Bombs – I have a few problems with the bombs recently sent to famous Democrats.

(1) In the photos I have seen on media, the stamps are not canceled. Which is very suspicious and suggests that they were not passed through the post office.

(2) None of the devices detonated. If they’d been sent by Republicans to Democrats, I suggest that they would have.

(3) It smacks of a hoax, possibly to increase the TV ratings of CNN and MSNBC.


Halloween – You don’t have that many shopping days left. If you have any doubt about whose grandchildren will be the cutest little candy scavengers out there, that would be mine. 

(right) Alyssa (9) and Savannah (5) are trying things out. Courageous Lion and Dorothy…their younger sister is Toto.
I went to one of those Halloween costume stores and wandered around with one of my grandsons. Where were they when I was a kid? You can buy some seriously cool stuff there. Sure, it’s essentially landfill, but it’s neat. You can buy a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire (plastic). When I was a boy we wrapped real barbed wire around baseball bats. How things have changed.
It’s a holiday for dentists. Then there is the dramatic run-up to Christmas. Christmas is an expensive holiday. Independence Day is my favorite because I like BBQ, fireworks and no emotional baggage. I’ll be in SoCal this Halloween, so I’ll be going from door to door with the grandchildren to protect them from perverts and genuine freaks.
The Election – I really hate robo-calls and unsolicited texting. The crap that comes in the mail is instantly tossed.  


  1. +1 on the robocalls, and to the phone solicitors as well. Robocalls get hung up on immediately. If there's a live person on the line, I inform them I never donate to organizations who solicit me over the phone. Mailings. I already know who I'm voting for. I won't be swayed by a flier telling me how evil the other guy is.

  2. We don't even answer our land line anymore (or as The Donald would call it, the 'hard line.), as they are 99% robo or solicitors. We should just rip those dated, obsolete wires out of the walls and be done with it.

    As for the junk mail, like Jim, we toss it without further thought.

    I get informed on the issues the good old fashioned way: gossip and the National Inquirer, in addition to Virtual Mirage, of course. And Fox News is usually reliable, except for liberal pinko trolls that eventually get fired from Fox: Megan Kelly, Allison Camerotta, and hopefully soon Sheppard Smith.

    Mail bombs: I, too, noticed the uncancelled stamps. That doesn't square with the reports that they were all sent via the US Post office. And I too am of the belief that if a Republican were sending these bombs out, they would work. We conservatives on the whole are a competent lot, unlike liberal pajama boys, who have the concepts down pat on paper while they plot in their parent's basements, but when it comes to getting things to work in real life, uh uh. Not that I would encourage any Republican sending out bombs. Just like I don't encourage Bill Cristol bad mouthing our president, despite being a 'conservative.'

  3. I'll be going from door to door with the grandchildren to protect them from perverts and genuine freaks.

    Will you charge them a candy tax?

  4. Bill Cristol feels that HE would make a far better president than Donald Trump. Just ask him. The Fox crew has a few bad apples and Sheppard Smith seems to be the worst.

  5. They are remarkably protective of their candy hoard. The trove is usually counted. They will usually give up a piece (of something that's outside of their favorite zone) if I ask.

  6. P. S. I gave up on hard line phones a long time ago. I had a hard line (well, I have nothing at the moment) that I used for a FAX. At the WWM, I will only use cellular and satcom tech.

  7. When I was a boy we wrapped real barbed wire around baseball bats. How things have changed.

    Have they ever…!

  8. Within the ranks of the conservatives are literally millions of government-trained people who know how to build and detonate bombs of all sorts. How many have conservatives used against political opponents?


  9. Someone asked me – why send mail bombs to someone who doesn't open their own mail?
    Oh, and while we are at it – why use a timer and not a switch to trigger it? That IS how letter bombs/ mail bombs work… that is one of several things that tell me that these were not intended to work.

  10. I've got some flickering lights to install along the path leading to the front door, some speakers to place and wire, a couple of light projectors that produce scary images, and a fog machine.

    And lots of candy.

    Bring it!

  11. I figure someone paid him enough to fall on his sword and who knows what he will claim.
    I doubt his honesty, I know that.
    Getting too cynical, I guess.

  12. The reality behind the bombs is irrelevant. All that matters is that something that looked like a bomb was sent to a bunch of leftists and demonrats. That is ALL the info required by the media whores to spend the final days till midterms excoriating Trump, the GOP, America and anyone else they can lie about as part of the propagandistic effort to regain power. Any evidence that doesn't match their agenda will be convienently ignored…..something the media as been doing for years….and any "evidence" needed to help the cause will be manufactured.

  13. I don't know, the one on the left has a funny nose… just teasing. They're both cuties and their little dog too 😉

  14. We've already bought Round One of the Halloween candy, but it looks as though we may not have enough, so we'll have to do a Round 2 before next Wednesday. I have no idea where the candy goes 😉

  15. Geraldo and Juan are there for counterpoint opinions. I find them annoying, but not as annoying as Sheppard Smith.

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