Identify the Aircraft




Identify the Tanks





Bullet Points:

* The House Speakership: “Just last night two colleagues and myself walked into Kevin McCarthy’s office and presented him a very common sense proposal, a deal that got him 218 votes, the gavel on the first ballot and he smugly rejected that.” They demanded a border wall, a discussion of term limits on the floor, and a balanced budget in 7 years.

* The Evil Na’vi (Avatar)? Yes, apparently Avatar 3 will show the darker side of the native Na’vi on Pandora. Will humans be portrayed in a positive light? Don’t hold your breath. This from James Cameron.

* “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep. I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”  – Alexander of Macedon

* Stoking up Mischief – from Jules

* The ancient Mayans sacrificed humans to change the weather. Let’s just hope we do not get to that point.

* Pedo Joe rejected by the Pope?  Biden, a so-called ‘devout Catholic’ was told not to attend Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral.

* Dr. Theresa Long, a medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mandate. Dr. Long also testified that the data shows that deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed deaths from COVID itself. Dr. Theresa Long

* Europe, for a thousand


SR-71 Blackbird and A-12 Ox Cart


Anti-drone Rifle? I guess


Cartoon of the Day


War Pig?


T-171E-3 20mm rotary cannon in the tail of a Convair B-58 Hustler



  1. (A-1) EE lightning. Cockpit looks sort of fat, maybe the trainer?

    (A-2) EC-97g ?

    (T-1) Walker Bulldog.

    (T-2) A modernized T-64, but IDK which version. The smoke dischargers are interesting, and it has a non-Soviet style of ERA.

    (T-3) IDK. I thought it was one of the AMX-13s with a 105 arty, but too few roadwheels.


  2. What part of that man-portable EW jammer is rifled? I wish people wouldn’t call things by stupid names.

    I like “War Pigs”, with the proviso that they are required to play the song every time the team takes the field. Actually, it’d be a WAY better name for the team.


  3. I don’t know the aircraft exactly but it looks like something out of Top Gun. I’m right, aren’t I?

    That rifle is insane! I want one. I have drones flying round here that get on my nerves. I once shot one with my BB gun. I’d love to take out one out with that thing but I’d probably fry quite a few pigeons and ravens in the process and then get dragged off to Gaol. There’s just no fun to be had anymore.

    Thank you for a mention.

    • You can take out offending fowl with a number of active measures and should the neighbors complain, we can dump them in the cut, Peaky Blinders style. It’s England… We used to do that to the IRA folks that jumped the pond to Old Blighty back in the 70s. Ok, it’s a rumor. Official Secrets Act and all.

      • Could use it on Congress, then reprogram them to actually follow The Constitution and their oath…right after we seize their ill-gotten gained offshore accounts. (Oh, wouldn’t need to use it on the Oval Office Inhabitant, he already doesn’t have a clue about the present let alone earlier that morning.)

    • I agree.

      They could have served baked potatoes, french fried potatoes, etc. at the stadium. Now, they’re going serve pork ribs or something, which works for me. There people who will be aggrieved at the smell of bacon cooking – I think that the word is TRIGGERED. The same people could be triggered by a large order of fries.

  4. Guess we will see what Happens as the Commanders use of a Pig for a Mascot Simultaneously will offend Jews, Muslims and most of Our Congress and executive branches of govt. Maybe Ozzie can sing their Fight Song.

    • As mentioned above, a lot of people will be triggered. Ph. D.s will analyze it for years and eventually they’ll change the name to the Washington Swamp, the mascot will be a giant cockroach.

  5. Did McCarthy give Boebert a copy of the Constitution and ask her to point out where it says Congress can impose term limits by passing a law? Did he point out a she’ll need to get the Constitution changed so she can bind future elected officials to spending policies she puts in place in 2023 because sure the people I might elect in 2024 shouldn’t have the ability to do anything. Idiot.

  6. Based on yesterday’s post-age, does Major Toddy have a mechanically inclined bionic penis? Inquiring minds really don’t want to know…just sayin’.

