Demographics in the Middle Kingdom

(Foreign Affairs) China is aging fast. In 1978, the median age of a Chinese citizen was 21.5 years. By 2021, it had risen to 38.4, surpassing that of the United States. If China continues along its current trajectory and follows the rest of East Asia in descending to ultra-low fertility rates, its median age could rise to over 50 by 2050.

China’s rapidly aging society and plunging birth rate pose a host of challenges for its leaders, including a shrinking number of young workers and an increasingly unstable pension system. Beijing is steadily pivoting toward pro-natalism as a strategy to mitigate these risks. In 2016, the Chinese government scrapped its harsh one-child policy, and in 2021 it began introducing policies aimed at actively encouraging childbearing. The experience of China’s East Asian neighbors, however, indicates that such measures are unlikely to succeed in raising fertility rates…


From the Bee

Ever since hearing the news of President Biden creating a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’, George Orwell has been really kicking himself for not thinking of it first.

“He nailed it, absolutely nailed it,” said a dejected Mr. Orwell. “It sounds grimly clinical and impersonal, yet threatening. It really is a much better title than ‘Ministry of Truth’. I don’t know how, but this Biden guy managed to become more Orwellian than, well, me – George Orwell.”

Mr. Orwell also expressed incredulity at the discovery of Nina Jankowicz to lead the Board. “I could have spent a thousand lifetimes and never come up with such a perfect character,” said Mr. Orwell. “It’s a top-shelf villain name. Then you have the woman deliver vicious pronouncements of what may or may not be spoken by her cheerfully singing to the tune of a children’s song—a song famously sung by an omnipotent nanny while the parents are gone? Very twisted. How do they come up with these ideas?”

While feeling that Biden’s ideas had been partially plagiarized from his work, Mr. Orwell did give him credit for the very original idea of destroying gender and sexual identity. “Of course, The Party wants to be stronger than family ties, but the best I could come up with was a direct attack on the act of sex itself. These liberals have done me one better, and instead attacked the very reality of humans having a sexual nature as male and female…I just never even conceived of such an audacious attempt to bully people into something so incomprehensible. Well played, Leftists. Well played.”

At publishing time, Mr. Orwell was dumbfounded to learn that U.N. soldiers dispatched to war are called “peacekeepers”, freedom to speak is considered “racism”, and remaining silent instead of voicing agreement with Party beliefs is called “violence”.


And of course, it’s CINCO de MAYO

True, it’s not a holiday in Mexico (outside of Puebla), just the US, but any excuse for a taco and an enchilada.

The holiday celebrates the Battle of Puebla (El Día de la Batalla de Puebla) where a badly outnumbered French Expeditionary force lost to the Mexican Host during the Second French intervention in Mexico. A toast of Don Julio 1942 to that!

The day is not recalled in France…but they do remember the battle of Camarón.

Bataille de Camerone occurred over ten hours, on 30 April 1863 between the Foreign Legion and the Mexican Regular Army. The battle is regarded as a defining moment in the Foreign Legion’s history. A small infantry patrol, led by Captain Jean Danjou and Lieutenants Clément Maudet and Jean Vilain, numbering just 65 men was attacked and besieged by a force that may have eventually reached 3,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry.

The badly outnumbered and outgunned legionnaires made a defensive stand at Hacienda Camarón, in Camarón de Tejeda, Veracruz, Mexico. The conduct of the Legion, who refused to surrender, led to a certain mystique, and the battle of Camarón became synonymous with bravery and a fight-to-the-death attitude.  Captain Danjou had a wooden hand, and it is enshrined to this day.

Photo, courtesy of Legion Entrangere.


  1. Trying to prevent a population crash – when the government was striving to reduce overpopulation for these many years, you would have that mindset fixed in the minds of the bureaucrats. I doubt they would even see the problem soon enough when their jobs have depended on the opposite viewpoint.
    Then you have the notion that people are blank slates, and you can have everyone pivot on a dime to match the new set of propaganda. Looks like that isn’t working too well either.
    Then there are government styles that can be described as anti-life; do they expect lots of babies in that type of environment.

  2. China needs open borders. Immigration is her strength! Really, can you get a decent taco bowl on CincoDeMayo in China? I’m sure somebody can get them 10,000 young hispanics in a week. Just call the people in Davos.

