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Does anyone remember the Obama $800 billion stimulus bill to create ‘shovel ready jobs’? Does anyone think that a trillion and a half will have any more impact than the first one did? Obama Stim netted about 25 jobs.  The rest was eaten up ‘overhead’ required to create minimum wage part-time jobs.

A decent percentage of the money ends up in the pockets of legislators’ families (like the Big Guy getting his 10%) when money is spent in their districts.

Like the Obama Green Energy companies that received billions, kicked back to Barack and then all went under… Same scam this time. Same stupid voters. Same evil politicians.


Russian Nuclear Powered Showers

(h/t Claudio) They use the nuclear barge to heat your home. The Russians are testing the concept. You can only hope that there is an eye toward the maintenance of the reactor.


Small Modular Reactors

Global Warming is a hoax. I think that we all know that. Carbon isn’t the problem that the progs want you to think that it is. Having written that, the only viable alternative (fusion energy is still a long way off) at the moment is nuclear energy and small modular reactors show a lot of promise for safety and efficiency. Or you can burn natural gas. Coal is plentiful and there are clean coal plants but a lot of them in China are nowhere near clean.


Americans Stranded in Ethiopia

(From Gateway Pundit) The Afghanistan scenario may be playing out again in Ethiopia.


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  1. Small nuclear reactors have been a good thing since they were first designed and built by General Electric back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. But butt-hurt Greenies got them shut down. Every time they are re-proposed, the Greenies shut them down.

    We need to get rid of the Greenies, then we could have neighborhood nuclear reactors and be able to actually charge all of the electric vehicles we want.

    Much better for the environment than giant killer fans that don’t work, or solar farms put on good actual farm lands.

  2. As for commenting, I would like to propose the following: Does it really matter how bad the prosecutor and the FBI are in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial when we know that there are forces actively working on harassing and suborning the jury? Will Kyle get an actual real verdict or will it be like the jury in the Chauvin trial?

  3. Rumor going around that Newson has had a negative reaction to the death jab shot, which would explain why he’s been less visible lately. Interesting, if true.

  4. Mark Twain wrote a book on the subject, The Guilded Age, A Tale of Today. Find it. Read it. Shake your head and laugh at Twain. Then go out and change the environment so that corrupt politicians pay for their misdeeds.

  5. I definitely remember the Obama “I can’t believe they bought that crap” graft act. Granholm, the Kamala of energy secretary’s, was Michigan’s governor. She might have fixed a couple of pot holes to ease her commute into Lansing but it sure didn’t save any jobs. Her line about how many parts are in a windmill generator was another gag fest. Sadly the current governor, whom I met while involved in the Democratic Party Sausage making factory, is even worse.

  6. ethiopia, great. just when the va. national guard is going to 4 african nations and kosovo, which has been simmering lately too. where’s the regular army? why are we sending green troops to hot zones? fla guard is going to ukraine. reports last night said russian tanks were massing on the border. with due respect to my beloved guard, wth is the army doing? looks to me the regime is setting us up for ww3/martial law. at least terri mac won’t be in charge when it kicks off. preaching to the choir, but best be ready to fend for yourselves…. to my regular army bros, we love you, but don’t come up here in the hills acting like brandon. from the sound of the hills last sunday, taliban don’t have crap on us hillbillies. sic semper tyrannis, yawl.

    • If green troops (cannon fodder) it will require a BIG reprisal – enduring for a generation, from the Big Green Machine — along with nation-building.

    • Get the state troops out of country; keep the Federal troops around to keep an eye on things at the national level – no state lines/jurisdictions to worry about you see? (as if that would matter). Someone has to be around to guard the gates again come the next election.

      • Patriots can backfill the State Militia numbers. We have no need of federal troops operating on American soil.

  7. Those with huge amounts of wealth don’t want those with much less to become comfortable enough to become better educated, more aware, and understand only a few actually have complete control over the politics of a country. It lessens their power, removes their control, and eventually destroys the narrative that explains forced philanthropy is necessary to provide safety. They know that people are resourceful, generally have the well-being of others in mind, and can control their destiny when given the resources to do so.

  8. Energy. The Brandon’s are laughing at us.


    From Peter’s place–

    “An acquaintance works for one of the major Texas power utilities. He told me last week that after February’s disastrous power outage in that state, the utilities had given “undertakings” to the Texas government concerning their ability to cope with any future such crises. He tells me they’ve had to inform Texas that they may not be able to keep their “undertakings”, because the federal government – specifically the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency – are hamstringing their efforts to have emergency power generation capacity ready to go at a moment’s notice. Apparently that won’t be approved or allowed due to “pollution” or “environmental concerns”. They’ll have to apply to the Feds for permission to use them; and unless and until that permission is granted, they’ve been told they’ll face criminal charges for using such capacity. Result; Texas may be screwed for power once again this winter – and not just Texas, because other states are apparently being hammered with the same requirement. One gets the impression that environmentalist and ideological purity are more important to the Federal government than practical reality. (Note that right now, just when demand for heating fuel is peaking at the beginning of winter, the Biden administration is actively considering shutting down yet another major fuel pipeline from Canada. Of all the ideologically-motivated stupidity . . . !!!)

    Click here to follow the embedded links–


    • As a fellow Texan, ef the Federals. The Democrats/Leftist are just trying to start a kinetic civil war with energy, fuel and food shortages. Does that limp wristed crowd really think they can win?

  9. Random questions.

    We read about companies having problems hiring people for jobs. How many of these companies require drug screening? Would they have that problem if they dropped drug screening?

    Given the massive voting fraud that put Xiden in office, why the few cases, nationwide, of officials being charged with allowing voting fraud? Seems like the lack of consequences will only encourage more fraud. Example, in PA, 12,000 more ballots “discovered?

