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Friends from the FBI always tell me that they are the premier law enforcement agency in the world. There is no ego shortage in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They sure investigated Hillary Clinton well didn’t they?  Sort of like the way the FSR (Federal’naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii) would handle the investigation of something that Vladimir Putin did wrong. If the FBI caught Hillary in a car with a dead prostitute – no, she doesn’t know how to drive – we know this, but it’s a hypothetical – it would have been handled much the same way as the e-mail scandal was managed.

The House Oversight Committee recently received classified documents and notes from the FBI’s unrecorded interview with Hillary Clinton in order to understand why Director James Comey didn’t recommend charges against her. The FBI said it wants to remain as transparent as possible (which explains why they didn’t record what they asked and Hillary, right?….), but Chairman Jason Chaffetz said he has a few problems with the documents, especially since many portions are heavily redacted. There’s also a Morning Joe interview on YouTube, where Chaffetz lays out his argument.

The FBI could have recorded the interview with candidate Clinton with DOJ approval, but chose not to. I find that STRANGE. The report of interview (302) consists of notes taken by the FBI of what they thought that Hillary Clinton said, transferred to an official report. Thus the factual report of interview slants from the beginning in true FBI tradition

Sorry FBI fans, that’s how I’ve always seen their practices. Interviews should be recorded for the sake of accuracy. Having the special agent “clean up” an interview by writing a “report of interview” rather than letting the recording speak for itself along with a transcript, is sloppy. We’re not talking about somebody stealing a cooling apple pie from the neighbor’s window frame. The nation’s future (free/slave) is at issue.

Chaffetz: “Hillary Clinton is out there saying there’s not very much sensitive information in there, that she didn’t trade in sensitive classified information. It’s so sensitive and so classified that even I as the chairman of the Oversight Committee don’t have the high level of clearance to see what’s in those materials,” Chaffetz said. “I think the documents are overly classified. We’re going to call on the FBI this week to give us a version where there’s non-classified, the unclassified material and the classified material redacted so that that could be out there in the public. I think that’s the right thing to do.”
I’m going to scoop Chaffetz and release the secretly recorded 
interview that the FBI did here on Virtual 
Mirage, without redactions.

Interviewing FBI Agent: Did you enjoy the luncheon that the executive chef prepared for you?
CLINTON: It was delicious. Do  you mind if I have my chef at Planned Parenthood call your chef and perhaps they can exchange recipes?
Director COMEY: It would be our pleasure.
Interviewing FBI Agent: Let’s get to the interview. What is your favorite color?
CLINTON: You know, I have so many favorites. If you look at my pantsuits, you’ll see that I wear all colors.


FBI Agent must be visualizing fabric that is indistinguishable from an oven mitt or a vacuum bag.

Interviewing FBI Agent: But if pushed to it, what is your favorite? (the FBI gets tough here)
CLINTON: Ok, ok, take it easy. (to medical assistant) Get the diazepam ready in case I seize up. (to the FBI Special Agent) I’m in frail health ever since the organic brain injury – where am I, this isn’t the coven is it?
Interviewing FBI Agent: (Backs off) Take your time Madame Secretary Clinton, there’s no pressure here. You’re among friends.
CLINTON: I’ve always favored the color black. It’s the “Master’s” favorite color. My flying monkeys prefer black as well.
Interviewing FBI Agent: Did you ever send classified information via e-mail.
Director COMEY: Whew, that’s a relief. That ends the interview. (to the Interviewing FBI Agent) Type it up with more Q and A. We’re done here. I need to call a press conference.

22 thoughts on “FBI-Clinton Interview

  1. Talk about your intense interrogations, you really leaned on Madam Secretary pretty hard, LL.

    I'm glad we can all rest easy, now that the truth has been laid out in black and white. Mostly black.

  2. If I'm shot in the back seven times with a six shooter in an obvious suicide, scrutinize the note.

  3. I call BS on the whole thing. I know her favorite color is the color of the bills as the come in from each country into the Clinton Foundation. It color preference can change as the next shipment comes in. I wonder if Obie ever lets her use the unmarked helo to facilitate the deliveries?

  4. The black helicopters can't carry that kind of weight. She needs a 747 to manage the currency deliveries.

  5. No. Check it out.

    And she hasn't driven herself anywhere for something on the order of thirty years. She doesn't have a driver's license.

  6. For me, having qualified for the St.Paul police academy (eons ago), and having mega friendships with LEO's from Houston, to the Twin Cities, Sedona, and Idaho, I tend to share their contempt for the Feebs.

    Most my encounters with them have supported my "feelings." Pushy, arrogant, and not too bright are things that pop into my little pea brain.

    I had a Feebie try to strong arm some records from me in Houston when I managed an apartment complex. I told him to get his ass out of my office and come back with a subpoena. Never saw him again.

  7. Good account, Adrienne. I'm with you. The FBI cost me a Special Clearance once, because they were careless on an investigation of an old grad school drinking buddy of mine who turned out to be a Polish Eastern Block spy. Idiots.

  8. True story. Also? She can't dress herself, get her own gum, manage an email account, properly aim a book at a secret service agent's head without missing, and she probably doesn't remember what it's like to make love to a man.

  9. The note that will appear 6 or 7 days after your suicide? I doubt they will research your writing enough to make it very convincing. It'll probably say something about how shocked you were that you were able to buy the revolver at a gunshow in Indiana with no waiting and no background check. Awesome transcript, BTW. Dangerously accurate!

  10. Even if the suicide note is "found" a month after my month, it will settle the matter as far the FBI is concerned.

  11. When the New Clintonian Administration finds out about your participation on this blog, you'll be lucky to get a cigarette and a blindfold before they end you.

  12. I hadn't realized until now that the FBI has been taken over with hard-hitting reporters from MSNBC as their agents. It makes sense. I understand that Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow are real tigers when it comes to digging into Hillary's past.

  13. I'm sure that Director Comey would be more than thrilled to swear them in, hand them a badge, a gun, a government credit card and a car and send them forth without further training or orientation. They could focus on political corruption.

    There is one job at the FBI that seemed to be locked down for a long time. That of course is the investigation of the X-Files. If that opened up, who knows? Michael Moore hasn't made a stupid movie for a long time. If they made him an FBI Agent, who knows what he could uncover?

  14. Since 2007 the NYS Div. of Criminal Justice Services has put out four grant applications to all of the sixty-six County District Attorneys in New York asking them to solicit the police departments in their jurisdictions for those wanting to install a video recording system or upgrade the one they have. If the PD so desires, then the State will pick up the cost.

    I administered this grant for my boss, our County was authorized for up to a total of $50,000 for each iteration of the grant. The State didn't care what size department asked for a system, any little podunk agency could have a brand new, state of the art video recording system installed in their office and use it to document suspect statements.

    And the FBI didn't bother to turn theirs on.

    Words are not capable of describing the disgust I have for the FBI right now.

  15. The best is when the feds sign up a Confidential Informant who is a total nut case. The CI thinks he can now do no wrong and goes on a crime spree. The feds are constantly springing his ass from jail until someone finally kills the CI.

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