EA-6B Prowler

The Prowler is part of history now, having been replaced by the F-18 Growler.


The Orientation of Ancient Pyramids and Temples

What (if anything) do they teach us? This article provides some food for thought. I haven’t thought through his thesis completely and whereas I can take umbrage (knee jerk) here and there, proving or disproving is something that I haven’t done. A lot of the entries on this blog are me throwing the spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. The same is true with this. I think that his dating of ancient structures is off considerably. That notwithstanding, it may be worth your time to check it out.

It is now also easy to understand why CO2 lags on changing temperatures and why it cannot be held responsible for substantial climatic changes. We can now solve the many yet unsolved problems.

What many climate scientists never seem to have noticed is that Greenland is also the center point of the Laurentide ice sheet, the Innuition ice sheet, and the Scandinavian ice sheet.

As a climate scientist, to “create” an icecap on Greenland by playing with computer models with the assumption this island has never been on the geographic pole requires the strangest, most unscientific models you can imagine. Climate science has nothing to do with real science – it is a pseudoscience that mostly serves the agendas of politicians. Mainstream scientists do not dare to oppose this agenda and are afraid to lose their funding.

Our discovery questions a host of mainstream ideas regarding history, paleontology, archaeology, climatology, and geology. Mathematics, as the Queen of Science, does not care about ideas built on material “evidence.” Mathematics is the only immutable truth wherever we are, whatever we do, whatever we believe, and no matter how much mathematics is hated or feared. Mathematics can show us that most generally accepted ideas, from history to geology, are based on corrupted science, i.e., wrong belief systems.


Bullet Points:

* I think it’s worth noting, we’re seeing a lot of former President Obama on the campaign trail — not as much of the current president who spends his weekends at his beach house. Demented old Joe falsely said he passed his much-ballyhooed student loan bailout package by a “vote or two” even though Congress has not yet voted on it.  “It’s so nice to be insane, no one asks you to explain.”

Tudor Dixon

* Are Ed B and the Michigan crew about to get a little relief? Tudor Dixon is favored to win the governor’s mansion. I hear a lot of mixed reviews on her but she is clearly better than Gretchen.

The GOP must deliver in the next two years to prevail and take the executive branch to fix festering boils like the FBI and DOJ.

* In a world of woke television series on Netflix and Prime, The Peripheral checks woke boxes to more of the same. I thought that because of that the critics would love it but no, they don’t. It has all of the makings of another boring piece created to fit the Hollywood narrative. There are only two episodes out so maybe things will change and it will become interesting, but I doubt it.

* Not trusting USGOV doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist. It makes you a history buff.

* From the mailbaghave I watched Barbarians Season 2 on Netflix? If so, what did I think of it? I watched it after the e-mail and I didn’t like it as well as Season 1. I wasn’t fond of the portrayal of Tiberius or Germanicus. It’s just a personal thing, I guess. There was a lot of barbarian politics and it dragged. Then there was the near-obligatory homosexual relationship in the series today between the gay leader of the Barbarian hoard and Armenius’ brother (a gay Roman prefect). I found more turn-offs than things to praise. Viewing it felt like a waste of time.

* Sometimes I feel worthless, but then I remember that I breathe out CO2 to help plants. And THEN I remember that the Brandon regime has declared war on CO2…

* File this one under more about the potential of Norse settlements in North America. Because the story is about a woman, apparently it’s cool to talk about it. Did Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir, the far traveler, really exist? And, if so, did she really set foot in the Americas 500 years before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue? There are certainly credible elements to the story. It’s just racking up another reason to have a Viking Day in America to accompany Columbus Day and Native American Day.


A Cautionary Note about the Choice of Costume


  1. I was thinking of giving The Peripheral a look, and I guess I still might although the odds have dropped. Still, last night with nothing to watch over dinner, we started in on Stallone’s “Samaritan” on Prime. Ended up watching the whole thing. Sort of a superhero story with a few dark twists thrown in. Overall, call it a “C plus” or so.

  2. I’ll have to give some time to Antiquity Reborn; always want to keep an open mind.

    As far as CO2 is concerned I always thought it was made the boogeyman just because it could be made to sound ominous. Isn’t it only responsible for at most 2% of global warming with water vapor the major culprit with well over 90%. That is if global warming (climate change) even exists.

  3. I was always of the opinion that carbon dioxide became a “poison” because some journalist squish was taking his/her/its/whatever undergrad mandatory course in the basic sciences for their BA and was never able to understand that carbon dioxide was a totally different compound than carbon monoxide.

    • Nope. It became a poison, and pollution, because once it has been accepted that the government can and should regulate human respiration, they have the absolute tyranny they have always so desired.


  4. “Barbarians Season 2 on Netflix? […] I found more turn-offs than things to praise. Viewing it felt like a waste of time.”

    Grant me the indulgence of quoting myself from February this year:

    “Seeing as the narrative-creators have their camel noses in pretty much all the entertainment tents, I’m expecting the next season to go woke”

    • Yes, you did call it. It wasn’t necessary or part of the plot to have the Romans & Barbarians buggering each other. They added it to increase the score with the critics or just to scratch itches that they had.

  5. “Did Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir, the far traveler, really exist? And, if so, did she really set foot in the Americas 500 years before Christopher Columbus…”

    Apparently a lot of folks did. But…going out on a limb here…for the Vikings someone needed to make the meals and keep the boys in line. Seems reasonable she did, especially with a name like that.

    Speaking of cool names, Tudor Dixon is terrific, from what I have heard from her anyway. The Wicked Witch of Detroit needs ousting something fierce. Anyone voting Democrat deserves further personal pain.

    Watched Samaritan, agree with Si, C-plus, but was worth burning the rare afternoon when the weather was lousy. Got 4 minutes into The Peripheral…nope. Might be good for those who like that sort of thing.

    Then again, The Grand Tour | Scandi Flick dropped two or three weeks ago [Prime] and I have yet to watch it. The Boys are older but still putting themselves out there in British humor full auto crash style.

        • I’ve got “James May On The Edge of Space”, where he takes his U-2 flight. He also did a very good series on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11.

          I’ve seen some things that Hammond did, and they were pretty good, too.

      • When I was stationed in England back in the 90s I followed a Robin partway home one night on black ice covered roads. Good Lord the man was skilled but he was all over the road and finally lost it on an off camber curve. Slow motion crash so no injuries and I gave him a ride home, he seemed to think the whole thing was great fun.

  6. Vikings, Columbus, etc. The Americas were likely visited, even settled, by earlier peoples. Phoenicians, Chinese, and maybe others. The Oregon Suislaw tribe’s language is considered a “language isolate” but has many similarities with some Japanese dialects. Jade is found in abundance in British Columbia but is rare in Asia. The lists go on and on. Kennewick man, anyone?

  7. I have interviewed Tudor three times now.
    The first was an set of questions to see if she would weasel and show herself as establishment.
    She passed with flying colors, and coincidentally her polls went up 20% after that interview putting her in the lead in the primaries.
    I am thrilled. And praying. She asked me to pray last interview.
    She’s been outspent 24M to 1 and little NatGOP help.

    • Your interviews were what gave me insight into her character, then when Tucker spoke with her. I think she’s solid, minimally what LL said, vastly better than the alternative.

  8. just remember you’re never worthless. your mere existence is a thorn in the left’s side and that has great value indeed. everything else is gravy.


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