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Your Masters have Plans for You

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has declared that people have no right to own their own car and can instead “walk or share.” According to the WEF, far too many people own their own vehicles and this situation must be corrected by pricing them out of the market.

Thousands of private jets fly into Davos each year for the WEF’s annual summit, but according to Klaus Schwab ordinary people should not own their own car.

In a paper published by the WEF, the Davos elites claim that communal sharing of cars must become part of a “circular approach” in order to reduce global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.

The global elites in Geneva, Switzerland, are now instructing their Young Global Leaders embedded in governments around the world that far too many people own private vehicles and they must be priced out of the market with massive gas price hikes.

Citing the fact that “the average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time,” the WEF claims this means people in developed countries including the United States should not have the right to own their own car. People should sell their cars and walk or share because “Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.”


Bullet Points:

* This evening, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), an opponent of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) becoming Speaker, fired off a letter to the Capitol Architect. It states that McCarthy is improperly “occupying” the Speaker’s office after three successive votes today failed to give him the majority needed for him to become Speaker.

I’m no McCarthy fan, but Matt Gaetz is a puffed-up punk and daddy’s money sent him to Congress to get him out from underfoot in the basement.

* As of January 1st 2023, Alabama is now the 25th state to allow Constitutional carry! Think about it; half the country now allows citizens to carry firearms without having to ask the government for permission. It was not that long ago, that you could count the states allowing constitutional carry on one hand.

* The Church of England accelerates its drain-circling trajectory – The Bible is pretty darn clear: God created two human sexes, labeling them as male and female. “Male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). One would expect that a vicar of a Christian church grounded in Biblical scripture would accept God’s foundational creations, but Bingo Allison (yes, that’s his real name) knows better. The “gender-queer” vicar says that his epiphany came when he was reading Genesis, at which time he concluded that God intended sexual fluidity. No wonder Christianity is dying in England, even as Islam rises. (more on youtube – have your barf bag handy)

* A new study out of Germany, funded by the German government, and published in the medical journal Science Immunology, raises the possibility that the so-called vaccine manufactured by BioNTech/Pfizer to fight the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 virus (and possibly the Moderna product), reduces a person’s level of antibodies that fights the virus and increases the level of another kind of antibody that is much less effective at fighting the virus.

According to the Cleveland Clinic…

*  For the credit system to work, you need two things. First, you must have loans properly collateralized, so that loans can be liquidated without loss to the creditor. Second, you need borrowers to be able to service their loans. If either requirement is not met, as in a recession, you have trouble. But it can be a windfall for WSF…and his debt collection job.

* In March 1962, JFK observed that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Sixty years later, his words resonate.

We are seeing the foundations laid for a revolution. Whether that revolution is peaceful or violent remains to be seen. In virtually every society, over time, a few elites accumulate most of the power. Those elites, in turn, run the nation as their personal fiefdom, where they utilize the machinery of the state to enrich themselves, accumulate more power, and use trifles to appease the exponentially larger population of serfs whom they rule…more from American Thinker

* Globalization vs. Globalism Through the promise of US military security and the bankrolling of international governance organizations, US taxpayers were forced to subsidize global trade.

* Would you buy a Chinese Penis? Experts at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, China said the pigs involved in their study regained normal erection function with the help of the artificial tunica albuginea (ATA).

52 thoughts on “Plans…from Davos

  1. Tried to comment and got labeled as a bot, oh well.
    The WEF-wits can lead the way, and inspire the rest of us.

      1. Oi! Can’t believe I overlooked this. It’s the auto-Turing Test problem. Would make a cool science fiction story. Except … (crap) that was basically Blade Runner.

  2. and now va. is floating the cc idea too. we already are a “shall issue” state and an open carry state, and i kinda like it that way. we have a whole lotta folk i wouldn’t want carrying guns. the nearest city, population about 70k, just flipped from dem to rep on the 2a sanctuary debate. ninety-five percent of the state is 2a sanctuary. about a similar amount seem to be in a fightin’ mood too.

  3. Klaus Schwab and his elitist cretins at the World Economic Forum can go suck an egg. Go sail off the edge of the world in your yacht loaded with your scumbag pals you sociopathic piece of narcissistic garbage in an Armani suit.

