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Caption: NSA and the Surveillance Society

Below: Gorgon Stare is old technology.


Bullet Points:

** The Washington Post obtained the NSA’s top-secret black budget from Snowden. This budget exposed the successes and failures of the 16 spy agencies comprising the U.S. intelligence community. It revealed that the NSA paid U.S. private tech companies for clandestine access to their communications networks.

** Take the battery out of your cell phone…then what?

** Abraham Lincoln once asked General Winfield Scott this question: “Why is it that you were once able to take Mexico City in three months with five thousand men, and we have been unable to take Richmond with one hundred thousand men?”

“I will tell you,” said General Scott. “The men who took us into Mexico City are the same men who are keeping us out of Richmond.”

** “Although some commentators have argued that this was a halfhearted effort by Iran, intended to make a political point and not inflict damage, the facts do not support that. Iran launched over 300 missiles,” Mark Cancian, a senior adviser for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the Washington Examiner. “A reasonable prewar calculation would have estimated that several dozen at least would get through, causing many casualties and much destruction. Further, the attack used every missile in Iran’s inventory. Iran did not [hold] anything back.”

** From BRM – The price of an apple in Boston – A Boston-based influencer has sparked outrage over inflation after claiming she paid $7 for a single apple at Whole Foods.

“Genuinely, what economy are we all f–king living in that it costs 7 dollars to buy an apple?” she asked. “I could have sworn that some other apple I bought was not seven f–king dollars. It’s crazy, like 7 dollars for a latte? OK. This apple better be tasting so f–king good.

** Democrats for Hamas…what else is new? More here from Legal Insurrection.

** (h/t Claudio) – On April 21, 2024, Ukraine attacked Sevastopol Naval Base with Neptune anti-ship missiles and damaged Russia’s iconic 112-year-old submarine rescue vessel Kommuna. Follow the link to the article. The Russians claim that the ship survived the attack, but it’s old. I suspect that even though pumps keep it floating, it’s scrap. The Russians have precious little good news coming out of Ukraine, but they’re accustomed to suffering. They’ve vowed to fight the war to the last Ukrainian.

** Ukraine – Vladimir Putin ordered VMN, Vysshaya Mera Nakazaniya, Supreme Degree of Punishment, from the old Article 58 of Stalin’s state penal code. It meant that the Ukrainian leadership should be tortured to death over a long period (not just shot in the head, fed live into a wood chipper or a blast furnace) if captured. They sent capture/kill teams into Kiev toward the beginning of the war to accomplish that, but it’s not the old Soviet Union, and the SVR teams bungled the kidnappings.


You know you have dementia when you think cannibals ate your uncle.

I expect Pedo Joe to ask if you heard the one about the cannibal who passed his uncle in the jungle.

They sort of write themselves, don’t they?



(Robert Arvay) (edited) For conservatives, the specter of another four years of radical leftism means another forty. Unprecedentedly massive, government-sponsored, illegal immigration will inevitably lead to a new, loyal, and permanent voting bloc, legal or otherwise.  The entire purpose of government-funded illegal immigration is to bring about illegal voting for leftists.  Not only that but even after the election, the 2030 census will, if leftists prevail, bestow representation in Congress to people who break the law every day just by being here. These people do not share our heritage or values, people who, in many cases, hate us.  Those representatives will tend overwhelmingly to be leftists.  They are supposed to represent you, but they will instead support those who are taking your job and siphoning off your tax dollars.

Other factors will spell the end of constitutional democracy, the rule of law, and the bastardization of our culture, but government-funded lawbreaking will be sufficient to do its intended job.

The other side of the coin is that the leftist nightmare already occurred in 2016 when Hillary Clinton unexpectedly lost her throne, and Donald Trump was elected president.  The Left escaped its fate by immediately moving to cripple the Trump presidency, by endlessly undermining his every effort, and by carefully plotting never again to lose the White House.  The Left learned its lesson.  It is not enough to lie, cheat, and steal.  The lies must be Josef Goebbels’ “big lie.”  The cheating must be shameless, even when it is exposed.  The stealing must be grand, leaving no mail-in ballot unblemished.  The only reason Clinton lost in 2016 was because the Left lied, cheated, and stole, but not enough.  In 2020, the limits came undone, and the left pulled off the greatest fraud in history.

They fully expect to do it again but on an even grander scale.

Only this time, even fraud will not be enough.  Nobody will believe if the leftist candidate officially “wins” in a historic landslide.  The ordinary American, shocked into inaction since the January 6 incident, is in no mood to hand over his country to yet another blatant, apparent theft. State legislators are on notice.  To certify their electors, there must be no reasonable doubt that the vote was conducted within the requirements of the law.  The legislators now know, as many of them did not in 2020, that no one can require them to certify an elector until they have performed their due diligence.  That power is theirs alone, not the secretaries of state.