      • In some occupations – say, electrician – do you want them wiring things while loaded? Drug screening makes sense to me. Then again, I’m hopelessly old-fashioned, WSF.

        • LL
          I’m not against drug screening. My question is more on the lines of, “What is happening in our country? Is drug use so common a large minority of our population are regular users?

          During my years in the car biz I became accustomed to drunks and stoners. Didn’t approve, but dealt with it.

          • Democrats know that an open border means ‘even more’ illegal drugs enter the country…part of the agenda.

        • I am around heavy equipment almost daily. I dont want stoners operating anything I may be around. I guess there are jobs that they can, and do, function at.

          • Painters…they can paint with straws! I hear paintings like that go for $500K each.

            Instead of paying wetbacks $450k each, just give them a tweaker painting. It’s just as good as cash…

    • If I gotta pee in a cup to keep my job, nevermind the latest crazy talk about taking a weekly/daily bat flu test, seems to me every swinging Richard in gubmint at or above the rank of dog catcher (I’m looking at you, Brandon) should have to do the same.

      • Brandon would test just the same way as he won the election and is the most popular president in history.

      • brandon pees his pants instead. the ones i want tested are the s.n.a.p./welfare crowd. and i’d pop a surprise test on congress on monday morning.

  10. Have been over to Legal Insurrection to check on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The proscecution is doing a terrible job. The proscecution is pretty much setting up reasonable doubt.

    However, I believe that Rittenhouse will be found guilty as “groups” have been publishing pictures and other information about the jurors. The jurors will be intimidated into a guilty verdict. Hopefully the FBI and other agencies cannot blackhole this problem and Rittenhouse can have the initial verdict vacated.

    • It sounds like a mistrial if jurors are tampered with. It sets up an automatic appeal should the defense want it.

      • The trial was too public. The witnesses all went for the defense. It must be an acquittal or there will be a reckoning.

    • that prosecutor should go to jail. he ordered a detective to not serve a signed warrant on one of the crim’s iphone. the fbi withheld video evidence as well. if a guilty verdict comes the judge will have ample reason to set it aside. otherwise, good people of kenosha should spring kyle from the corrupt system, old west style.

  11. Saw a show last night on failed tech. One was about a car, I don’t remember when, that happens a lot, with a small nuclear reactor for the power plant.

    They are trying to kill natural gas, too, aren’t they?

    • Anything organic that burns is carbon based, so yes. Natural gas must go. Nuclear is the only alternative.

  12. Reporting on current events in Ethiopia would seem to be consistent with / advocating for your prior post about US military industrial complex needing a replacement to Iraq / Afghanistan to sustain military spending. It would not be a war as there would be no government to declare against; it could be an open ended United Nations instigated “need to protect” policing action.

    • USGOV is already in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Somalia, it just requires the right spark (real or imagined) to ignite the sort of open-ended conflict that the Swamp demands. President Trump ended wars. How can they keep their agendas alive and funded without war spending?

  13. Your opening picture reminds me I have knives to sharpen. I can’t find my whetstone, so I’ll have to use one of the little sharpening machines I have.

    And I keep wondering how soon the wheels will fall off the current “administration”. I hear the bearings groaning, there’s smoke pouring out of a couple, and the left front has started to wobble really bad…..

    • Sharpening and machine together are fine for hockey skates but you are so better off finding that wet stone for your knives. IMO of course.

  14. Nothing is what it appears…the criminal grift has become all encompassing.

    Everything we see is merely the tip of the iceberg. However, what we suspect – the majority which is hidden below the surface – is designed to destroy America one piece at a time. The power elite have employed the firehose effect of constant, almost daily, “crisis distraction”, which is designed to keep citizens on their heels so they cannot be effective in turning the tide on the elite scumbags overrunning The Constitution. These criminals spent 4 years lying and attacking the best president in my lifetime…and…crickets. No one goes to prison.

    Covid is another op, it’s so-called vax is another. Yet so many people are too stupid to see it, fervently going along with a farce to the point they’ve turned an intentionally manipulated virus by evil people within our own government, into a religion…”be safe” for 2 weeks is now 2 years!? And they like it.

    Watch Tucker Carlson’s 3-part Jan 6th expose’, damning to say the least. Everything the MSM said about that day was a lie. All of it. And the 45 minutes only touches on a sliver of what went on that day (a planned operation), and only portends to what is being employed every single day by the liars and cheat Perception Management is in full swing. Friday the Supreme Court says “not so fast” on Adderall Joe’s Not-a-Vax mandate, and what does the WH say today? “Eff you!” And the MSM sides with them. That is a dictatorship and single branch rule. And yet, what will happen? Nothing.

    And who exactly is sending the MSM talking points and buzzwords (latest being “dog whistle”)? There is someone pulling the puppet strings. Soros? A cabal? They must be rooted out and eliminated.

    Last week Virginia offered some hope. But the reality is it was spitting in the ocean of deceit and criminality, almost like they allowed that one to happen to defuse the election fraud watchdogs.

    Every single one of the players in DC and statehouses across America should be in prison for open treason against our Constitutional Republic. Can it happen? Doubtful. Any opposition will be met with an FBI (aka Gestapo) raid at dawn.

    I fear we are being left with little recourse to effect any change. Almost like the Kobayashi Maru…a no win…unless we change the rules of engagement and turn the tables on these putzes.

  15. I recall that back in the 60s the president of the Sierra Club came out for nuclear power.
    He supported it because it stopped rivers from being dammed for hydroelectricity, coal from being mined, oil wells from being drilled, and pipelines from being laid…and if something went wrong they would just kill a bunch of people because the reactors would be located near population dense areas.
    Impeccable logic.

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