A Tearful Departure

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Good Bye Katie

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) resigned from Congress after facing allegations of inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers in her office and on her congressional campaign. Hill, starred in a number of porn movies before taking office, but that conduct continued. She said that she was simply caring for a staffer by combing her hair in the photo (right). Usually people in Congress don’t do that at the office and in the nude. 

“It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community and our country.”

Katie Hill (D-CA)
One can only guess how her time was divided every day while in “The People’s House”, conducting “The People’s Business”. 
We know from staffer statements and from the statements of friends who were invited to orgies at her office in the Capitol that Katie was popular, not only with her staff but with other colleagues in Congress, who shared her bong.
Prior to her resignation, she served (among other assignments) on the House Armed Services Committee, on the Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces and the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces where her top secret clearance gave her access to volumes of sensitive information. 
Some of her fellow elected leaders in the LGBTQ community in the Democrat Party expressed gratitude that Katie didn’t name names before packing her office and heading back to California, where she will be an advocate for grievance groups. She’ll also be keeping the money in her campaign war chest, which will be donated to the Katie Hill Charitable Foundation.

33 thoughts on “A Tearful Departure

  1. On the plus side, a titillating trifle to take the public's mind off other, more important people.

  2. Notice that she blamed it all on right wing media – as if there was any such thing that was significant. Not even the tiniest bit of even a hint of personal responsibility. No siree. She did nothing wrong.

  3. Didn't stop this delusional self-important immoral grifter from spouting off that "she did nothing wrong and this was all fabricated by the right and her ex-husband"…despite obvious evidence to the contrary. The Left tactic – once caught – of attacking and blaming everyone else but themselves. She's the type that would do this:

    "Georgia City Shuts Downs Preschoolers’ Farm Stand Citing Zoning Violations"

    Good riddance to another rotten product of modern California (too bad, it used to be an amazing state…because the Left destroys everything it touches while they lie with ease.)

  4. Yep, millennial all the way… I didn't do nuffin wrong, y'all were just out to get me cause I'm 'different'… And how the HELL did she get a clearance???

  5. She's bi, and is said to be divorcing her husband (who identifies as being male), which puts her in a grievance category. Blaming Trump is a default setting.

  6. She'll get an important post in California. Maybe aid to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). She has skills.

  7. How do the Muslims in Congress get top secret SCI clearances? They hand them out like popcorn. No polygraph required for special access.

  8. Apparently some critical skills to a certain segment of the population. Newsome may need some additional help brushing his hair.

  9. At my place I can see my betters coming from a ways off…although those types tend get nervous when too far from town's protective bubble so rarely venture off the main road. (I'm really a nice guy, honest…but my wife tends to carry when I'm not around.)

  10. It was a simple mistake; she thought she was running for Pubic Office.

    Actually, I am not particularly offended. They were all consenting adults (AFAIK), and time spent getting laid is time not spent trying to abolish the Constitution one bad law at a time.

    However, since the Left started this whole Puritanical French Terror PoundMeToo witchhunt, I'm glad to see them hoist by their own petard.


  11. P.S. – I'd say it's pretty clear she was all up in "The Peoples' Business".

    Man, these headlines write themselves. Too bad journalism is dead.

  12. I don't care where she gets her kicks, and you're right that she was just getting loaded and laid rather than trying to destroy the nation. Some would say that she's not that different from most of our elected representatives except that she took things a bit too far.

  13. I think that she prefers women, but she doesn't necessarily exclude men if they can do things to advance her career. So Newsome may have a shot.

  14. She should carry all the time just as a matter of habit. Of course, it's not a demand, just a suggestion.

  15. They'll give anybody a clearance, even dumb ol' Fredd had a Top Secret codeword clearance. Which used to be 'umbra' back in my day, and has since changed (duh).

  16. I bet she's one of those scummy CA Democrats that is hoping against hope that the Reagan Library burns to the ground.

    And I am frankly surprised that she threw in the towel: that is not the Democrat way. I am thinking that Red Nancy leaned on her to get the hell out, as she was becoming a liability to the cause.

  17. I've been following this curious story of drugs, sex and malfeasance in the corridors of power. Some say the behavior of our ruling elite parallels ancient Rome, except they used to assassinate rivals and embarrassments and we don't. Oh, sorry! Have to walk that back.

  18. I think that the creepy California Representative was in a position to upstage both Nancy and AOC, and she had to go.

  19. Not much difference between ancient Rome and USA when it comes to the seat of government. The Epstein murder is starting to get legs again, just when the Clintons thought that paying off the NY Medical Examiner would give them a free ride. If Hillary runs, it will be one of those things that keeps surfacing.

  20. I stopped short of putting up links to her porn films, which, based upon reporting outside of this blog, are becoming viewer favorites because of the star. Never fear, we're moving on now.

  21. I guess. Look at the flap when President Trump tried to pull former DCI Brennan's clearance when he left government. And Brennan is a traitor.

  22. Adrienne, you'd need a body condom or a space suit with self-contained atmosphere system to make a run at that safely. She's like a human petri dish.

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