell during Zelensky’s D.C. trip. “It’s a pretty good wall. A little rusty, maybe, but it should help you secure your borders, which are the most important borders on earth.

* Clear-Headed or Conspiratorial – The FBI’s internal crackdown.

Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against FBI Director Christopher Wray on behalf of FBI analyst Marcus Allen for the alleged violation of Allen’s constitutional rights.

According to the lawsuit, the FBI falsely accused Allen of holding “conspiratorial views,” stripped his security clearance, and suspended him from duty without pay.

In reality, Judicial Watch contends, the FBI revoked Allen’s security clearance because his views are contrary to the FBI’s political narratives regarding the January 6 pro-Trump rally and Capitol occupation.

* Nothing gets a mass shooter off the news cycle faster than the disclosure that he’s. black.



  1. Musk has changed things that’s for sure, the folks doing it the old way ought to be working on changing or getting their owned politicians on stopping Musk.

    The Moon or Mars? It ought to be ‘and’. The moon is closer and a simpler place to start & learn but Mars is just sitting there..

    • I’m with you Ed, forget Mars or the Moon, stick to The Mothership Earth. Funny how that happens, grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Gee, maybe work on this side first.

      • We need to get off the earth, lot’s out there to explore. Once the hard part is done, (Nasa started it, Musk is developing it) space ought to be like (sorta) a sailing ship way back when. Not easy or cheap but doable for those that want to do it.

        • Wouldn’t stop anyone, it’s certainly interesting to conceptualize the possibilities…Passengers” comes to mimd. I just like everything our Earth has to offer over some desolate planet that wasn’t designed for humans.

      • Earth is just an asteroid away from being uninhabitable, an NASA have been surprised too many times in recent years by near encounters with sizable objects that might not be planet killers but could still wreak havoc for humanity. Best to start spreading out if we as a species wish to survive.

  2. My personal opinion is to agree with Rob, kinda sorta…
    We as a nation have Not had the will to build on the successes of 50 years ago.
    The permanent settlement and industries established on the Moon should be our highest priority to accomplish stepping out further without any more five decade pauses between advancement.
    Just my opinion…
    May Everyone have a Blessed New Year,
    and I hope and Pray that 23 is better than 22

    MSG Grumpy

  3. I have another browser tab open with that Terraforming the Moon article, and I’ll go read that later, but for now… I always thought that the problem with Mars is like the school bus to a 6 year old: watch that first step – it’s the biggest and hardest one.

    With our current rocket technology of launch and coast, we have to launch every two years at opposition, and then the crew is in a state of continuous physical deterioration until they reach Mars six months later. The moon can be as close three days – as Apollo demonstrated. If you have to come back it’s three days for the moon and probably a year coming back from Mars.

    Early Mars settlers have to be pretty sure they’re going to die somewhere on the trip. I don’t see that stopping anyone that would sign up.

    There are potential technologies that can make the trip to Mars much faster but none that I know are production ready.

    To me, “terraform the moon” is an oxymoron because I always thought the prerequisite was an atmosphere. Other words like “colonize” or “industrialize” or “settle” make more sense, but I should read the article.

      • If you read the article, it basically said you and I were right. It’s not terraforming, it’s colonizing. Build habitats, bring some soil bacteria from Earth to help build up topsoil on the moon. There won’t be “amber waves of grain” on the moon without massive amounts of infrastructure.

  4. Musk- Proving once again that personal drive is the preferred method of achievement, certainly when compared to government agency bloat with massive “thin air derived” budgets, coupled to a [current] lackadaisical bureaucratic atmosphere that does not foster innovation but compliance. Except for military and prior NASA technology advancement (Tang…heh), private entrepreneurial approaches are vastly more efficient in producing results because THEY HAVE TO…and it always starts with the head honcho.

    Mass shooters- Yet if he’s not even a Trump supporter they will say he is to extend the lie. Black on Black shootings are the highest (last I checked), black on white shootings next in line. White on black police shootings, average about 15 per year, not the Dem’s/Left’s lie of thousands. Plus every one of them was committing a crime or resisting arrest, usually due to an outstanding warrant. But we are to believe they are all Boy Scouts (old version) or Choir Boys.

    FBI et al: Part of me (ok, full disclosure – ALL of me) wants a meteor to impact dead-center in DC, it’d clean house and put the fear of God in every grifter and cheat living in the LZ. Plenty of contractors could rebuild the place in less than a year…a timeframe the rest of us could get on with actual living due to not dealing with knuckleheads and idiots who think they are more important than anyone else. Plus, the Dems and most Repub’s couldn’t blame PDJT or the rest of us Normal’s…well, they’d blame God, but He’s been there before and can handle the verbal spewage.

