9 thoughts on “September 1914 (Part 2)

  1. Really enjoy your stories. Hope you keep going with them. Thank you for the entertainment.

  2. They're flights of fancy that require a bit of imagination but not much time. Thank you for your kind words. That's what keeps me turning electrons into thoughts, stories and sentiments.

  3. Mmmm another please. Interesting that Otto's wife is given more character than the vanilla Maria.
    circumstances do, people don't, how we see them does.

  4. The next story is titled, "Vampire Zombies from Venus".

    This short was designed to be a "character study". Doing much more with Maria would have required a FAR LONGER piece. When I write these shorts, I do it to work on my writing skills, so I undertake them for specific purposes.

  5. Excellent as ever, Larry. People don't change, do they…
    Flammenwerferapparaten – I shall be practising this word for the rest of the day!

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