But the Left is also aware of this.  Their game plan will factor that in.



California Dreaming

Leave California Now—California’s massive budget deficit, coupled with its relatively high unemployment rate, has become a significant barrier to reducing the billions of dollars of debt it has incurred to pay unemployment benefits.

The surge in unemployment brought on by the COVID pandemic pushed the state’s unemployment insurance trust into insolvency. Over the last year, California’s joblessness has been on the upswing again, reaching 5.3 percent in February, the highest among all states. The March job numbers come out Friday.

Sacramento has been borrowing billions of dollars from the federal government to keep the safety-net program operating when the taxes paid by employers and earmarked for jobless benefits are insufficient. The debt now stands at about $21 billion and is growing, an increasing burden for state deficit fighters and businesses that pay into the jobless insurance program. Payroll taxes paid by employers are rising to cover not only payouts to unemployed workers but also a state surcharge and a gradually increasing federal surtax to help pay off the principal on the debt. But the tax increases are not enough to deal with the huge loan the state has incurred, or at least not in any timely manner.

California has already paid more than $650 million in interest on the loan, and another approximately $550 million is due on Sept. 30.

“Businesses are going to continue to see the slow boil eating into their margins,” said Robert Moutrie, senior policy advocate for the California Chamber of Commerce.

The article doesn’t mention the full welfare and medical benefits paid to illegal aliens.

The Federal Government had better bail out California before President Trump takes office…


The Norman Conquest of England (Castle Construction)


The Song Remains the Same







Identify the ISR Aircraft





No Id Required

Vat Tay Airport (Vientiane, Laos) is located near the temple of the same name on Luang Prabang Road, on Vientiane’s western edge. In the late 1960s, cargo aircraft dominated the airport’s traffic.

White Powder: A Novel of the CIA and the Secret War in Laos

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60 thoughts on “In God We Trust – All Others We Monitor

  1. Identify the ISR Aircraft:
    1. Northrop Grumman Firebird
    2. Northrop Grumman Tern
    3. Northrop Grumman Bat

  2. I was speaking with my local Comm shop Commander about computer vulnerabilities, he stated:
    “The only truly secure computer is one that is new and still sealed inside the box, and I am not totally sure of that”

    If you really need your phone to be secure and not spying, then here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Take out the battery
    2. Drop the phone and battery into a Faraday bag
    3. then drop the bag in an open volcano

    Easy fix, no worries…
    You are now secure except,
    Now they know you have broken one of their toys, the games afoot.

    MSG Grumpy

      1. My new phone is a Motorola. Not only the battery cannot be removed but the phone is still ‘on’ even when manually turned off.
        I know this because it issues wimps and whistles, or activates when it detects a nearby noise such as a cough or sneeze. My perception of it is it’s tantamount to Alexis 2.0
        It’s been less than one month since purchase. I think I will return it then submit to a jitterbug.

        No longer anywhere close to being in business, my only want is to send and receive phone calls

    1. The iceberg situation is well known and you can easily test it at home. Thus, an ice-free Arctic Ocean is really mox nix as far as sea levels go. OTOH, the Greenland ice sheet and the ice cap on Antarctica, are (mostly) on land and would have a more significant effect on sea levels if melted. Fortunately, that melting would take decades to centuries to complete. We have some time to adjust if, as, or when that actually happens.

      1. You have to reflect on the ice ages that Earth went through systematically, the ice sheets that stretched across Canada, Northern Europe, Asia, and up from Antarctica, and whether man-caused activity will forestall that from happening again.

  3. IF you can take the battery out, wrap the phone in tinfoil afterward. iPhone users may want to triple wrap the device to prevent from contracting an STD from the potential listener. So I’ve heard anyway.

          1. And every single one of their posts is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing….

  4. >>** “Although some commentators have argued that this was a halfhearted effort by Iran, intended to make a political point and not inflict damage, the facts do not support that. Iran launched over 300 missiles,” Mark Cancian, a senior adviser for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the Washington Examiner. “A reasonable prewar calculation would have estimated that several dozen at least would get through, causing many casualties and much destruction. Further, the attack used every missile in Iran’s inventory. Iran did not [hold] anything back.”<<

    From what I saw reported in the MSM, the "saving face by Iran" was the message I took away. Now reading that they shot their entire load and it didn't work I have to readjust… what does piss me off is the manipulation of ME by the media making Iran look reasonable by not reporting the facts..

