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*Am I the only one who thinks that Nancy got drunk and lost the articles of impeachment?

* This is a close up of one of Gallois de Fougières’ gauntlets. He wouldn’t have fit in well on one of today’s college campuses. Of course neither would many of this blog’s readers. He died at Agincourt, charging the English line of archers.

* In order to be a US President, the person must be a natural born US Citizen, over 35 years of age, and may only serve two terms. We need the same requirement for Congress.
* If cats could text you back, they wouldn’t.

* Prince Harry and his wife want to settle in Los Angeles as part of their MEXIT, but won’t move to the USA until President Trump is no longer president. They may have a wait. Then they’ll have to wait for Ivanka to complete her 8 years, then Don Jr’s 8 years, etc.

CCW’s in California
There is a good breakdown on requirements HERE. It all depends on how “woke” the county where you live is. But as you’ll note, a lot of the state is relatively conservative. The problem is that the inner city hells tends to vote Democrat.

Army Welcomes First Transgender Working Dog

(More Here) “He would only play with blue chew toys, and for some reason, he really liked watching reruns of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess,’” Flaherty added.

“We took to each other pretty quickly,” said Spc. Jeffrey Grassley, a military policeman and dog handler partnered with Tracker. “I mean, it’s a little weird that they tell me to call him a ‘him,’ since he’s obviously a female dog, and there was that time last month when he was laid up for a few days after he gave birth to a litter of puppies, but we’ve really forged a close working friendship.”
Tracker, who was raised as a female dog under the name Regina, first identified as a male during the initial breeding and selection process the military uses to screen potential military working dogs.

Women’s Involvement in Shooting Sports

(link A recent study found that the growth in some women’s shooting disciplines is up nearly 200 percent. We all know how progressive it is to attack unarmed, helpless women. This trend is likely to ruin the statistics of some universities specializing in courses in women’s victimhood.

20 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. "*Am I the only one who thinks that Nancy got drunk and lost the articles of impeachment?"
    Best explanation I've heard.

  2. I've supported term limits in congress for some time. I feel a 12 year maximum would work well. That's total, not 12 in each house, though even that would be an improvement.
    I love it when women come to the range where I work. I wish more did. Some I've seen are very good. The novices are generally more amenable to coaching than the men.

  3. Finding a magic number, whether that's two terms in the Senate and four terms in the House with a 12 year lid total, or something else, can be negotiated. No matter what, it shouldn't be a place where you become fabulously wealthy while pulling a government paycheck.

  4. Term limits won't help with the fabulous wealth problem, they'll all just say "We need a bigger bribe!".

    Still a good idea though.

  5. Re: Cats.

    Re: Term limits. One suggestion I heard was for the salaries of each member of Congress to be reduced by $X dollar amount for each new act signed into law. Salary clock resets with new term.

    Re: CCW. I had a CCW in Butte County from '98 until 2012. For good cause on the app, we put down "For personal protection and to comply with the law". You could put up to four weapons on your license.

    Just got my Texas LTC last month. It is an open license, you can carry whatever you want whenever you want. Doesn't even have to be yours, as long as it's not stolen.

  6. We've had term limits in Florida for a while and it doesn't really change anything. The guy who's your representative for his two terms then runs for state senate and since the no information voters just know the names, the pols just move from one office to the next. They stay on the dole and still get those contributions.

  7. We have term limits in CO. There is the pattern of running for a different office once limited out. One woman went from Rep to Senator to County Commissioner. Are we better off? Hard to say. Maybe we need to limit the number of years one can be in any elected office.

  8. Kle – It's difficult to deal with government corruption and has been with mankind from the beginning.

    SiG – You need a term lid. 12 years keeps them from jumping. They can always go (back) to the state legislature.

  9. The French made a habit of charging English archers and it didn't go well for them. No disputing their courage though.

  10. I agree with term limits. I think that once limit is up you are barred, with the exception of running for POTUS, from ever again holding elective office.


  11. In MI we have open carry w/o a license and CCW with. The law says you can't open carry on school property, but you can conceal carry with a CPL.
    At least I'm not in jeopardy if I accidentally expose my pistol (open carry).

  12. The wisdom of assaulting an English line, on the far side of a field of very deep mud, with horses, when the approach was lined by longbowmen proved to be a bad idea at Agincourt, Potiers, and Crecy most notably. But it took great courage and that was not lacking in the French nobility.

  13. Yes. If they want to run for the local school board or for some lowly position, sure, why not? But not for federal legislative office.

  14. I thought that some of the readers would be surprised that you can obtain a CCW in many parts of California.

  15. Wow. A very full post… just don't ask Nana P to pronounce words like "judicial" 'cause she'll sound sloshed or her teeth might pop out.

  16. The liberal sinkholes in California are the same sinkholes that want to lose the Electoral College.

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