    Laurne “Shooters Cafe” Boebert may have not been carrying when she walked into McCarthy’s office, if she had been might have intimidated him enough to see the merits of the offer.

    Learnt a new word from Jules: “daren’t”. Despite being from The Colonies, I’m using that…maybe with a slight accent and pinky finger extended while holding my Earl Gray to look and sound more sophisticated (tapping into my very slight British ancestry). Now where’s my ‘crisps’?

      • To complete the “more British” nod, wore the Wellies out feeding, and I do think Clarkson, Hammond, and May are national treasures. One problem…the built-in Scots-Irish ancestry bit, and being raised Catholic, creates some conflict and guilt.

          • Glùin domhainn a-steach todhar…so much of it around, most of it coming out of DC, I might as well wear me wellies all day everyday, be proactive. (Google translate is a good thing)

          • Pink Floyd – TIME “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.”

            That’s how I always saw it too. Experts at the forlorn hope. That’s why so many tragic romance novels are set in England and the American Antebellum South.

  7. You know. I never noticed it until now, but looking at the Blackbird from the side, it looks like a larger version of the X-15 (except for the two stabilizers. Interesting

  8. As a young lad, I built a Revell model of the YF-12A. It had belly doors for the missile bay. Watched a video sometime back of a retired pilot. He said the single seat pilots used to refer to the SR-71 crews as flying the “family model”. Here is an outstanding presentation by Brian Shul, sled driver–

    An army of sheep led by a lion. “Rise a knight!” One of my favorite scenes from “Kingdom of Heaven”.

  9. SR-71 Blackbird is one of my favorite aircraft. Completely built in secrecy with slide rules and brilliant mathematicians, engineers and not one calculator or computer. To my knowledge there has never been a Blackbird shot down and the pilots use a circa 1980’s collapsible lawn chair to get rest while flying long reconnaissance missions. Aside from the Devil’s Cross, (A-10 Warthog) and the F-22 Raptor the SR-71 definitely rounds out my top three. As far as the Washington commanders a pig is fitting. However they will always be the foreskins’ to me. Wonder how Washington fans would like that as a mascot.

  10. Can we sacrifice Greens to appease the Climate Gods?

    Every time a green advocate tells us we should don a sweater to keep warm, I ask why we can’t thrown a green advocate on the fire.

  11. House Speakership
    Out of boredom in a motel last night turned on the TV in time to watch Sean Hannity try to browbeat Rep. Lauren Boebert. Makes me think he is just another “Loyal Opposition” Uniparty operative.

      • When Michael Savage (who I really like) would call him “The Drywaller” I’d cringe because I liked Hannity. Yet for at least five years Hannity has gone Pete & RePete, like a broken record droning on and on with little substance while interrupting his guests, telling them what THEY think, or should think. Sold his credibility for a huge paycheck from the Fox Sons.

        • Hannity’s complete jump for masks and vax turned me off of him. He’s got some good points, hell, Dana Loesch has some good points (at least two, hur-hur…) but his constant haranging of us purebloods and free breathers without any apology on his part since all the suppressed and new studies show that us purebloods and free breathers were correct after all really peeves me.

          Damn. I miss Neal Boortz (retired) and Rush Limbaugh (gone to greener pastures.)

          • Then get busy and start doing talk-radio. Dammit. Because I’m stuck with Loesch, Hannity and Levin as talk radio.

            Not that I listen to much of it anymore, since I only listen to them while driving these days.

          • Dana Loesch is pretty, and she’s cunning, and she has talent, but at a personal level, she’s a snake.

          • That was the Rush difference, entertaining with truth speak. Each has their shtick but most have gotten to spouting off day in day out regurgitating ad infinitum. And they are always hawking something, mostly their Brand in order to “stay relevant”.

            Prager is my go-to, calm and informative and varied. Savage has gone 30 minute podcast 3 days a week, and since my local radio guys have retired, I’ll catch Philly’s Chris Stiegel in the AM. But only a little of each anymore, and only Tucker’s opening monologue. Too much of this stuff warps the brain and interferes with livin’ large.

            Then again, I’m guilty as I lurk here when in the home office…but not for naught, really learning tanks and planes.

