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Wickedness in High Places

I don’t know if the onion will be completely peeled in regard to the Biden Crime Family.

(Fox) Former FBI Director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a private trust for Joe Biden’s grandchildren, the Daily Mail revealed.

Louis Freeh also spoke with then-VP Joe Biden in 2016 to “explore with him some future work options” that included Hunter Biden.

A person wishing to gain influence in DC asked me my opinion about the ground game. I told the person that the Biden people will all lose power once the walking corpse is replaced by the Ho. The Biden Mafia consists of the Obama people, who slid back into where they were during the Obamanation. Biden’s comfortable with them. It makes sense. Some say that Biden’s brain is applesauce. That’s kind of them.

The Ho will bring in the California mafia when she ascends. There are different people you’ll need to satisfy. They won’t accept a payment to the Biden people as a valid bribe / contribution / honorarium. The question is how long Good Old Joe will last. I predicted June and it may be. I have no idea. I’d be surprised if he lasted out the year, but his people will prop him up as long as they can because they fill their rice bowls as pay-to-play continues. They will gorge themselves until they can gorge no more.

There is also a question of whether Harris will be allowed the top job or whether she too would slip on a banana peel. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.


How Much did Russia Pay?


Ok, it’s all yours.


  1. The Covid Hate Crimes Act was just signed into law.
    I had a hard time wrapping my head around that until I realized it was because the ChiVi was supposed to be inspiring violence against anyone with Asian genetics.
    Laws based on genetics.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Gotta love Ms. Boebert…a Rifle, CO cafe owner who open carries, as does her staff. The Dem’s in Denver (now Congress) tried to take her out [politically]. Didn’t work. She’s correct. What’s infuriating are the imbeciles on the Left using a level of tortured logic to justify killing Keystone and domestic jobs while promoting Russia’s gambit. Kinda obvious, even for the mental ones.

    As for Mr. Salt – the drooling half of the S-n-P team – Matthew 5:13 comes to mind:

    13 “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.”

    Trampling comes in many forms. When China and Russia have ended their usefulness with The Hologram he’ll “have an accident”, like falling up some steps. Hanging would be too good for that treasonous piece of garbage. What will happen once the Adderall stops adding brain function will make the past year look like a picnic.

    Bright spot: Went to Cheyenne yesterday…wide open, felt almost normal. Actually walked around a few stores without the “air of stupidity” stress. Was decent for a change.

    • Arizona is back to normal. I went to a tavern yesterday up in the mountains and there must have been sixty people there eating, drinking, watching an MLB baseball game with empty stands.

      • Gladiator movie scene when the “officials” toss bread to the starving people and the crowd fawned in thanks. Later Commodus says, “Am I not merciful”.

        Seems like now…officials “giving back freedoms they stole” and people are “grateful”. Gag me.

  3. I used to think Xiden would be gone by the end of August. But, now I think we’ll have C’mon Man around a lot longer than we’ve thought. He’s in place, he’ll say anything they tell him to, he’ll do anything they tell him to do – just lookit the pipelines and the crap he’s doing with the military – and his handlers have him on a short enough leash there’s no fear of him showing any initiative, assuming that he’s capable of showing any, which is laughable. From their perspective, what’s not to like?

    And if he strokes out, they can always rent an appliance dolly to wheel him around with. Or trot out The Ho. Willie Brown already proved she’ll do anything she’s told…….

    • The Ho may not be brighter than a twenty wat bulb, but she could still show some initiative – like tossing out some of the Biden parasites and bringing in her own from the Left Coast. That could break rice bowls – and is to be avoided if you’re there gorging yourself on graft like a wolf.

    • If C’mon Man lasts two years, then the Ho finishes his term and is eligible for two terms of her own.

  4. From Anterim County in Michigan and a southern county in Georgia both showing that voting machines could have the votes changed whether they were on the internet or not we cannot keep using voting machines. It is clear that we need to get rid of the voting machines and go back to paper ballots and counting them without machines. It is not clear how long we have been duped for our votes but it must end.

    If the voting is not straight by 2022 the country ends. We cannot count on federal, state, or local votes if the voting is not straight. DC is driving the country into oblivion so we may not make it to 2022.

    • I like the old mechanical lever voting machines, no fraud unless all three election officials doing the final tally at the back were bought off….minimizes human involvement.

    • >If the voting is not straight by 2022 the country ends.

