Social Control

There are a lot of progressives in the US who admire the sort of social control that the communist Chinese are able to wield. They daydream about how wonderful it would be to have it here. Then they plot to make it happen. Maybe it would be better if we all could be hard-wired into the system sort of like “the Matrix”. We’d make better drones if that happened.


Not in the Mainstream Media

According to a report from Washington D.C.’s Dunning-Kruger Times, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was seen at a local restaurant causing a ruckus, forcing the restaurant to remove her from the premises.

According to one eyewitness, Joe Barron, it was quite a chaotic scene. Here is his account of the incident:

“I was sitting at my table eating when all of a sudden I heard the sound of breaking glass and silverware falling to the ground. Then I heard shouting that sounded like it was coming from a crackhead. I looked up and saw this drunk woman standing on the table kicking everything off of it and cursing at everyone.

The table was soon surrounded by hotel staff as they tried to get her under control. It was then that I realized that this drunk woman was actually Nancy Pelosi. I was pretty surprised by this.”

…more here


Fun with Maps

2020 Election Results Map – Midwest

The map doesn’t matter when you’ve rigged the voting machines, does it?


Countries of the World by most popular carbonated beverage

Scotland prefers Irn Bru.


Baby Badgers

…have big, sharp claws.


Knocked-Out Armor

A burnt-out Nashorn from the Schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 525 in Italy. It is missing its suspension, both idler wheels, tracks, the rear part of the superstructure and possibly the engine. It has been scuttled as the gun is locked in full recoil. Note the knocked out Sherman in the background.

A destroyed T-70 light tank is passed by a StuG III, 1942

British Vickers Mark VIC light tank knocked out in Egypt back in 1942, as seen today.


That Bayonet!

German soldier of the 103rd Infantry Regiment, 1914


Are Whores Essential Workers?

I can see where Kamala would agree that the service is essential.

Apparently, yes, they are. If they don’t get their “free” government allotment money, they go on strike and we can’t have that.

When you think about it, that might be the donkey’s solution to unemployment and plague lock-downs — turning more toward the oldest profession. I don’t know. Just speculating.


Racist America…

It’s about the only thing that the progs can point to, isn’t it?


  1. Likely they felt we were unimportant or they forgot to rig our voting machines since Joe and Kammy only won five counties out of 105. Those contained the states two largest universities and the eight of the ten largest cities. The rest of the state was far more rational.
    They sure liked the big pig stickers 100 years ago. I have my paternal grandfather’s M1917 bayonet with Winchester markings and it’s a serious looking piece of steel, somewhat larger than the Colt M7 from my day that I also have.

    • How does it feel to be overlooked when it comes to rigging voting machines. You should be outraged at the elites…

  2. “We’d make better drones if that happened.”
    Now you’re starting to get it. Know your role in this fallen world:
    * The sole purpose of non-Elites is to serve the Elite.
    * Why are Deplorables needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. The Elite will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Deplorables exist.
    * Deplorables were born only to serve the Elite. Without that, they have no place in the world – [their purpose is] only to serve the Davoisie.

    • It’s always been that way. The golden rule is that the man with the gold rules. The fiction that the vote means nothing is now dawning on the proletariat and it remains to be seen how they will react.

      The Trump revolution caught the elites by surprise. The planned face off in 2016 would have been Jeb! (Bush Dynasty) and Hillary (Clinton Dynasty). The difference between Jeb and Hillary was essentially human plumbing. Counting votes honestly meant that Trump won. They fixed that. Will it stay fixed?

  3. “That bayonet ” I have that bayonet. It’s a very well made tool that’s a fact. I also have that Mauser to go with it but unfortunately it’s not a good shooter.
    I certainly would not want to have been stuck in one of those Vickers light tanks when there were 88s around.
    How can that drunk not be accountable for her actions in a case like this?

  4. Well now, one of America’s arrogant elite has a drunken meltdown in a restaurant…3rd in line for the Presidency. Terrific political class we have here. She’s a perfect example of the need for term limits. Usually as people age and the brain fades a bit, they revert to their true nature and character (or lack thereof), with less governor or filter. God help us if that one remains House Speaker and Biden manages the biggest fraud in American history. (he’ll be Epstein’ed in a week)

    Our American ancestors left England in a couple of boats, barely survived their first Winter, then the Colonies fought their version of our Betters for the same reasons these seditious cretins are demanding we return. Serfdom for us, aka Peon Subclass 2’s is what they have in mind. Not on my watch.

    Curious what would happen if we all (or at least a vast majority of “us”, the Patriot normal’s who still have a brain between our ears) ignored these people at every turn? No media support, no political interest, zero engagement, shop where we can to avoid the stupidity, effectively leave the morons and idiots to their devices and live our lives. Naive? Maybe. A platitude? Maybe. But it sounds refreshing and certainly less stressful to wholly ignore the doofuses among us. Call it polite civil disobedience…for now anyway. Otherwise might need that bayonet to add additional “reach” if in close and out of ammo.

    • Patriots have a great deal of clout. Power perceived is power achieved. There is a lot of anger, and 70,000,000 middle class voters can throw the bums out in 2022 and can stand vigil over vote counters – if they are willing.

      • Things gotta change on all levels…these clowns just love to heel the ship over and bury the rail into the abyss while caring a wit it’s happening…because they’re not riding the boat, we are. My point of jumping off the back and swimming for shore, leaving them to their folly. A Galt move.

        BTW, “slattern”…learned a new word. Good one. Accurate.

  5. They will Ginsburg Ole Joe for two years so they can get Heels in for two years and still elect her for two terms afterward. The demons get an extra term with this group, that’s if there is even the pretense of elections by then.

    • Yes, I think that’s the plan. They’ll have to use Democrat certified voting machines that turn out 100% donkey.

  6. I know, get real, but… I’m still aghast at their blatant, in your face fraud. That said, neat badger photo and interesting armor pics too.

    Did you read Borepatch’s post on how we’re shaped by WWII and its vets? Good stuff and true, but that influence is pretty much gone now. And history isn’t taught. Let’s see where that takes us.

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