The Veteran’s Administration (VA) and ObamaCare Revisited

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This from CNN:

“The Arizona senator makes a poignant return to the Senate on Tuesday, less than a week after learning he has an aggressive form of brain cancer, just in time to boost tricky GOP vote math on the wobbling bid to replace Obamacare.”

This from Virtual Mirage:

Can anyone explain why Senator McCain didn’t go to a VA hospital for treatment?  Obviously CNN is missing THE STORY again, aren’t they? That’s a frigging shock.

It would have been emblematic of the changes that we’ve been hearing about (mostly in the “planning stages”) at the VA if the famous veteran and US Senator had chosen the treatment options available to his fellow service members. 
Since ObamaCare’s trumpeting the virtues of government run “free” healthcare, I haven’t heard of one veteran serving in Congress checking into the VA hospitals to have their life-threatening illnesses managed. NOT ONE. I wonder why?
It’s true that you could point to me (your illustrious blogger) and ask why I don’t receive medical treatment at the VA. I haven’t had the need for extensive medical treatment, but when I do need some care, I choose other options (that I personally pay for since I don’t have government medical insurance). There will come a time in the near future when I will qualify for Medicare and I’m sure that I’ll be enrolled in that entitlement. That sort of machine is rolling. Along with Social Security it accounts for over half of the federal budget. And in my humble opinion, it’s part of why healthcare is so impossibly expensive.
“Standard of Care” is the buzz isn’t it?
Senator McCain must not have been all that impressed with the Phoenix VA, where thousands of veterans were standing in line for care when they died. I’m sure that Sen. McCain would have been shoved in front of other veterans because he’s more famous. Even at that, he didn’t take the option.
It’s telling.

20 thoughts on “The Veteran’s Administration (VA) and ObamaCare Revisited

  1. All pigs are equal but some are…

    I'm sorry McCain has brain cancer. I thought he was just mad.

  2. Truth is that all of the elites, including those in the venal, smug, corrupt, elite, nasty, wicked mainstream media, would never even consider lowering themselves to live like the proletariat. The perks of an apparatchik don't include the need to use ObamaCare or to get needed medical care from the VA.

    Heck, I know, I've run in those circles. Trust me: Walter Reed Army Hospital, Bethesda Naval Hospital and the National Institutes of Health (across the street from Bethesda) are NOT the VA. I had friends at CIA in both Bethesda and NIH for really major things and the care is really first rate. (and the nurses tend to be prettier)

  3. LL,

    To play devil's advocate for McBlame, (I personally am not surprised he has brain tumor, probably has had it for 30-40 years) however, I digress, McBlame, Lindsay' dad, didn't want to stand in the way of other veterans who did not have other plans available. That would be the spin/BS.

    Maybe the congressional retirement medical plan should be the VA.

  4. LL,
    On my Nicaraguan drug dealer murder of Nicole and Ron "theory", check your 10:00. Take it for a sequel to Old Whore and have at it ( as soon as I get my Black Scorpions)

  5. There's nothing keeping sitting legislators from using the VA while in office. I suspect that if they did that, care would improve.

  6. Blame Old NFO. He has me working on an entry for his new CALEXIT Anthology book (out later this year from what I've been told).

  7. I feel for him and his family. However I can't help but think that the real reason for him going back to congress is to stop the Arizona governor from appointing a more conservative interim replacement.

    He certainly isn't going to improve health care for the everyday person.

  8. I wanted McCain out of the picture, yes, but I never wished cancer on him. I would've preferred that he would just have retired and went happily into the sunset. So, here we are with the senator that will not leave and we don't really know what he'll say in his fervent effort to win the press. Are there any chess players here? Our next move is…?

  9. Registered with the VA. Never used their services. What I do get is a form each year that says, having the VA, I don't need to pay for Obamacare.

    Personally I don't think the country owes me a damn thing for three years of non combat service 50+ years ago. That is me, other can certainly disagree.

  10. McCain clings to power because that's more important to him than anything else. I don't want to debate whether not he was good for the country but nobody can dispute that he's been good for John McCain.

  11. Repeal ObamaCare.

    And come up with a solution that is essentially Medicaid the FEDGOV can blog grant to the states. Allow each state to spend the money as they see fit.

  12. Just doing my duty as a citizen. Nothing compared with what you and your other readers have done. that service I appreciate.

  13. The very first thought that popped into my head, nanoseconds after I heard he had a brain tumor, was "Gee….I wonder if he'll use the VA?"……

  14. He didn't come all this way to have his brain hacked. I don't blame him for going with the best care available — but for many Vets, it's just not good enough.

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