    • I think that there are Taco Bells in HK, Shanghai, etc. I’ve never eaten there.

          • I did an Internet search.
            Taco Bell currently has 11 stores across mainland Chins.
            Yum China introduced Taco Bell to Mainland China via Shanghai in 2016, and has since opened in Shenzhen, Ningbo, and now Beijing

    • Hispanics? “No, nothing less than Africans* will do for China.”
      -your friendly global elites

      The advantages that China has are:
      1) ethnocentrism to match that of the “elites”
      2) immunity to guilt-tripping and utter disregard of the victim card
      3) no outsider can manipulate Chinamen and subvert Chinese society with “as your fellow yellow”

      I don’t know about Taco Bells in China, but I was once denied service at a Pizza Hut in Borneo.

      *We’re not talking Musk or Theron (nor that post-doc I met in Chicago).

  3. Also from the Bee:

    I have friends who adopted a Chinese baby girl who was put up for adoption rather than murdered. Part of their problem with the median age creeping up is from getting rid of kids born there because they’re the wrong sex.

    I figured at the time it was a plan to get Chinese kids spread into all the world. Maybe that’s extreme, but I was newly aware of how Chinese agents put pressure on Chinese-Americans who are working in technologies over here that China wants to know more about. Definitely playing the long game, but isn’t that the cliche we get all the time? The west is all about instant gratification while China plays the long game?

    • Chinese people don’t like to adopt other people’s children – period. Overseas Chinese may be different but not in the Worker’s Paradise.

  4. It sounded like this Gollum character said this Minister of Truth has been operating for ten years in these hearings. What’s that about?

  5. China is culling the aging herd, doubtful the locked-ins are engaging in population increase activities when starving to death. Altho, anytime bureaucrats get involved they assume the opposite of normal thinking, maybe they figured each tenement would be one big orgy to reverse the aging trend. (Yeah, bad optics, but someone had to say it.)

    Is that Jankowicz’ official picture? Geez. Is it just me or does “she/her/maybe” appear rather masculine (to be polite)? And why do these types always have that evil stare?

    • That is her State Photograph. It will be featured on all of the walls within her domain. The Medusa-style snakes will be added by employees.

      • Backpfeifengesicht, literally “cheek whistle face” and meaning “a face you’re like to slap” not that, you know, I’d encourage that sort of thing where that one is concerned.

        • Slap away…these are the kids that never got spanked as a kid and that is rearing it’s ugly head to our collective detriment.

          LL- Thinking her “employees” are on board with her, cut from the same woman’s studies (men hating) degrees, and a few ex-Twitter employees for the tech parts.

  6. Likely most here have heard the painfully detailed “hairy dog story” about events leading up to a shipment of mayonnaise bound for Mexico that somehow wound up aboard RMS Titanic, hence the holiday Sinko de Mayo.

    Also reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “Major Dundee”, and a story to go with. Shooting did not go smoothly, mostly due to director Sam Peckinpah being continually drunk and abusive to just about everyone. One day they were filming a shot where the troops rode down off a bluff and crossed a river. They had already done one or two takes, but Peckinpah wanted still another, and the sun was getting low. Tempers were short. After the final take, Peckinpah yelled something at Charlton Heston, who, still mounted and in costume, drew his saber and charged. Peckinpah (who was deathly afraid of horses) frantically had his crew raise the camera crane he was on. Heston slid his horse to a stop and looking up, asked through clenched teeth, “How was that, Sam?”. “Just fine, Chuck, just fine”. was the reply.l

  7. Ahhhh…Fritz Lang’s greatest work. I saw the remastered version, with a bunch of previously missing footage added, and while the “soundtrack” wasn’t that great, and reading subtitles is distracting, it was a landmark film.

    As usual, The Bee hits home.

    Cinco de Mayo was the date I strted working for Hughes Aircraft in 1982. Being a good ol’ Illinois Boy, May 5th was just another day to me……

  8. China is in a negative population growth, and has been for over a generation with the ‘one male child’ planning. Not enough females to go around. I had Chili Colorado for lunch, OH SO GOOD… but I’m paying for the beans… sigh

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