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I love the Marines. I served in the Navy, but there is something special about the Marine Corps. Yes, they are naval infantry – but the sum is even greater than its parts. I was deployed to Ras Al Mishab (just across the border with Kwait not that far south of Qasr) during the First Gulf War with SEAL Team Five, Alpha Platoon and also worked with SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, Delta Platoon (embarked on the USS Curts FFG 38). While there, I we used to take chow with the Third BTN, First MarDiv, and it drove them nuts because none of us wore any identification at all beyond the standard camo uniform, and non-standard weapons and gear that we carried. I favored Lima Company because they liked L and I liked it twice as much as they did… We pranked the Marines mercilessly and they took it with stoicism — usually.

Eventually they became accustomed to the Navy and tolerated us. Three or so months later, we set up our own galley ashore (better food). Sometimes Marines would join us for chow then, but they still never were sure who to salute. 

I have a thousand Marine stories. Almost all of them are testaments to the young men (and some women) who served honorably, and many of whom gave the last full measure of their devotion.
My commemoration of bravery, honor, sacrifice and duty on Memorial Day goes out to those brave souls of the Naval Service who guard the streets of heaven.

9 thoughts on “They Guard the Streets

  1. Simper Fi and BZ! And watch out for the Air Force and Coasties who trod the streets of gold. They need extra protection.

  2. Sorry! I washed my hands this morning and can't do a thing with my fingers. That should be Semper…

  3. An aunt and cousin put together a list of relatives who served (starting in WWI) and are still serving. Thirty names and counting, but only one marine. Guess we are slackers.

  4. I assembled a mental list starting at WW2. Most went in the army, my father and I went navy. A cousin retired as a USAF general. A few in the CIA (un-uniformed military service – but all CIA ranks have corresponding US Army ranks. That started with the OSS.)

  5. NONE of my relatives have served, other than my Dad's brothers.

    I'm almost ashamed of my family…..

  6. There are many ways to make America great. There are many avenues to serve. It's not always done with force of arms. Knowing you and your heart, I'm sure that your family did much to make life better for us all.

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