    Gaetz has proven to be nothing but a talker, keeps putting up Jordan for speaker (who I like, seems like a straight shooter) but Jordan wants to head the intelligence committee where he is a pro. The man doesn’t want the job, so get on with it and give it to McCarthy then move onto the peoples business, like investigating TBCF. R’s are showing why they steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

    1. “R’s are showing why they steal defeat from the jaws of victory.” Paul M how very true. It is almost as if the Republicans would rather be the underdog and just sit in the wings complaining about the Democrats rather than actually doing anything.

        1. Nothing will change regardless who’s in the seat, and they’ll tie themselves up in knots posturing as if anyone out here really cares. With each “vote” the R’s are proving they are all bums and useless. Congress et al are an embarrassment to The Constitution, like a bunch of juveniles fighting over a spot in the playground. Shameful.

          1. I have taken some chit outside of the blog over Congressional antics and I say, “I haven’t been a Republican for 2 years.”

          2. Me neither…so now I get both “mailings”, which by all accounts are nearly identical in tone and promises. Politics is a rough business, but now it’s gotten beyond the pale stupid.

            Yet I think I’m missing something but can’t quite put my finger on it. As you pointed out, Cheney leaves with $40+mil. That level of grift is rampant, so thinking Congress is a charade, all theater to keep the “huddled masses” (now literally in some places) in check and constantly scrambling. “Rising seas, everybody panic!”…yet they all own prime ocean front properties that aren’t hampered by windmills or solar. Nothing adds up.

      1. Me neither, but every “vote” chips at an already weak foundation. Still not sure it matters if he ultimately gains the seat, they’re all swamp rats.

        1. When they dangle $30M/year to become a Congressional swamp rat or they attack you if you don’t take the thirty pieces, most people take the $30M and shut up.

          1. Seems there is something in the Congressional air ducts that causes formerly decent people to meld into the Collective, that with the cashola being thrown their direction. A lot of Judas Iscariot’s running around that place.

  4. I don’t think a revolution would even be discussed if Congress only met every two years, the salary was just above minimum wage, lobbying would be prohibited, and the staff was military or veteran only. Of course, a huge amount of income would be shifted from the ivory towers, but real estate around the Capitol would be much lower. D.C. wouldn’t be filled with grifters, and those hanging on the public teat would find sustenance harder to find.

  5. The 20 repubs in the house have said, “Now just a freaking minute here! We weren’t elected to just vote in lockstep with the establishment swamp and their masters in the lobbyist cabal! We don’t want the same old same old status quo and McCarthy is part of the swamp.” I give them credit for having the backbone to stand up to McConnel, McDaniel’s and the rest of the swamp rats. But, they’re treading on dangerous ground and it could bite them in the ass if they continue bucking the system. Jordan doesn’t want the job and Scalise is down in the vote count, so who the hell knows what will happen. This is precisely why the turtle, McDaniels and McCarthy sabotaged all those house and senate races where Trump endorsed MAGA candidates should have won. They don’t want any more rebels in the congress that they can’t control. Don’t mess with my rice bowl.

    1. x2…Rats in a cage. I say let them hang themselves by their own petards, maybe the entire thing will cave in on itself, leaving the us productive people alone for a bit.

  6. WEF

    Ok, “men”, here’s your chance to not preemptively submit to other men who have a more impressive set of antlers and a louder bull roar. I predict most will meekly get on the boxcars, telling themselves there may actually be work in the East. We’ll breed with the ladies you leave behind.

    Constitutional carry

    If 2A is a dead letter, people should not support the traitors (Constitutional definition) who take their authority from pretending to operate in accordance with the Constitution.

  7. Re Speaker’s challenge, since the Republican Senate let the Omnibus sail through, there’s actually nothing of importance for the Republican House to do until September of 2023, so let them keep on voting. It’s not like the committees and threatened hearings were going to yield any substantive oversight or reform of anything that happened the past two years.

      1. Ed, when was the last time that a Congressional investigation actually sent folks to prison or revoked their citizenship and shipped them out?

        During the hearings just prior to the first Trump impeachment, the majority of individuals who testified perjured themselves and not a single thing was done. Vindman testified that he violated US Code concerning classified information by immediately informing his Ukrainian counterparts of the Trump call. Not a single thing was done to either of the Vindman brothers.