    Speaking of media manipulation… I just read a piece that talks about who owns it all today.. that wasn't really what the article was about but it sure explained a lot of what I'm seeing!
    The $7 apple just sounds like Whole Foods pricing to me..
    "The cheating must be shameless, even when it is exposed"… when you control the media it seems exposure is not what it was…

      1. Don’t be a hater, WSF. They’re doing their best to get them off the ground. Remember Saddam (the late Saddam) Hussein’s Scuds that broke apart mid-flight and landed as flying junk?

          1. They locally modified the missiles to increase the tank sizes, and hence the range.

            Turns out they can’t weld for shit……

          2. That being said, nobody wants thousands of pounds of Russian/Iraqi junk landing where they are standing.

    1. Since The [corrupt] Teachers Union doesn’t teach Civics anymore there are a number of generations that have no clue so believe everything “the spouters” say…and most couldn’t pass a 1960’s test on The Constitution and our government, let alone math.

    2. America, right now, is a National Socialist government. Government indirectly involved in every aspect of the population’s lives.

      We’re supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. Supposed to be.

      1. They’re definitely committed to having only one political party. I’m surprised that they don’t have the military pledge personal loyalty to Pedo Jo/Ho.

  5. Gorgon Stare- With cell phone tracking (nah, device manufacturers aren’t in bed with the Fed’s…why would you think that) and CCTV cam’s everywhere, makes GS look like a toy. J^ was a case in point; The Fibbie Sunglass Boys preemptively brought in a cell truck to capture every cell phone…they aren’t THAT good at tracking grandma down, but this is how they ID’d everyone there that day.
    Granny Smith Apple Influencer- Immediately thought of Pinette: “I went to Russia, people stand in line for b-r-e-a-d. ALL DAY! This must be good bread! This must be the best bread on the planet so I figured I’d stand in line too, had to try it as I was starvin’!” If this chick buys a $7 apple…who’s the fool. Yet shrinkflation actually doubles the current inflation rate (actual is hovering somewhere around 18%, not the BS they shovel to the masses everyday.)
    Ice melting- Heard yesterday the Hyperventilator Chicken Little’s are pushing the “polar ice caps are melting” lie again. Guess they too got a D in geography in Junior High. Half the people have been blinded by their own ignorance…which is exactly what TPTB want…and Satan.
    Defending one’s homestead- 7-1 acquittal for the Nogales Rancher (one nudge being the holdout). No evidence, no bullet, no nothing. But the DA brought the case. What are the odds the reprobate DA will try the case again? I guess – for those of us ‘We The People’ who understand out Constitutional rights to defend ourselves and property from invaders (let in by the Fed’s and their state-level operatives…because 90% are installed operatives) then what do we have? We have us working for them and we’d better tow the line. Nope.

    1. “Mistrial”, not acquittal (pre-coffee)…altho shoulda been an acquittal “with prejudice” save for the one dingus/dingette. In these cases (like PDJT and every J6’er), the process is the punishment. We need to adopt “loser pays”…altho doubtful the DA would call Uncle because they can’t think normally and simply concede this was a sham-wow trial.

    2. Yep, it’s almost trivial these days to scan, capture, store, and analyze wide swaths of the RF spectrum in real time. If you’re looking at a very specific group of frequencies, or a certain band of frequencies, it gets even easier. Since they knew exactly what they were looking for, it’s a real yawner……laptop stuff. Maybe a small, unobtrusive SUV.

      This kind of stuff used to take RACKFULLS of equipment, with skilled people manning it, to do.

        1. Individually we have to determine whether it’s important (and at what level) that Google et al (in bed with The Federal Gov’t) captures all our data then sells it as a commodity to use as a cudgel against us to destroy America.

        2. Yes, you can do an amazing amount of processing with software and a simple RF “Front End”. The $20 USB “dongles” and some free software will open your eyes to what’s out there.

  6. Melting ice bergs. Not sure the above demonstration applies to ice sheets sitting on land. Don’t care. If it gets warm enough to melt them too, we got bigger problems. Agree 100% that the “climate” BS is just a political money scam.

    Iphone. I just stick mine in a 30 cal ammo can. That will have to do.

    Love the grenade meme. I have the same that reads, “The M-67 grenade. When F-you just isn’t getting the point across”.

    1. Well, since Guam is an island it’ll float higher and not “drown”…just ask another congressional genius, Hank Johnson. BUT…you can’t move there to safeguard from the new Earthly Flood, it might tip over if everyone goes to one end of the island.

    2. I phone in ammo can won’t do it. Dropped my brides fone in a can called her number ,,,yep it’s ringing , took fone and am,o box and put it in the steel tool box on my pickup , had my bride call it yep it’s ringing. No way to hide.

  7. Volume: Those people could sit and watch the ice melt and still wouldn’t see the connection … or come to dis-believe their narrative.