      A credible vote is absolutely necessary for our sort of Republic, but some days I’m certain the Republic is not only dead, but has been for quite some time. We’re merely in the coasting on momentum part of the ride. Empires take decades if not centuries to die. The ordinary American has no say in our money supply or monetary policy; our foreign policy puts America not first; but rather subservient to the interests of another nation-state; it is obvious there is a two-tiered (at least) justice system; the supposedly “free press” is overwhelmingly partisan to the far left; and our military has been ground down externally by getting stuck into multiple misadventures in non-fixable places (see foreign policy above), while simultaneously being destroyed from within through not merely misguided, but actually evil (not to mention stupid), policies from top leadership.

      The political system, at least at Federal level, is a uniparty. There is no opposition to the current regime. The Republican machine is ecstatic that Trump “lost” — not only because they hate him, but so that they can further grift, er, fundraise. I am getting more fund-raising emails than before the election, all sorts of breathless exhortations to “Stop Biden Now!” and “Send a message!” and so forth. The US is controlled by a very small group of people, most of whom are remarkably connected to each other (connected by multiple metrics — a Harvard or Yale degree/fellowship is a common one; you guys can figure out other commonalities among our “Elites”, I’m sure) and who increasingly OVERTLY view the rest of us as beneath them and worthy of nothing but contempt.

      So yeah, fixing the voting system is great, but there is active disincentive to do so for those in charge. I’m not sure I see ways to correct this that don’t involve something that will be called “insurrection” or “rebellion”. And I really really don’t want our nation to go there. What I do know is that, if things go kinetic, the Elites will paint themselves as the Real Victims.

      • I get a lot less crap from the Republican Party since I changed my registration to ‘unaffiliated’. It was my small, insignificant way to send a message, but I don’t know that it was received. Pebble in an ocean.

        • I don’t think I’m even registered with any party. (Though there is a horrible possibility that I am registered Libertarian somewhere in the Midwest. A college indiscretion….) Pretty sure all the solicitations I’m getting are because of giving money to the Trump campaign on-line last year. (Boy, that helped….)

          Oh, and I have a collection of political/get-out-the-vote text (phone) messages from feminist and leftist groups from 2020. After my mother died about 8 years ago, I gave my cell number as the contact, for estate issues. Nothing happened in 2016, but in 2020 all these progressive and nutbag groups were all eager to “help you register, Laura!” and the like (Old Asian woman, must be one of us!” said they to themselves: Idiots). Our friend Jules is privy to a number of text exchanges I’ve had with some of those people. Though there were a few notoriously vindictive groups I didn’t mess with but just ignored.

        • LL. After changing ours to “unaffiliated” we were inundated with Republican calls for a bit, when that stopped we started getting Democrat crap in the mail, the last one was the Biden/Sanders party line, almost tossed my Taco Tuesday’s. Both parties are in bed…useless idiots.

      • Sadly concur, Mike_C.

        The Republic is and has been dead, the news just hasn’t reached it’s extremities yet. I see no way back.


  5. Lauren Boebert’s question that you translate as “How Much did Russia Pay?” is just the first such question.

    If the cartels are making more money on human trafficking and slavery on the border than on drug sales, how much did they pay to get the border into the current state? How much is getting channeled to Joe and who else is getting cartel cash?

    • I recall a situation where a cartel kingpin was held in Honduras. They went to the Clinton Global Initiative – about $200K to be duked in. Bill agreed to personally intervene and get the guy sprung. $20M for Bill to fly down, soft words, hookers, fly back; Cost of the aircraft and entertainers; $1M for all police reports and evidence to vanish and for the locals to release the prisoner. So you can see how the money flows.

      The gateway is usually a bundler (like Fang Fang, Swalwell’s Chinese spy) who has the access to the politician. If it’s presidential or cabinet-level stroke that is needed, there will be two or three more people in the daisy chain who need to be paid. Obama charged $100K for a personal meeting/honorarium. It would cost at least another $100K to arrange the meeting.

      To be fair, they don’t always know that it’s cartel cash if that’s what we’re talking about. There is usually deniability baked in.

      • I’ve seen situations where honorariums from cartel people pay out in the form of quitclaim deeds to valuable property. They’re handed off to relatives of bundlers and those close to the political person (people like Hunter and Slow Joe’s brother, Jim) who execute the quitclaim and take ownership, and then sell the real estate.

        There are a number of ways to do this. I’ve also seen commercial cargo ships have their titles changed to the name of the politico (a holding company where the politician has the beneficial interest). It’s all very clean. Most people don’t know where to look. Putin owns a large fleet of commercial vessels that he personally never touches. In the case of Putin, he uses a brokerage firm in Europe (at least one, I only know of one) to manage these assets.