        1. Why should anything be done to Alexander Vindman? The man was awarded the Legion of Merit (noticing the absence of the “V” device is simply churlish and is unacceptable, so don’t you notice it!). Plus he has a Ranger tab, the EIB and a CIB. On top of all that, he was PERSONALLY bullied by President Trump and that hurtful Rudi Giuliani. Vindman is a brave SURVIVOR, damnit!

          And he’s struggled after being forced out of the US Army, an institution that he devoted his life and gave undivided loyalty to. (Any belief of alternate or divided loyalty is Hate Think, and don’t you forget it.) Make no mistake, LTC Vindman has suffered. Sure, we hear that “In November 2020, Vindman joined the staff of the national security blog Lawfare with a fellowship of the Pritzker Military Foundation” but do you think that a Pritzker fellowship (just a coincidence) makes up for even a fraction of the oppression this poor, poor, brave 110% red white and blue American Patriot has suffered? No, I say, and again I say, NO!

          I demand justice for Alexander Vindman!

          1. The Woke leadership is turning the greatest military into a velvet hammer and raging pink screwdriver. Next step is periwinkle camo to blend in with the audience during Queer and Light Beer Storybook sessions.

          2. Mike, I would demand justice for the Vindman brothers also, so that they would be partners turning large rocks into small ones at Ft Leavenworth.

            I only point interesting things out because my demands are ignored by just about everyone. If I were to demand that you send 100 clams to LL for forwarding to me because your outlandish, well written humor caused liquid damage to my keyboard, I think I would kick off before that payment made it to me.

            Happy 2023!

          3. Happy 2023 to you too, Dave.

            Tubby little Ukrainians in military uniforms (or vaguely militarish olive drab sweatsuits) are clearly the new model for heroic masculinity (as much as can be allowed at any rate) in this fallen world. We can’t have lean, rangy, steel-jawed male heroes any more because those are threatening to some peoples’ self image. As was pointed out years ago regarding the movie “Jaws” and the Hooper (Richard Dreyfus) character: we prefer our male heroes short and cuddly.

      2. Swamp-rat McCarthy as Speaker will make sure nothing of any significance gets reported out of the Committees, let alone acted upon.

        The Republican party isn’t dead, but it deserves to (figuratively) die. The Dems have found the magic formula for ensuring independent-thinking Republicans will never again win critical national offices.

        That Ukraine flag seen occasionally on McCarthy’s lapel is a good indicator of who he represents, and it is not the US voter.

        Gaetz et al are good for a laugh or two from time to time, but at the moment they are the moral equicalent of 300 standing between us and the decadent hordes of the swamp.

  8. Schwab et al at the World Economic Forum don’t have a CLUE about the distances involved in travel anywhere but Europe… Much less in the USA, Central/South America/Africa. Good luck finding ‘reliable’ public transportation in most of those places, especially outside major metro areas!

    1. Remember, they don’t want you outside of major metro areas. Remove the bennies and jobs, the illegals self deport. Remove self sufficiency, jobs and sustenance, the people self relocate to the central processing centers for reassignment or disposal.

      1. Exactly, their vision is hive cities where you’re worked until you have no value (like Old Major on the Animal Farm) and you’re Soylent Green.

  9. I don’t know that I’d buy a bionic pigs penis unless it could fix my car too. Talking of cars, I don’t believe that the average car in Britain is used only 4% of the time. However, I believe it would be cheaper to rent a car over here! They say that taking a taxi is cheaper than the cost of driving in the UK.
    It’s amazing how mans interpretation of scripture can suit his agenda. I mean, when has that ever happened?

  10. McCarthy’s a scumbag.

    Who really cares if the House is tying itself in knots and can’t get anything done? It’s not as if there are enough non-Uniparty in there to accomplish anything positive, so accomplishing nothing is a win.

    I hope we go through the whole term with no Speaker.


  11. “Would you buy a Chinese Penis?”
    I wouldn’t recommend it. But inquiries into leasing or short-term rental might be entertained. Applicants must enquire in person.


  12. But it can be a windfall for WSF…and his debt collection job.
    Sadly, correct. My personal problem is I want an easy part time job to get me out and about with enough cash generated to spoil grandchildren. This close to my eighth decade, 14 hour work days have little appeal.

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