Stupidity on a Grand Scale

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The Eternal Question?
What happens when a middle class girl from Westchester County, NY – product of the public school system – goes to the big city where she works as a waitress…then decides to run for public office?
Sometimes I wonder if it’s all an act. If the little communist is as stupid as she sounds. Then I see film clips of her speaking and I wonder about constituents so stupid that they’d elect her.
And I worry about our future, when an education system fails so completely and creates an electorate that thinks this cretin should speak for them. Yes, it could be worse. There is Rep. Hank Johnson D-GA, who feared that Guam would capsize if we sent another battalion of Marines there.
I met with some guys from the Dept. of Homeland Security yesterday, both of whom I’ve known for a while, in the course of regular business. They’re nice guys, and I treat them the way I’d treat my kids (they’re about the same age). The first words out of my mouth were, “Hey, they haven’t shut you down …yet!”
These guys don’t deal with illegal aliens at the border. They don’t apprehend them, house them, or work that angle. Thus, they feel put upon by progressives who want to destroy the place that they work. Progressive people are among the most ignorant on the planet (see Ocasio-Cortez, above). And their ignorance translates to anger against the informed. It’s like a bunch of cretins who think that the Earth is flat being informed that it’s round.
Build the Wall; Lock HER up; Make America Great and Keep it Great.

21 thoughts on “Stupidity on a Grand Scale

  1. Trust me on this one, LL – Empty Cortex that stupid. For her to be elected to a job that pays 171K a year is appalling and terrifying all at the same time. The only bright spot for me is the old dog dems having to put up with her. Makes one want to be a fly on the wall as they try to shut her up. But, like most ignorant and arrogant peeps, she will not be silenced.

  2. The "stoopid" portion of the population has reached critical mass and is apparently exploding uncontrolled. The frightful part about these close elections in FL, GA, AZ and likely others – isn't so much that the Demofelons are able to "find" enough extra votes to turn them after the fact, but moreso that they ARE close elections… meaning half the voting population is stoopid enough to vote for the clowns. Weep for the society.

  3. Finally, someone dummer than Pelosi. THe Dems like young and good looking regardless of their IQ or common sense.

  4. All you need in some districts is a "D" after your name. Actual competence is not a requirement, as a matter of fact it may be a detriment.

  5. It's $174K per year, you cheated her out of $3K.

    And the question is better put, how much could she make selling narcotics if she stayed on the mean streets? Should USGOV be forced to match what she's accustomed to earning?

  6. Most people get what information comes their way from the corrupt, smug, sly, lying, mainstream media. And since they're fed an unending stream of propaganda, it's not surprising that their soft brains simply accepted the bull$hit that is fed to them and they vote accordingly.

  7. She's camped out in front of Pelosi's office, protesting Pelosi for being too mainstream – incredible as it may seem. It's going to be interesting to see exactly which committees Pelosi places her on.

  8. Competence threatens the leadership. Best to be somewhere worse than mediocre if you want to get ahead – or to be corrupt enough to raise money that you use to buy your way into higher office.

  9. Ocasio's pretty special but she's a poor Marxist. The smart ones make far, far more but maybe she can make that up if she campaigns with Hillary 2020.

    Of course Huma won't like that. Is there a Djinn v. Tzitzimime cage match on the horizon?

    Lock. Them. Up.

  10. Cortez-Clinton. Maybe Hillary could be the wind beneath her wings for 2020? Cortez would be president for two or three days before her tragic death.

  11. Cortez-Clinton you say? Surely you jest. Wait, let me stop laughing. Wait… please, it's just too hilarious. URP!

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