The Species

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The Species
“Since the days of Darwin, evolutionists have repeatedly had to extend the time necessary for life to have accidentally occurred. Similarly, Marxocrats keep enlarging the amount of money it will take for their lame theory to work. One thing’s for sure, it’s a dog eat dog world.”

The Power Elite   —  At US STATE

If you think the way that the hive mind wants you to think, you could be on the path to membership in the ruling class. Witness if you will that the daily talking points are handed out by Democrats and they are repeated verbatim from podiums, on ‘news’ (propaganda) broadcasts, and the statements of American legislators. They change every day and you need to be sharp to keep up with the twists, turns and resets. Hillary Clinton enjoyed a close relationship with Russian leaders and oligarchs when she was SECSTATE.

Today, Russia bad. And everyone disliked by the elite is branded as a Russian spy, here to destroy our American way of life.

Freaks and perverts such as Jeffrey Epstein, who catered to the sexual preferences of the great and near great would never be labeled as a Russian. There were too many of the elite who visited his island. Instead, when things got too hot, he was removed from the chessboard, as happens all the time around the Clintons.

13 thoughts on “The Species

  1. So the Epstein thing is over? That's it, folks, move along? Just when the juicy dirt was coming to the surface, the most high profile prisoner ever just kicks the bucket, no explanation, no nothing.

    Is this the America we now live in? Where Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot's method of damage control is the norm?

    There's gotta be some 'splainin' here, Lucy….

  2. You mean, one death is a tragedy and a million is a statistic? That's what Uncle Joe used to say when asked. If I recall correctly, the judge ruled the Epstein death a suicide. That ends the legal probe. The absence of guards, the cameras going down, the absence of material with which to commit suicide by hanging and so forth are all matters that the court (a Clinton appointee) must have considered carefully before rendering the opinion that shut things down.

    That is the America that you've been living in for quite some time. In fact, when you consider the Chicago machine, it's 'normal', not abnormal. It's the same miracle that allows the dead in Illinois to vote and return the Democrats to power.

  3. The question for me is what happens to the abused/traffic'd woman who came forward to testify? Theirs is a special level of hurt when the judge closed the case, as a suicide no less (yeah, right)…might have even been one of the island attendees and was covering his rear-end, or else [fill-in-the-blank…but something along the lines of a dbl-tap "suicide"].

    It appears the MSM all got the memo to leave it alone…mum's the word, baby. (Where's Kojak when you need him?)

  4. The #metoo movement is primarily concerned with people who are not involved with the Clintons. And NBC isn't concerned about #metoo when it involves their corporation. That whole movement swings on the revolving door of political correctness with a healthy dose of "not in my back yard".

    Most of the abused girls were from Eastern Europe and Russia and I honestly don't know how they were handled when they were of no further use. Given the absolute lack of morality of those who ran the island resort and those who attended and used the flesh available, I strongly suspect that they were fed to the fish. Maybe there were videos of Hillary feeding the girls she used to sharks, since she was there too. I wouldn't be surprised.

  5. The wealthy degenerates will find another Epstein soon enough. For now, that particular organized evil is gone. May all involved, before, during, and after rot in hell.

  6. I read that [ocean disposal]…how convenient for the scumbags. God will have His justice, maybe not in this life (drat), but certainly the next.

  7. I'm sure that they have them now (them not 'a'). There are EuroEpsteins plying their trade even as we type.

  8. So true…altho one can always hope — and for good measure do the fire dance to the smiting gods while cooking a good steak. (might as well get dinner if all else fails)

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