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No, I didn’t listen to his speech. WoFat e-mailed me and asked me what Barack said.

I did not care what he had to say. I retreated to my garage, put on some tunes and cleaned the firearms that I discharged last weekend in the desert. When all is said and done, I accomplished a lot more than I would have listening to a utopian socialist crow. We’re stuck with him for two more years. I’m sure that it will cost us $2 trillion more in debt to keep him there as he and his band of Chicago thugs keep raping and pillaging.

If Barack shows up on the TV, even on the news, I change the channel. Nothing worth hearing.

It’s all quite depressing.

6 thoughts on “The Speech

  1. Cleaning weapons or reloading ammunition is my preference for these events, but the book works too.

  2. I read "Worlds Before Our Own," which is all about making sense of anomalous prehistory.

    I intend to become an expert on "antedeluvian" civilization theory.

    Far more worthwhile and plausible than O.

  3. I think that the drunk viewing option of the State of the Union where you take a shot of tequila every time Obama lies is the only rational way to view the event.

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