Dog Days of Summer

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Central Oslo Hotel District
I finished my work with the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt), located outside Oslo in time to do a bit of walk about. Many Norwegians remain on vacation, which means that the streets are populated by more tourists than by Norwegians than in the rest of the year.
There are more than a few Norwegian flags, and yes, the Norwegian National
Police are present to keep things in order.
Viking Drakkars float in the fjord with Oslo City Hall in the background.
The weather has been changeable. It rains, then there is sun, then rain and then sun. It underscores the need to keep an umbrella close.

Norwegian Parliament, a block from the hotel
One of the Norwegians that I’m working with lives about 40 kilometers north of Oslo, in the forrest. He said that they have had wolves in the area. He recently saw one near his home. You can be out of Central Oslo and into the countryside in about thirty minutes. Norway is a place of incredible beauty. And there seems to be a serious commitment to personal fitness in the population.
I think that the Viking has been bred out of most Norwegians these days:

7 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. I'd say you're right about the viking being bred out! That policewoman does not look very large or cunning, at all. Someone get her some rocky seaside soil and fish asap.

  2. Glad you're getting a little down time! One of these days I might make it to Oslo… sigh

  3. In the old days she'd end up as a Viking thrall (slave) in a a household, bearing children for the lord of the manor.

  4. Someone I used to work for was supposed to send me to Norway as part of a security inspection. When they restricted the trips to government personnel only I told them I'd had enough. But I'd still love to go. Lucky bastard. And I mean that in the best way…

  5. I'm here on a busman's holiday of sorts. With the daylight lasting past 10 pm, even if you work late and have a late dinner, there is time for a walk about. And it's a beautiful place.

  6. Enjoy, post pictures, and the rest of us will live the adventure through your postings…

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