  12. I wish Mrs and I had Jules for a neighbor, instead of the azz-hole we ended up with…….

    The Washington Commanders. It was with great glee that somebody nicknamed them The Washington Commies. Perfect.

  13. Every time I see a SR-71 I am reminded of a motivational meeting I was required to attend. The guest speaker was Brian Shul. It was the best company meeting I have ever been to.

      • I’ve mentioned one of those gee-whiz moments on the blog before. Circa 1993, I attended a counterterrorism conference. Nuclear devices were the central topic. I arrived and sat toward the back. Others were present who HATED me. I won’t go into why. Anyway, I sat there minding my own business when in walked this old guy (in his 60s, maybe my age now – really old). He made his way back to where I sat by myself, sat next to me, put out his hand, and said, “I’m Edward.” I spent the next three days sitting next to and BS-ing with Edward Teller.

        For those of you who don’t know, Teller was an early member of the Manhattan Project, charged with developing the first atomic bomb. He made a serious push to develop the first fusion-based weapons as well, but these were deferred until after World War II. He became the “father of the hydrogen bomb”, and was a featured speaker. He stuck to me at breaks and we had dinner one night. People who hated me stared daggers at me because everyone wanted to meet the great man.

        True story

        • And before you ask what we talked about, we really just shot the shit. He loved Pres. Reagan as I did, and Reagan loved him. Part of it was Dr. Teller talking about his White House and Congressional experiences. He seemed intensely interested in what I did. Nice guy. Edward Teller was undoubtedly one of the most talented scientific minds that ever lived but he was also a guy and in my experience, very open and charming.

          • Almost sounds like someone with a great mind walking into an area where a lot of people with smaller minds were staying away from one guy, so the genius decided that one guy might be an interesting person to meet 🙂

          • That HAS to go in the memoirs.

            In my mechanical development days I knew a brilliant engineer, normal guy when not in his ‘very busy’ office where finding the desk was impossible.

            Ps. Being hated is envy on their part, corporate structures despise star players. So there…

          • Most of the people present wore suits. Some wore sportcoats/tie. I wore a Hawaiian shirt. They were younger and I had snow-white hair (my hair has been white since my late 20s.) So I stood out.

            As for being hated, take a number.

          • I see there is a new movie out, “Oppenheimer”. Watched the trailer. Meh, looks to be very over dramatic. J. Robert Oppenheimer is played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy. I think David Strathairn would have been a better choice. Edward Teller is played by Benny Safdie. Never heard of him.

          • Oppy and Teller are dead. Likely rolling in their graves.

            Cillian Murphy is a solid actor but any Hollywood film would likely butcher the rather complicated truth.

  14. Late random thought on the Washington mascot: they could have gone with Janus, and called the team the Janissaries, heroically fighting Global Warming.

    • Hmmm…. taken from their families and cultures and raised up under a hostile regime and religion because the rest of the co-religionists couldn’t fight Europe. Slave-soldiers from capture to death.

      nah. Janissaries pisses me off royally, being of Western European culture and against slavery.

      Though it would be funny watching all the ex-farm equipment love being called Janissaries (for a degree of schadenfreude that is even darker and harsher than my normal schadenfreude, which is, for me, far darker than most other peoples’ schaden freude. I run ‘Dark Chocolate’ schadenfreude when most people run ‘milk chocolate level’ and when I go darker it reaches 90% Cacau level.)

      • I don’t think that there were African Janissaries unless they were featured in a Hollywood film along with black Spiderman, black Captain America, and Black Superman.

        • He’s saying that IF the Washington team is called “Janissaries” THEN it’s calling blacks by that term.

          But I say why not? If we have to put up with a thugball team being called “Vikings” where more than half the players are Negroes, then how is the WDC Janissaries worse?

          As far as European slave/soldiers in Muslim lands goes, recall that in times and places they were very powerful, not only militarily, but holding important administrative positions and on occasion even sultanates. I am opposed to slavery in general, but Mamelukes were by no means “field equipment” and the comparison isn’t valid. (I get Beans was making a rhetorical point and not making a serious analogy.)

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