I was reading LSP’s blog about Rock Apes in SE Asia.

A friend of mine ran into them in Laos, not Vietnam, after the “war” was over, but it wasn’t over for a very long time after the paperwork had been signed. He was out with guys from Service de documentation extérieure et de contre-espionnage (Now DGSE). It was his first exposure to rations de viande de singe. There has been a lot of discussion on this blog in the past about the general flavor of canned combat rations. The French monkey meat may or may not have been a genuine monkey. If you put enough wine and garlic in the meat, who can tell?

After they were assaulted by the rock apes, and they fought them off with the MAT 49’s that they carried and the Swedish K, it gave them a moment of reflection. They were told that the monkeys were not baboons because baboons are not native to SE Asia, but whatever sort of monkeys they were, they were hard to kill.

They were in a cleared area, the burning of the poppy fields had ended and we felt exposed when they attacked. They made a lot of noise in their own defense, depleting well over 1/3 of the ammo load-out. It’s good that the Pathet Lao were not in the area because there were only four of them.

a poppy field in a jungle – AFP PHOTO/HO/United Nations on Drugs and Crime

The White Hmong said that as soon as they left the fields at the end of harvest, the Rock Apes (let’s call them large aggressive monkeys that looked a lot like baboons) would return for some reason or other.

The French guys packed vin rouge in the form of vin-o-gel, sort of wine jello that afforded an after-dinner aperitif. They slurped it raw, but it was reconstituted when mixed with water and made the monkey meat rations palatable.

Mike W, who drifts by this blog from time to time was in the highlands with the Australian SAS. Maybe he will weigh in on the subject. I know that he preferred the Sten/Sterling to the Gustav or the MAT, and he has his reasons. Mike lives in Thailand now with his beautiful wife, hanging out, being cool.


Pluto’s Status in the USA

Map depicting which US States legally consider Pluto a planet. New Mexico state law says that it’s only a planet when it passes over New Mexico.

You can imagine my distress to find that Arizona does not recognize Pluto as a planet. Calling it a Kuiper Belt Object may be good enough for some, but not for me. Not by a long shot.


Bulldog Revolver




Hate Speech


Circling Back

Some say that it’s an honor. to have your hair sniffed by Creepy Joe…


  1. Baboonoids? Doesn’t surprise me, and those damned things are almost as scary as chimps, whom we now find out regularly kill and eat gorillas, and probably guerillas too. Have hated the baboonoids since way before “The Omen.” And unlike sharks, thanks to “Jaws” for giving them really bad names, baboonoids are just nasty demon-possessed fur-covered angry evil objects.

    Still trust baboonoids more than leftists and socialists. At least the baboonoids eat what they kill, usually.

    And, yes, hate speech. How I hate that label.

    And Creepy Joe the Pedophile Creeper? Yeah, talk about creepy.

  2. Another kind of macague? A guy a year ahead of me in high school spent a year guarding the perimeter at Pleiku. Said the area was overrun with macaques who would throw rack and other items at them while screeching.

  3. A little wine, a little garlic, some greens on the side, maybe a little hot sauce from that little bottle, simmered in your “well seasoned” jungle pot….what’s not to like?

    The terms and bumper-sticker phrases the Left has come up with in the past couple of years are more than inane, they are moronic…the Pandemic Lockdown ones are especially grating on rational ears (“social distancing”, “an abundance of caution”, “all in this together”…gag me.)

    Pluto lost its Planetary Woke-ness Status years ago when a bunch of eggheads decided it didn’t meet THEIR special criteria. No wonder Colorado votes to delete it as a planet (NCAR in Boulder at the base of the Flatirons…cause they’re special).

    Circle Back Psaki – No surprise…but geez, proves “Biden The Pedo”, who should be in jail, not sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Scary part is the moron isn’t the least bit ashamed of his grabby behavior.

    The level of Hollywood and Political nepotism never ceases to astound…all these people know each other…cause they’re special, and according to them, we’re not…just ask The Nan and her nephew Mr. “I’m an Idiot” Hair.

    • In a way, you’d expect Biden’s victims to populate his staff. From his position of the abuser – wielder of power – and “the big guy” who pushed his troubled addict son into the role of bag man, he’s lived his twisted life.

      Now in the sunset of his years – the onset of dotage – he finds himself once again as the man with the hands that none dare question as the press surrounds him like a pretorian guard.

  4. There’s no question that Pluto is NOT a planet; it’s Mickey’s faithful dog.
    Growing up in the ’40s, I was taught that Pluto is the 9th planet – are we going thru 1619 in planetology?
    Help! I’ve sprained my neck trying to see any sign of the bore in the photo of the Bulldog Revolver.

    • It requires a particular species of hubris to set the limits and bounds of what is and what is not a planet. Pluto and Charon sit in the eternal darkness at the boundary of the Kuiper Belt and some claim that they orbit each other because – we know that Pluto can’t be a planet.

      Does the presence of Triton, orbiting Neptune (sometimes still farther distant than Pluto) in retrograde orbit also suggest that Neptune might not be quite the planet that we have all hoped that it would be? I say to all that – URANUS!

      • The de-planeting of Pluto was handled by having the vote at an astronomer’s convention when all the Pluto adherents were in a conference… about Pluto. So the people who most believe Pluto as a planet were not allowed to vote on whether Pluto was a planet or not.

        Pluto is a planet. It has satellites. It is in a stable, albeit weird, orbit within the planetary plain, and isn’t, overall, out in the Kuiper belt, mostly.

        Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it isn’t a planet.

        On the other hand, when the evil aliens eventually get the plaque off of the Voyagers and comes looking for the stupid hoomans to eat us all, they’ll fly by us because they’re looking for a 9 planet system and we are now an 8 planet system.

        How… democratic. Works every time.

    • Yes, but I don’t know much about the case and whether it fired black powder and transitioned to smokeless or not – but I think that may be.

  5. I have one of the Forehand and Wadsworth versions of the British Bulldog in .38 S&W. Unfortunately it’s non functioning so I couldn’t say how it shoots.

  6. I’m amazed that Illinois managed to get something right. Groot-ville must not have been at work that day.

  7. pluto not a planet? of course it is. i don’t care that it fails some made up after the fact definition, to me it will always be a planet…..well, its happening. cdc says go back to the mask. i’ll be jobless tomorrow likely. i bend knee no longer. of course it won’t stop there. pretty soon i won’t even be able to buy groceries w/o a vax card. i hate grocery shopping anyway. oh well, off to battle the borg. i will not assimilate….well, a brief coupling with 7 of 9 would be okay.

      • Us too, zero flying. Haven’t been on a plane in 18 months, just won’t do it, not with all the useful idiots getting in peoples faces. “In person” company meeting set for next February (doncha love how that has become a “thing” and everybody buys the pap)…we already have plans to be “away”, can’t attend.

        RR. No assimilation here either, “pounding sand” is my comment to the self-appointed overlords, who are less than lint.

  8. Remember when the “Fake Americans” howled like rock apes when Bush senior was in a wheel chair and they went bat shit crazy claiming he was grouping ladies?

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