The Summit between the USA and North Korea in Hanoi ended more abruptly than most observers expected it to and as usual, the media blamed the Americans. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.
The American team brought up the secret North Korean facility for enriching uranium that is located at Bungang, and it caught the North Koreans by surprise because they thought the US was unaware of the facility and it’s ongoing activity.

On 6 March, the South Korean newspaper Korea JoongAng Daily, published a detailed report about the secret facility. It is an underground facility located at Bungang, a few kilometers from the Yongbyon graphite-moderated nuclear reactor and plutonium reprocessing campus. 

The North Koreans consider it separate from Yongbyon. When Kim offered to dismantle the Yongybyon facility, this facility was not included in his offer. The US team asked for it to be included.
“The Bungang complex is situated just northeast of the existing Yongbyon complex,” one source, cited by JoongAng Daily said. “The North Koreans built an underground highly enriched uranium factory there to prevent detection from abroad.” 
This town is where the Yongyon workers reside. It is a nuclear town, with a high school and higher learning facilities geared to nuclear physics. US and South Korean intelligence agencies reportedly have suspected this site since 2008. 
Yongbyon overhead view
The North Koreans remain under no obligation to stop weapons production or to reduce the threat to South Korea and Japan in any way. The continuation of arms business as usual during negotiations is a strategy that does not support Kim’s profession of good will and bonhomie.
Their national investment in weapons is so great and the portion of the working population tied to arms production is so large that no North Korean leader could agree to denuclearize. And therein is their dilemma. They can feed their people or they can make weapons of mass destruction, but they find it difficult to do both. So they’ll continue to enrich uranium.


  1. Naturally, the corrupt, lying, venal, filthy, progressive, global warming experts at the mainstream media wouldn't cover the critical details. They simply used the breakdown in talks as a reason to criticize the president.

    Which is why there are blogs.

  2. The swamp,the media, and now the NORKS can't wrap their heads around the man. They can't fathom someone who isn't a go along, get along politician. Hope his health holds up and we have him for eight years.

  3. We're so accustomed to worthless politicians running the country, that when you put a businessman (who thinks like a businessman) who has already earned his fortune in charge, stuff starts to make sense.

    And of course he's an existential threat to the career politicians and their minions in the FBI who comprise the Deep State.

  4. Yep, heard we 'caught them off guard' so to speak. And they didn't have an answer, because Kim is the ONLY one that makes decisions.

  5. Thanks for reporting the news. Of course our media can't do that, it's far too busy stoking the fires of the failed but ongoing coup against the president.

    Still, good luck North Korea. Can't eat nuclear bombs.

  6. Kim is the infallible son of dictators, dear leader, the anointed one. And he's the only fat man in North Korea, which makes sense. He has that look of a Buddha about him.

    Yeah, the Norks didn't think that we knew they were enriching uranium at Bungang, but from what I've heard on the street, it was a poorly kept secret.

  7. The only news fit to print by the mainstream media is the demise of President Trump, whose approval rating is rising, and is above where Barack's was at this time in his first term. They'd never report that.

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