        • I’ve written a lot about the role of faith professionals interfacing with government officials. In my experience, one thing that they do is bring people to the White House who have special interests.

          George W. Bush established a permanent liaison in the White House for outreach and coordination with religious groups in 2000. Guess what their job was?

          President Trump’s White House did not appoint an official faith adviser until very late in his term.

          Biden has various religious leaders rotating on and off a fixed advisory council underneath the White House faith office. Shall I name names? Oh, let’s do that.

          Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of the Roman Catholic Social Justice Organization. Simone is part of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She founded Network, a social justice lobbying organization (she’s a bundler) that created the “Nuns on the Bus” tours in 2012 to protest proposed Republican budget cuts in social services spending.

          Campbell’s recent announcement that she would be stepping down as head of Network, effective in March, could free her up to step into a faith-based advisory role — at the White House.

          Joel Hunter, 72, a former Orlando megachurch pastor launched Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden this year and was a faith adviser to Obama at the White House. He interfaces with LGBTQ+ lobbying money, and bundles that.

          Rabbi Michael Beals Congregation Beth Shalom in Wilmington, Del.

          Rev. Traci Blackmon, senior pastor of Christ the King United Church of Christ in Florissant, Mo., Social and racial justice warrior, tapped heavily into Black Lives Matter cash.

          Farooq Mitha, a b player in pay to play, but if you’re a Mohammedan in need of political advice and you have money to burn, he’d get you into the White House.

          There are more. The Biden Crime Family favors money coming in through religious conduits because it provides deniability.

      • LL, new way of laundering money from foreign “interests”. Plausible deniability for Ol’ Groper Joe when it comes through Hunter and the brother.

  6. Going back to a previous post for a moment Larry, I just now saw your question about pie shops in my neck of the woods. The only dedicated pie shop/bakery closed in 2018 and between Covid and our natural curmudgeonly inclinations to avoid stupid people, I couldn’t tell you if any of the other Cafe’s can do a decent pie. However, the boss and I are willing to make the sacrifice that so many in the past have made in the quest for knowledge. We will go and evaluate the local establishments and report back…Pepcid stock may go up, as well as our weight, but let the search begin!

        • Bob, I appreciate your sacrifice and that of MRSBOB in locating a bakery that has great pie. When you find one, let me know and I’ll drive down and the pie will be my treat.

        • LL, just so. I was at Pleiku whilst the Christmas bombings were running their course. That was a long way from anywhere if something like Tet or the Easter offensive repeated or rhymed, which was entirely possible. So believe you me, the B-52 is my totem animal.

  7. Lauren Boebert! Early 2000’s had several meals at her restaurant. Clean, well run place. Nothing fancy or pretentious menu offerings but good food with generous helpings. An aunt, uncle, and cousin lived in Rifle and she came to their funeral services.

    I think she is doing a fine job as a freshman in Congress. Already she has pissed off Empress Polsi – good job! She beat a five term go along-get along Congressman in the primary and a trust fund Blue bitch in the general.

      • Exactly…Pretty bad when she’s tougher than her males counterparts (not all, but most). Always good to freshen up the edges with new blood, regardless if a he or she.

  8. Just in case HoJos both have an accident, don’t forget who’s #3 in succession … not that the thought even crossed her mind.

      • It’s in line behind Red Mist. And if I get enough scratch from Red Mist, it might be behind the sequel, which I’m toying with. Writing occupies time and while I obviously have time to blog – the blog doesn’t take up THAT much time.

        Sigh. Ask Old NFO. He’ll tell you.

  9. My brother sent this, I vaguely remember hearing something about it…but watching it caused the room to get seriously dusty, “doing what’s right in an emergency without the need for government. True American righteousness.

    BOATLIFT – An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience:

      • Real people “just do what need doing when the need arises”, the rest watch, altho nowadays post on Instagram et al themselves watching.

      • It’s a long drive for me — for pie. The map says that it’s a 12 hr 2 min drive from here to there (plus stops) – each way.

          • I think Emperor Polis will be (or has) lifting the mask “order”. I ran out for some Chinese take-out (BLECH!) and noticed the place was full of unmasked people. You still see sheeple wandering around with their Rag of Obedience on, but fewer and fewer.

  10. Don’t know what they’re like now, but we enjoyed the pies at Betty’s Pies, along the North Shore Drive in Minnesota. The serve full meals, but save room for the pie – some people eat the pie first and then the meal.
    Their site’s menu:

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