    My comment about the Slavic Hatfields & McCoys idiocy that is destroying innocent lives…Zelenskyy is a criminal, not the Dem’s vaunted savior, but THIS would be Putin:

    (can’t locate the clip) From “Miracle” – Herb Brooks looks over at the dumbfounded Russian coach at the prospect of losing to a ragtag bunch of American collegiate-level hockey players vs. his professionals:

    “He doesn’t know what to do!”

    Assuming the Dem’s COULD get their grubby hands ripped from the Ukraine money laundering scheme and desire to MORE directly involve our Boys in their stupid manufactured fight, The entire mess MIGHT end like this:

    It is the season of Hope and Joy…one can dream.

    • Psalm 139:
      19 Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.
      20 For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
      21 Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
      22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
      23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

      If it works for David, it works for me….

  5. The Musk saga HAS to be fiction…the only way to accomplish anything requires a vast government bureaucracy with vast government money running a vast government program using vast government oversight. The day of the individual is over – the experts have already told us this, so it MUST be true….end snark.
    The moon is a good starter kit, it shouldn’t be the end game.

    • Heh.

      On the subject of that clip..
      In retrospect, I am glad I grew up poor and ugly. It wouldn’t have ended well, or proceeded well either, on average.


  6. Even if Starship is only a launch and throw away, it’s a gamechanger. Reusability and adaptability are what really makes Starship shine, if the FedGov ever let it fly.

    As to Terraforming, I agree with Earth First. Seriously, there should be a Desalination plant every 100 miles on every coastline, connected to dedicated nuke plants, desalinating and pumping water inland to farms, factories, families. Want the Colorado River to flow like never before? Quit pumping it away and pump fresh water from the desalting plants.

    With plants every 100 miles, or closer, California could water and green all those places that are subject to burning during fire season, and have the slopes stabilized that fail during mud season. Greening Southern California would also ‘capture’ bazillion tons of carbon, and the green lands would lower the hot temperatures. And piss off all the enviromentalists. What’s not to like.

    We should have habitats on the Moon. Great place for observatories and for serving as a low-G manufacturing location. Protection from radiation can easily be provided by going down into the crust or covering up with regolith. All things we knew in the 1950’s.

    Mars? Drop a bunch of water asteroids, I mean A LOT, and between the semi-nuclear explosions and all that vaporized water, you can build an atmosphere. No need to actually nuke the place, just bomb it with water. Another great place for observatories (on Phobos and Deimos) and for lower-G manufacturing.

    The KEY to Thriving on/in the Moon, on Mars, or in Space? NUCLEAR POWER. The current next-gen reactors are excellent designs for future space/planet power plants. Add in radioisotope thermal generators, which should be on every unmanned and manned space probe/vehicle. Screw the unreliable (especially when going farther away from the Sun) solar power. Want to beam hi-def large pictures from space? Nuclear power. Go nukes!

    • All excellent commons sense normal thinking solutions with available technology…except for one thing: The Dem’s do not want solutions, they love chaos because it keeps them in power.

      Despite having superior life-changing technology in our very hands, and serious brain power to solve these problems, society has been intentionally put on a significantly regressive path instead of advancement in leaps and bounds like we should be in this era (in those areas you point to). Bottom line is these knuckleheads don’t give a rip about “us”…unlike our Founders who cared less about themselves and more for the greater good for all people to unify a new Nation. Elected officials have – for easily the last 130 years – forgotten that very prescription of what taking THAT Oath means, instead selling their souls to the highest (sometimes lowest) bidder, including sworn enemies, which in our Founders time would required being hung at dawn in the public square, not vaunted as some hero.

      Maybe it’s time “We The People” need to “throw off” those ruining everything and start anew; simply ignore them to provide for ourselves as a whole, as “One Nation Under God, Indivisible”. Do we really need those in DC screwing with our lives in every wrong manner possible while selling us that it’s for our good? Aside from people who STILL need to be reminded to put their tray table up, or to stay home during a nasty blizzard, do we really need these morons telling us what to do?


  7. the earth/moon system is delicately balanced, and anything changed could have far reaching consequences to human life. i say leave it be. if displacement theory is correct, same for mars. they should leave earth alone too. sure, make water, but greening a mass as large as kali would effect the weather across the northern hemisphere in ways we cannot predict. super tornadoes? twenty foot snowfalls? twenty inch rainfalls? who knows? it all seems a terrible waste of resources and talent to me.


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