    1. We know a lot more about tectoic plate subduction and spreading than we did ten years ago. Unfortunately the flawed models are still being taught at universities as fact. Paleomagnetism (my present course of study as slowly I chop through the master’s degree toward a PhD) is a completely new area of science that puts a lot of previously cherished theories to the test. If any of you are interested, I refer you to Lisa Tauxe’s text book, “Essentials of Paleomagnetism” as a place to start. (youtube) Paleomagnetism in the Pacific Northwest by Dr. Nick Zentner discusses aspects of the subject.

      1. Wow, amazing instructor, one hour the guy never stopped. Key point… not just plates colliding… but moving in respect to the ordinate pole… now I have a whole new perspective give to study… I hope this does turn into my wanting a PhD… time for a cup of coffee and go stand in the yard.

  8. With respect to the iceberg analog, retreating polar sea ice may not raise ocean levels but the melting of glaciers has raised sea levels as evidenced by changes since the last ice age. However, sea ice and glaciers have been increasing in the last couple of decades from things I have seen around the internet.

    Over at Borepatch, he reports that a the data has been fudged greatly to fit the “Narative” of global warming. It is so bad that you can’t trust so called climate scientist one wit.

  9. Regarding a $7 apple in Boston.

    First, it’s Whole Foods, so…

    Second, it’s probably an ‘organic’ apple grown on some ‘organic’ farm by ‘organic’ farmers and delivered in an ‘organic’ way.

    Third, ever see the price of ‘inorganic’ fruit at a convenience store in a free state?

    Fourth, who the frick cares what some whiney libtard transmorpic dystopic mioptic fruitcake who, as someone said above, has half a million in student loan debt (well, until Potato Joe paid it off)?

    Seriously, my wife loves apples. She says the regular apples from our supermarket, or Sams or Walmart taste perfectly fine. And she’s a snob about produce.

    1. Dive Medic, if I am correct, laid it out very well. For sale is the shopping experience; the floors are clean, unhurried shopping in well lit wide aisles whilst rubbing elbows with fellow elite
      Is the $7 apple seven times better than the Kroger $1 apple? Yes, if the aforementioned is in consideration.

      But Lucy Liberal had to make a splash on soc. media. (How very unegalitarian of her) The irony which escapes the mental heathen is she indulges the very inequality she lambastes.

  10. As to the Norman Castle, gee, a firebase is a firebase is a firebase. The Romans would have recognized what the Normans did, so would later designers of Star Forts and even the designers of Fort Sumpter and the people who laid out firebases in Vietnam.

    Not a bad design for support and control of an area even today, as long as the attackers don’t have decent artillery or air assets.

    1. The Romans (as Julius demonstrated as did others) would have surrounded it and would have reduced it with siege artillery. The Romans were first and foremost, engineers. By the time the Normans needed to hold the land, the knowledge of complex torsion catapults had passed. They relearned it eventually. How many burgs were taken by storm? It was very rare. They’d sit back with light artillery (yew bows) and mark their targets. The Vikings were successful at times but even then – rare.

  11. Quite peculiar, the UK is proud of it’s heritage even as it rushes to create a new future revolving mostly around replacement of that heritage. The new having nothing in common with the old. Even the conquering is different; this time welcomed.

  12. Good vid on the castle building… Gives one ‘ideas’… And loved White Powder. Lots of ‘truth’ in that novel. Re the ‘icebergs’… sigh…

  13. The opening image reminds me of my apartment in Torrance before I met SLW….

    So wrap your phone with aluminum foil, kiddies.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen in November. I wouldn’t put it past “them” to attempt to pull something really big requiring martial law. Or maybe we get nuked. Or an “EMP Event” occurs. We all talk about tipping points, and I think The Big One is coming.

    I’m with Beans on the $7 apple.

    1. DRJIM and I fled the fetid city and the People’s Republic of Kalifornia at about the same time. We endured Covid 19 elsewhere. I didn’t have to deal personally with the Black Lives Matter riots. It was good that I wasn’t there (good for me and really good for them). I live where I need to live . I don’t deal well with woke. I agree with DRJIM that there is a tipping point coming. BRM writes about it on his blog as does Old NFO. You comment on it here. I don’t ever think that you can be adequately prepared for upheaval and the Swamp needs precisely that if they’re to continue the policies of unchecked illegal immigration, unrestrained income redistribution, and the global warming (bullshit) agenda.

    2. LL generated one helluva of radio shack, would have made this 12 year-old (inside) salivate upon entering. You’d have to slide pizzas under the door as I wouldn’t come out for a while.

        1. The invites to the campfire have been fewer and fewer as I get more cynical (knowledgeable?)…but you and a few others here certainly have open invites to roast a few marshmallows on the glowing tubes of old radios.

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