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Guy Fieri with normal hair…could be a long shoreman or a plumber with the normal dooo.


(Fox News) Over a dozen women have come forward claiming them that Bill Cosby raped or sexually abused them. It’s to the point where Queen Latifah even cut him off and has refused to interview him.

Netflix canceled a deal with him and NBC is in the process of canceling a comedy series with him.

Am I surprised? Ask me if I am…well, no, I’m not. He always struck me as a bit of a self-absorbed perv. He’s a big Obama supporter and he’s extremely progressive…says it all.


Naturally Rev. Jessie Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, two of the holiest men in America are defending the inner city youth who acted out of a spirit of repression from the whites who never gave him a chance at a decent life.

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  1. What is it they say? Take black gun crime out of the US picture and… there isn't a problem.

    Why isn't that statistic broadcast, a lot. Because it's racist, of course.

    But maybe I'm wrong?

  2. Yes, of course it's racist. It's like saying the inner city (deep blue) slums are nests of disease, drug addiction and multi-general welfare system abuse…racist. It's like suggesting that you should produce ID to vote…racist.

  3. Turns out the Fieri shot is a photoshop… The other, well what do you expect… and the folks down in Brunswick are pretty pissed at the out of towners trying to come in and stir up trouble…

  4. I used to live in Germantown (Philly) & Detroit & the MD side of DC. My UK friends didn't believe the stories.

    Racist, obviously.

  5. You are a racist or you wouldn't be filling your friends' heads with such absurd tails (likely inspired by conservative propaganda).

  6. Yes, they moved the trial to Cobb County, but the result will be the same. It should be death by slow torture, but that violates the Constitution.

  7. I blame white people for not picking up the garbage and not building more stores in the slums for inner city people to steal from.

  8. I think that Utah is the only state with a firing squad. It would be worth taking up residence there if I would be allowed to put a bullet into the scum. People will say to themselves, "LL doesn't really mean that."

    My reply. "Give me the opportunity to shoot this guy and watch me relocate."

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