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SECSTATE John Kerry is maintaining a surprisingly low-key presence while still positioning himself to take former SECSTATE Hillary Clinton’s place in the event that she is indicted by a federal grand jury. The investigation is still underway and because grand jury investigations are secret, as a matter of law, there is no fanfare involved until the hammer drops.
Senator Elizabeth Warren (posturing to be the Democrat Party’s vice presidential nominee and Kerry’s attack dog) harshly criticized Republican Party front-runner Donald Trump this week.
Warren strongly denounced Trump as a demagogue, drawing historical parallels to other instances in which citizens stayed “quiet for too long, hoping for the best but watching silently as the threat metastasizes.” 
“It’s time for decent people everywhere – Republican, Democrat, Independent – to say No More Donald,” she wrote. “There’s no virtue in silence.”
 Trump responded in this way:

“I think it’s wonderful because the Indians can now partake in the future of the country. She’s got about as much Indian blood as I have. Her whole life was based on a fraud. She got into Harvard and all that because she said she was a minority.” Boston Globe,

Sen. Liz Warren (D-MA)
The Boston Globe has tip-toed around the “fake Indian” matter that seems to plague Elizabeth Warren, because she’s a fake Indian, but the paper did cover Trump’s comments, surprisingly.
I think that she’d be a great running mate to Swiftboat John Kerry and hope that she doesn’t screw things up before the Democrat National Convention convenes and anoints she and John (to the annoyance of Bernie Sanders). I understand why she spoke out against Donald Trump but best wait until you’re running for something, Liz. (makes for better ratings on Fox)
Meanwhile the GOP is ramping up its Stop Trump strategy. I can’t recall when the Republican Party or any political party spent so much money or effort to stop their own person who led in the polls and in delegates half-way through the nomination process. They’d best be careful or they’ll get Cruz. And here’s the rub. The Republicans are confident that Cruz would lose the general election to Clinton or her successor (who may or may not be John Kerry) and whoever that is will ‘play ball’. Trump is a wild card and they are not at all confident that he can be brought to heel.
Democrats make a lot of statements about how 40% of all Republicans believe that Obama is a Muslim — and they maintain that he’s not. Really? The Democrats also maintain that Warren is a Cherokee Indian…

16 thoughts on “Chess Pieces – Moving

  1. I doubt that Pochahontas' fraudulent application to Harvard will ever be used against her should she get tapped for veep. Look at how much mileage we have gotten out of Barry's fraudulent academic record.

    Oh, that's right. We haven't been privy to jack squat regarding Barry's transcripts to various Ivy League schools. Or how he got into these high falutin' institutions in the first place. Magic, I guess (Barack The Magic Negro).

  2. The MSM didn't want to smear mud on an Afro-American. But Barack gives black people a bad name. There are a lot of people (Justice Thomas comes to mind, so does Ben Carson) who did it the right way. The MSM can't tell the difference.

  3. I doubted Warren's Cherokee ancestry until I saw the picture on your post. Thanks for clearing everything up!

  4. Fredd is saying what I'm thinking.

    Adding to that, we've had four years of not touching a candidate because he's part black and I'm not looking forward to 4 years of a woman candidate that we can't touch either. Our country doesn't need this drama.

  5. The photo provides conclusive proof. The double-minority status that she brings means that people in Chicago will vote twice for her.

  6. Not that I am a stickler for historically correct stuff in general, but that head dress that Pocahontas is wearing was only worn by male Cherokee chiefs, never EVER by lowly squaws regardless of status. Women were second class citizens in every way in the Cherokee culture, as was pretty much the case in all American Indian tribes. Much like it is today in the muslim world, but I digress… Pocahontas would have been immediately put to death for donning this garb back in the day. Well, perhaps not immediately, they might have tortured her a bit before killing her. I could be wrong there, though.

  7. Fredd, are you implying that the Cherokee in the photo stands out like a ham sandwich at a Bar Mitzvah?

  8. My Great paternal grandmother was full blooded Cherokee out of Murphy, NC. That makes me more Cherokee than Lizzy the Liar (is there a theme running here). So Irish on my mom's side and Cherokee Irish on my dad's side, how did I turn out to such a wimp? It skipped a generation, I guess.

  9. Go out and scalp a progressive person to show your ethnicity because #Irish-Indianlivesmatter.

  10. Elizabeth Warren has a very high opinion of herself. If anyone should doubt that, just ask her.

  11. Pastor: et tu, Reverend? Starting to steal my 'ham sandwich' material and apply it to your own jokes??!!

    I gotta talk to my lawyer….

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